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very trustworthy rodent

with direct eyes, to death's other kingdom

…as sure as I am that the reality of one night, let alone that of a whole lifetime, can ever be the whole truth
(and no dream is ever just a dream)

here they are

seriously, my little pony? you really are pathetic, you know?

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Thank you! The story I'm working on right now is a lot more lighthearted, so that might be of interest to you. If it ever gets done, at least. :twilightblush:

Your horsewords are overwhelmingly [dark] which is not my cup of tea. However, have a follow all the same, because Bad Horse's recommendation means a lot and, hey, who knows what you'll write in the future, and of course, there's also the outside chance of blog posts. :twilightsmile:

Hello there. I like your horror horsewords. Not enough good horror writing in this fandom.

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