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A meme a day keeps the existential despair at bay


Twilight Sparkle has ascended to alicornhood. It's the proudest moment of her life. The happiest moment in Celestia's recent memory. But not all is as it's supposed to be. A second star appears just after her ascension. When it lands an exact copy of Twilight as a unicorn is revealed.

A human goes skydiving for the first time. Unfortunately, his parachute has some difficulties. After a hard landing and a second, slower fall he finally makes it to the ground safely. Now in the form of a purple unicorn he has one question. Does catastrophic brain trauma carry into the next life?

Sex tag for vulgarity
Featured Feb 6, 2017

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Interesting so far, I hope you stick with it longer than I've seen other stories of this type go on for.

... I don't know what I just read, but it was GLORIOUS!!!

7925759 Yep, Deja Vu ( Maybe there is another similliar one, but i remembered this fic)
Still - lets see the same idea refactored.
Every iteration (hopefully) brings something new.

It already have an interesting start. So, let's see how it will grow.

7925442 Me to!

7926120 You guys read the A/N? I most definitely copied the cutie mark star idea

7925653 Thanks :twilightsheepish:

A little fast-paced but meh

This! Yes! This! Must have more!!

"The end is nigh!" Daisy screamed"

don't you mean "The end is neigh"? :raritywink:

I like it.
When will you post more?

This story is soo awesome. I can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:


I find this more enjoyable (...) Please continue.

This is a pleasantly kooky story. I think I'll keep it.

He bit down on the neck to hold down the right strings, and used his rattle to uh... yeah :applejackunsure:

"They just.. I mean they'll just do what they do when you feel disgust," the nurse said, confusion plain in her voice and face.

And ears.

He tried again and again until the ground seemed too close for a parachute to matter. "This is worst decision I've ever made," he mumbled to himself.

That's why you always dive with a buddy.

Ahem. A note on footnote etiquette: Footnotes are supposed to go at the foot of the document. In this case, in the author's note.

The end part kill this for me. I expect more of a freakout

Then he stopped smiling. Right, no smiling. Alcoholics don't get to smile till the third drink.

Or until you die from alcohol poisoning via PG Gargle Blasters, but y'know. Either-or.

I kinda feel sorry for that Skydiving instructor... Right now I'm kinda hoping Human-Twilight finds some way to open a portal back to her home-universe to give him a hug and tell him everything turned out alright in the end... And considering how she's acting in this chapter after she wakes up, that seems like just the kind of spastic thing she might actually do...

7927222 Eh, it's a bit rough, I'll admit, but I chalk it up to her freaking out on the inside.

Remember when she landed and discovered that she was "The Bowl of Petunias"? That's really when she had the major freakout. Then she passed out, and her brain was left to compartmentalize everything subconsciously, leaving her in the state of tranquil, yet spastic, existential crisis we see at the end. Further, we don't really know much about what their personality was like before they "Died", other than that they were the kind of person to take notes during a Skydiving Instruction course, and that they were more likely than not a Brony (given that they know Celestia and Luna by sight, and are familiar enough with the Role of Twilight Sparkle to know when (roughly) in the timeline they are), so making judgements on his/her reactions is a bit premature at this point I think. Different people can react in vastly different ways to a given situation, after all...

Sorry but NNOPE
I usually download epub and then reading.
More than 2000 words? —» definitely epub. :twilightblush:

i always felt bad for agrajag
rip again

Thanks for getting me in the feature box guys :twilightblush:

7926758 Next update is Sunday morning

I'm just gonna leave this here . . .


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

You've got me on Hitchhiker's reference.

> That awkward moment when you realize your story has the same title as a clopfic.

this is beautiful and I love it.

please make more.


~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7928561 Yup. Copied some stuff for the intro chapter. Did you read the A/N?
I also got him into the popular list and I hope he starts writing again

7928595 The authors note at the end of the story

"Its good to see you're feeling well," Celestia smiled down at the mare who looked just like her faithful student.


"Okay, lets try this one."

"Yes," the unicorn said, "but lets put it on the back burner for now.


I'm not sure wholesale fabrication is a normal reaction to an existential crisis. The premise and introduction is mildly interesting. It's kind of funny though, like the universe that decided that ponies can't become alicorns so it borrowed a mind/soul from somewhere else where it wasn't needed and then magicked up a new alicorn body and moved minds/souls round? Voila 'Princess Twilight' who never existed before and 'Twilight Sparkle' who has existed for quite a while now.

