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Just like our predecessor, Humans Are Magnificent is at heart a group for fics about Humans being totally awesome and superior.

We believe the following truth to be self-evident: that the human race deserves a worthy representation in My Little Pony fanfiction (a deadly serious form of media, we assure you). In the dawn of this fandom, it was a trend to be misanthropic, to let go of hope and surrender to despair and resignation. Many of us who made this group, and took part in the parent group (Humans are Superior) refused to accept this, though. We fought for the dignity of humanity in My Little Pony fanfiction. It pleases us to say that in the end, we did win; it is no longer cool or trendy to drag the human name through the mud.

While there are those who would say that Humanity is entitled to dominion over all other races without a hint of irony, we find even that plebeian and edgy opinion to be more worthy of respect than the believe that entire human race is corrupt, soulless, and a cancer (except for your super special main character who's totally not like the others).

Why join Humans Are Magnificent? If you believe that humankind deserves a fair representation, if you feel that we are more than a band of cruel and bloodthirsty savages, and if you believe that our race can always do better and strive for a greater place in the universe, this is the group for you. (Edgelords and misanthropes need not apply.)Compassion/Grim Determination

Exploration/Technological Marvels



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Comment posted by Solo Wing Borders deleted Jan 11th, 2017

404023 and we can use tools, unlike prey in old times.

this is truth.
this is our future.

I don't know what to feel about this state of cold war between HaS and HaM. Also, on Diplomacy/Cooperation, I don't see the Flag of Finland anywhere, >;O

So this is where all the old guard sperglords bounced off to?

Count me in.
Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet


This group pretty has nothing to do with actual HIE, it's 100% drama related.

Why does HiE keep feeling the need to make new groups?

I made a thing. Maybe put it on page, maybe...?

C'est très magnifique

Satisfactory now?

I didn't know which side to choose.
mods and Lord commissar were fighting!:applecry:

I ultimately joined both.:twilightblush:

I'm inly joining to watch the inevitable shit-storm that will follow.

That's my secret, I'm always triggered.

The flag has coloration too close to Israel's. I'm triggered.

Forgot about the desk and Klinger. Reminds me of the time when he tried to eat a jeep.

Just remembered this

Go Chuckles!!

I just love the majority of Season 4 in general.

They were only 8 years old, both of them!


  • Viewing 48 - 67 of 67
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