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Group for non-evil and not possessed protagonists, but friends/general public/princess(es) view our protagonist as evil (and/or monster/possessed/dangerous, etc).
Why? Because of using Dark Magic/Chaos Magic/wild uncontrollable magic, species swap (changeling/kirin/dragon/draconequus, etc), species/species reveal (robot, cyborg, changeling, nanobot swarm, human, etc), etc.

1) Group only for non-evil protagonists.
1.1) Protagonist MUST NOT be 100% possessed/corrupted. (Voices in a head is allowed, but he/she MUST NOT give up to that voices)
2) If our protagonist do "evil" things (accidentally or when pissed), he/she must regret his/her actions.
3) Stories without conflict (i.e. no one view our protagonist as evil) is not allowed.

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I am totally not evil. Not at all.

I just love that this exists.

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