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Harmony Pie

I'll write. Eventually

Welcome to My Page!


Name: Leah
Age: 15
Birthday: 12/12/2002
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undetermined Heteromantic
Online Name: Harmony
Appearance: Short, curly blond hair with green eyes and light skin
Grade: 9
Supporter of: LGBTQ+ Rights, Women's Rights, Equality, and Being Whoever the Heck You Want To Be
Loves: Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, cereal, ponies, cinnamon rolls, Crystal Gems, Pine Twins, family, music, writing, books, and you.
Dislikes: Rude people, early mornings, Donald Trump, swearing, death, adulting
Is: an identical twin, an anxiety-ridden weirdo, a teenaged girl, and an Awkward Duck.

I am here to have fun, write stories, and help others!

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send me the link when you guys are finished!

2583833 thanks! if you want to read them we'll be posting them on ao3 later.

I knew what you meant :rainbowlaugh: Well, good luck with those!

2583831 they arent bad! just angsty, very very angsty.

2583826 im actually kinda working on a couple klance fanfics with my friend.

omygosh i love your new profile pic!!!! klance4life!!!!!!

  • Viewing 900 - 909 of 909
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