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"Those of us who have a general overview and knowledge of King Sombra regard him to be a despotic autocrat, a power-hungry potentate and a vicious oppressor. And, even if this condemnation is justified, we may perhaps not have the right reason for this attribution. This is due to the fact that before King Sombra turned to the tyrant we all know him to be, he was the greatest knight of the Crystal Empire."
-Sir Sombra de Onyx, Foreword to the Third Edition


Used with permission, coverart by the talented Gaiascope.

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Technical A/N: The writing style of Sir Sombra de Onyx is heavily influenced by two books. These are Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory and Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. For a detailed analysis of this style, see this blog enrty. (Warning: Text Block)

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Hello everyone, Wellspring here. :pinkiehappy:
My third fic and once again experimenting on my style, which most of my readers will find quite new/odd compared to the strict classical literature of my writing.. I don't know if this belongs to my tragic villain collection but, all things considered, I decided to include this in my Tragic Hero collection.
If you, the reader, will read Sir Sombra de Onyx, I greatly suggest to finish it till the end of the "Afterwords" to answer any apparent inconsistencies.
As always, I hope you enjoy reading it as I have enjoyed writing it.

PS. Importing from GDocs messed up some of the formatting and some of the content, feel free to point out any corrections. Thank you.

Okay, that was awesome. It might just be because I love the Arthurian Legends and such, but truly this is written amazingly. I find it vaguely funny how you took the style and the story and changed them, yet in mine based on the legends I just did the stories themselves. Both used Marelin though.

Nothing but awesomeness. Made me feel kind of sorry for Sombra.

Only a few bits of advise: sort out tenses-- they're a bit wishy-washy sometimes, to the extent you're sat there confused... And have a read through. A few words are wrong, including the genders of some of your characters.

Great read, definitely worthy of a favourite and a thumbs up.

This was awesome! :pinkiehappy: Awesomely written and as far as I can tell true to the style. Very entertaining, well thought out, and makes one feel for all the characters.
You actually inspired me to some characters, currently cooking at a story for them.

Words cannot describe how much i enjoyed this fic. Keep up the good work!

Oh Sombra... you grieve so very hard... so very very hard...

Could have sworn I commented on this already.

Anyway, Paul directed me to this, and I was not disappointed. My one real complaint is that the unique writing style you used lent itself to accelerated pacing, and I would have preferred the story if it was presented in a traditional manner. That way, I would get to read more!

Another thing though, I can't help but think you just skipped the second-to-last chapter because you couldn't come up with a convincing means through which to make Sombra go crazy. But I forgive you.

Author Interviewer

Oh my god that was fucking awesome.

Author Interviewer

No chapter nine? My god, it's incredible. :D

Author Interviewer

For all the strange grammar issues this has, it is a real triumph, not just of fiction, but historical world-building and metafictional content. I mean, I've never read an afterword that was this amazing, no lie.

How is this not more well known?

Wow, this story is one of a kind here in finfiction. I keeping this on the shelf.

This is great! :rainbowkiss: Now that I've said that, allow me to nitpick. :twilightsmile:
-Like Dreams Wings said, tenses are inconsistent and pronouns are sometimes used incorrectly :rainbowhuh:
-Occasionally there is is a double word :trollestia:
-I am pretty sure there was something else... :rainbowderp:
Still great though! :rainbowkiss:
I had a similar idea, writing an FIMFiction that acted as a sort of origin story for Sombra (though it wouldn't have been the focus of mine). You probably pulled it off better than I ever could.


Just found this. Read it back to back. Will review properly once recovered from the sheer awesomeness that is this story. Words right now cannot describe the pure art that I just read. I truly feel previliged to have read this work.

6709261 I'm surprised this story only has has 71 likes

I like the increasing number of mares he saved... The fish that he rode in chapter nine was this big!

An exquisitely crafted tale of courtly love, history half-faded into myth, and some truly ingenious naming conventions. Thank you for one of the best villain origin stories I've ever read.

This is such a creative story! Holy shit, the craftsmanship and styling here is absolutely staggering.

I really hate the footnotes though. Not the content of them, they're really neat in that regard, but just like... how you formatted them. I guess fimfic footnote technology has advanced since this story was written though, so, not much to be done about that.

Looking forward to reading more.

This is a real gem! Glad I decided to read it. The meta aspect of the story works in a way that actually blows my mind. This is going on my top shelf just for the sheer uniqueness of the whole thing.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

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