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We all love werewolves and vampires and other creatures of lore and magic. We also love ponies, so why not merge our two loves? Well thats what this group is for. In this group we can share fics that deal with combining the ancient gods of old in our lore, or the monsters of our most ancient tales and plop them into Equestria and see what happens.

The fic HAS to have some sort of mythological being in it, but how it plays out in Equestria is up to the writer. Also don't be afraid to have a little fun with the magic system. Magic is Magic...IT HAS NO SYSTEM!

There are four folders for this group.

Gods: Involves what it says it does, ancient dieties of our world. They can be from any culture, be it Aztec, Persian, Greek, Norse, or Baltic.

Werewolves: Well werewolf is just a general term. It really just has to have a being that is capable of shifting their form their original form to that of a beast. Skin-walkers of North American lore, a Nahual, or just a good old fashion Van Hellsing werewolf.

Vampires: Please...for the love of sparkly, if you can help it.

Other: This one is for any sort of mythical creature that is outside of the other three categories. It's mostly to help keep the folders short cause we all know that to make a folder for all of the creatures of lore...well the list would be too long. You can also put in your own custorm lores if you like.

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How have I not joined this group? Fixed.

Hmm, Where would a story go that had, oh i dont know.. all of them, all groups or just other? :twilightsheepish:

I have the greatest idea yet....

Luna meets Artemis goddess of the moon and hunt...:rainbowkiss:

When I saw the word Aztec. I had to join.

We need more inspiration from mythology (preferably Greek Mythology) like Cyclops, Atlantis, or hey why not have Alicorns based on the Olympians (Who were jerks for the most part), and Celestia is Hestia (Kind and Caring towards others) while Luna is Hades (A kind and gental god who is misunderstood and feared by all do to association with something the citizens are afraid of.) Why not make stories based of Greek hero's like Odysseus, Heracles, or Perseus. javascript:smilie(':rainbowdetermined2:');

I am talking about original Greek mythology, not Disney version.

286951 That is okay. Its all good.

Question: I've got a fic where a mythical creature is placed a background character. His appearance is relevant to the plot, but he doesn't actually do anything in the present sense. Ie: it's a monster, and it's a big deal that one of the characters encountered it, but the encounter itself is a flashback, and more attention is placed on the aftermath of the encounter than the actual creature itself. Also, the legend itself is pretty obscure and I'm twisting it further. Would that mean the fic is eligible to be posted under 'other' or not?

'Coz if not, I can easily come up with some other ideas if anyone's interested.


283268 Ummm That works. sparkles.

Hey everyone. I just added a story I'm writing about the Phooka. (Also known as the Pooka, Puca, Ect.) I'm surpised I haven't seen a story featuring it yet, seeing as it's basically a goblin horse.

How about theocratic fallen angel blood sucker style vampires.

Interesting group... But I'm just happy for the no sparkle 'rule'... :rainbowkiss:

Might consider writing a story with this genre...

Who cant wait for the new episode?

281883 K, well ill be on the lookout

281882 Mine won't be done for a while

281881 I'll check out yours if you check out mine! Well actually I'd brobably check out yours regardless, but still! haha this group needs more stories

281880 I'm actually writing a story for this thread also.

Hey guys, I'm working on a story right now. It's kind of an expirament to see if i can write successfully enough to entertain ya'll. I have tons of ideas, but never tried to write anything. I'm about to post it in the "other" section of this group, so give it a read if you have a chance!

281842 I've already begun packing my things. I'm moving to your district first thing in the morning!

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