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And all your friends will be there with smiles on their faces.


She had a choice to make, the most important one she would ever make in her life. In this side of the story, the choice she made was her very own.

Sometimes, behaving selflessly is the most selfish thing you can do.

Thanks to Nitrouspony for permission to use this image.

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Comments ( 15 )

That ending...... :fluttercry:

Have a thumb up on this. :fluttershysad:

I really want an epilogue now. Maybe Celestia's reaction etc. If not this is still an amazing story.

I'm honestly surprised this doesn't have more views. It's always a shame when a great piece like this scoots under the radar.

Even in the big steaming pile if s**t fanfiction can be sometimes, there are still tiny specks of gold hidden inside.


I have an image in mind that might serve as a epilogue, but I've never tried to draw it because I can't hold all the feels.


Thank you very much for your compliments!

4436682 Do it, I must know how it ends. :pinkiecrazy:

4436682 I... will help you hold those feels. For duty. For honor. For tiny purple pony hugs.


I have a few ideas now for an epilogue chapter. It will take some time and reflection for it to come together, so I can't estimate when it will be complete.

One issue is that whatever I write now is likely to be out of tone with the first chapter, which was my very first attempt at writing horsewords and which was mostly composed before Season 2 aired. A lot of new canon, both official and unofficial, has happened since then. I'll do what I can to make it work.

Thank you very much. Your interest is the best praise I could receive.

This is really more an outline than an actual story :trixieshiftright: but it is a creative one, and an aftermath of what Celestia does in a world without Twilight or Luna would be interesting. Decent, though. Keep writing.

I wrote a review of this story; it can be found here.

Huh. Not the most fleshed out of stories, but it didn't need to be. And that ending packed a hell of a punch. You have a wonderful way with words too - it's really fun to read your prose.

4467325 An epilogue chapter would be nice for this.

Interesting. It reminds me of the premise of one of my own stories, but it's much more self-contained than the sprawling thing I ended up with. Nicely done.

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