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Why we read fanfiction · 4:52pm Mar 31st, 2015

I just read Appletheosis by DuncanR, a story which doesn't have nearly as much love as it deserves, and it got me thinking. Why have I spend such an inappropriate amount of time reading silly horse words at the detriment to all my other hobbies? I play fewer games, read fewer books, and watch fewer shows. I've even gained an appreciation for grammar when before I thought of it as an annoyance.

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I take it between rewrites and irl that you’ve been Uber busy. Hope ya return when you’re good and ready, and are doing great otherwise!

Double vision updating still?

Oh no she's definitely supposed to be a dick. Sunrise has a very difficult time empathizing with others or taking their emotions seriously because she doesn't take her own feelings(/pain) seriously. She 'copes' with them just enough that she thinks they won't be a problem. But when others act emotional or sentimental it really bothers her. It's hard to show that to the audience with the right amount of subtly. I want people to get that but I don't want to spell it out for them.

I think the problem comes down to word choice. There are a few places in particular where she comes off as more callous than she should and that could be fixed. Fortunately (?), it's been so long that people might actually read the fixes, or have forgotten any problems there were to begin with and could pick it right back up with a quick summary.

I think it's a good fic, mostly, and I may come back to it but not for a while. In the meantime I'm rapidly approaching the point where I've read everything good in the worm fandom and I think I might try writing something for it. Not sure what yet.

Bah! You shouldn't listen to them. They are simply a vocal minority. Most of us others enjoyed the story for what it is. I, for example, like That Sunrise is more morally gray than most protagonists. It's refreshing. And she has completely understandable and sympathetic reasons for being "a dick" (that I don't even think she is). I would certainly be sad if she was changed into something else. It would feel like she was less then she used to be.

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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