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I have created a group · 4:31am Jan 30th, 2016

I have created a new group: "Humans and Ponies Should be Friends". As the name suggests, it is a group dedicated to stories in which humans and ponies get along and don't fight each other as they do in far too many stories that I have seen. Any one who wishes to join is welcome to.


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I found it myself, and I'm pretty far into her first story, about the Knights of Tambelon.


Would you like for me to show you the link to her page? Or can you find it yourself?

By any chance, would you be interested in taking a look at the stories done by Catrina37?

A while back, I was able to help the author out by editing for her, helping her stories improve & get better.

  • Viewing 65 - 69 of 69
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