Something tells me the dude was a few coconuts short of a bunch even before he became a pony princess.

7928657 Thanks. It's always a harder to catch the little mistakes.
7928697 Hm. Good explanation, better than Discord did it.

*Sees story* Wait a second this is my idea! *Proceeds to read comments to see if anyone notices, sees comment on hoping I start writing again* oh...Neat that I inspired another! Though funny story, my next chapter is almost done! I just...Ah...Need to stop procrastinating and playing video games.

Still, gonna read it later! Let's see how this goes! Perhaps we can have a crossover someday if I stop being lazy. :P

Hmmm, well this could be something. The premise is, if not new, then at least an interesting take. I'm glad to see we're bypassing the usual three chapters of "Ah! I'm a pony! This is terrible! Am I dreaming? Is this a coma? How do I walk? Someone give me a hand, I mean, hoof". It does get dull after a few dozen stories. As for the footnotes... look, I like footnotes. They can be done really well. Hitchhiker's did it well. Bartimaeus did it well. Here... it seems a little disjointed. Either group them at the bottom of the chapter, or put them in italics, or just something to better distinguish them from the rest of the flow of the story. I also hope we get a little deeper look into our protagonist. How is she accepting this so well? Was she always like this or has she absorbed a little more of Twilight than just her good looks?

Beyond that and a bit of overly fast pacing, I think we might really have something promising on our plates here.

7928909 Hey! I'm glad you're not angry. I was a bit worried I'd be stepping on your toes so I put a link to your fic in the A/N.
I look forward to seeing the next chapter and I'd actually be very interested in doing a cross over. It sounds fun.

7928989 Yeah.. I've grown to hate those intro chapters after having seen them so many times.
Thanks for the advice, I've always hated having to jump down to the bottom of the page to read them but it does mess with the flow. I'll try putting them in italics but if that doesn't help I'll move them to the bottom.

Humph. So he's a snob who would rather relive the scene from the book, but he isn't as good as he thinks he is, or he'd know that "Hello, ground," isn't in the book. Or the BBC television production. Which, come to think of it, makes him perfect for this sort of thing, so objection withdrawn.

Note: the real snob is the one who points out that the radio programme came before oh dammit.

She also legitimately wanted to know if something was wrong with her brain, she felt absolutely nothing like her old self and definitely had not been acting as she would have.

Ah yes, a vague excuse to explain why this seemingly adult, functioning human member of society is going to act like a mini Discord for the rest of the story. Can't have Comedy without over-the-top zaniness and hijinks.

Don't forget the OOC. Comedy definitely needs lots of that. Also, good comedy must forgo all seriousness and depth and replace it with situations that optimize potential for random blurbs of ridiculous dialogue and prose. Nothing can ever be portrayed with any sort of weight and everything is a joke. That is the key to good comedy.

Wow, all the former human has to do is solve a problem he created and finish someone else's work and he too can be an alicorn.
LOL, it would be funny if he pointed out how simple it was to Twilight Prime as well.

7929009 sure, they get repetitive, but there's also the other extreme which you got close to. How he knows about magic? Celestia and Luna? Is he a connoisseur of pastel ponies or has memories of twilight? Those things make some difference to know :rainbowhuh:
BUT, since you're portraying more dialogues than thoughts, it might make sense. He hasn't got to talk about that with anyone...

Also, THANK YOU for not going on the "oh no, hooves! I suddenly forgot how to crawl, specially now that my body is made to walk like that!" route. I don't know about you but for me THAT is the thing I'm most tired of :twilightangry2:

Oh, and by the way, horses have incisives and canines too. And they can and do eat small animals like birds occasionally. Don't commit that mistake either, please :pinkiehappy:

7927874 you, good sir, get a cookie for that one :rainbowlaugh:

As long as you're pulling from Hitchiker's Guide as well, the current writer of the series is the same person who wrote Artimes Fowl. I still haven't read it but I bought it and the new volume is half as thick as all the works of Douglas Adams series combined. I think I only read the first three and watched the movie for comparison, but it's been so long (close to a decade I'd wager) seeing as I forgot a few details.

So when is she going to sing Twilightliscious where Twilight can see her and who else will be there at the time? :pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

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