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This group is dedicated to those hidden talents who are overshadowed by countless clopfics and giant glorified grammatical errors known as stories.

Here, you can post your talent, the talent you've spent hours on end, hoping that they'd finally be appreciated. Any story is allowed, as long as you put your heart and soul into the work. If you wish to finally be noticed, then you want to be here. If you wish to gain recognizably, this is the place to be.

However, we do have basic rules.

1) No put downs or insults towards authors or their work posted here or anywhere else. Everyone's work is beautiful in their own ways.

2) Being a critic doesn't give you a pass to be cruel. If you write a critique, you must be respectful and fair.

3) We will not accept half-ass work. If you have truly put your heart and soul into a story and you wish for it to be noticed, post it here.

With that, write to your hearts content Beauties! Write, and stay beautiful!

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