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Hello, and welcome to the Anti-Character Bashing League! This group is for all of you who doesn't like seeing any good, competent and non-villainous character as something more negative. Whether it is Twilight being a complete loon, Rarity being a less than generous snob, Celestia a tyrannical sex-maniac, Blueblood is sadistically given fates worse than death, or Flash Sentry always gets the short end of the stick, we don't want to see them.

So, let us all enjoy and talk about our favourite ponies in peace without bashing here. Enjoy.:twilightsmile:

Post-Script: Read this if you want to know what stories are allowed or not.

Post- Post-Script: Any story in which any character listed in the group folders are bashed/demonised are strictly not allowed in this group. Thank you.

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So, I know people don't like character bashing here, but are any groups that do have character bashing? Or maybe stories that have it? I've looked all over but can't find anything. Just curious.

Nice to know a group like this exists! Bashing just ticks me off.

402394 You're awesome.

Happy to find such an awesome place exists!:rainbowdetermined2:

This group is perfect.... except.... in the Other characters folder..... there's not ONE Gilda folder available.

I can't believe it. There's actually a group dedicated to stopping negative OOC stories on this site?...:raritystarry:

389009 I will, don't worry.

389007 you should mention that in the forum.

389006 If there is no bashing on any canon character, no matter how slightly OOC the character is, the story is allowed. Full stop.

389004 Not bashing in a plain sense, but it seems awkwardly OOC and agenda based.

389001 Even then, I don't see how Judge Celestia is bashing any canon character, especially Celestia.

388998 Other parts. That one was just awkward....and it was removed.

388967 It actually wasn't played for laughs.

388967 When you remember, post away and include the reasons.

I've been trying to find the ones, but the names elude me.


I remember one, its the one about Celestia being a judge. From what I' e read before i got bored the story sacrificed character for convenience and comedy, namely the case about a guy being accused for rape was excessive and incredibly awkward.

Im looking for more, but I can't seem to find them and I'm not going to crawl through the folders(or maybe it was submitted to other groups).

388962 Supposedly, it's supposed to show the good sides of the characters and also to give them dignity fit for any normal character. Can give me examples of problematic fics that you found added? Post either here or in the forums, wherever you like.

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