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So, I died. That happened. Struck on the head by Zeus. or Thor. And then I was pulled in here by the Loki ripoff. Into the magical pony-person land AKA the Furry-verse. Did I mention I'm a Charizard? Yeah. I'm a Charizard. Congratulations! Your high-functioning, violent sociopath has evolved into a murderous, fire-breathing dragon!

A wild sextet (get your head out of the gutter) of peaceful pony-people appear! What will you do? -Fight -Talk -Eat -Run


Warning: contains mild language, crude humor, excessive violence, and WAY too many Jerry Seinfeld ripoffs. You have been warned.

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Sounds tasty
EDIT: After reading, I have one thing to say: This story seems to be mostly just Geo talking to himself. You need more description.

I'm not even a Pokémon fan, but you can colour me intrigued.

4649796 I know, it's because I was simply trying to set Geo's character this chapter. Worry not, there'll be more description in the next chapters. PLENTY more.

wright more bro it good:pinkiecrazy:

As a pokemon fan I am quite intrigued, and I got to translate the whole paragraph that Geo said in italian, google translate makes the english translation ridiculous.

Although I do like the italian language... as well as the russian language... man... I really need to write stories to deal with more of it and maybe I'll be able to learn it through the sheer amount of stuff I have translated.

For any who want to see it translated:

You know, I wanted to see the world! I was going to see the sights! Paris, London, absolutely anywhere in the Midwest! But then, he took me and sent me to this fairyland fucking" I did not even notice That I slipped into English. "When I put my hands on him, I drop so strong that Sky will not be able to do its magic finger shit for YEARS, you hear me? Year old!

Google translate everyone, give em a round of applause for trying!

4657314 Well, I USED Google Translate in the first place. I MEANT to say "You know, I wanted to see the world! I was going to see the sights! Paris, London, absolutely anywhere but the Midwest! But then, he took me and sent me to this fucking fairyland! When I get my hands on him, I'll Sky Drop him so hard that he won't be able to use his magic finger shit for YEARS, you hear me? YEARS!

That's what I MEANT to say, anyways… But, as you know, GOOGLE TRANSLATE!

4658137 Yeah, but it was still funny.

Nice chapter

Well, at least this story will not be a simple 'ass kick ponykind' type of story. If Geo wants to win, he'll have to gameshark this and break past what he perceives as his limits. Screw lv 100, we're going to the national pokedex and raising the limit. He will Pierce the heavens with his power! JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?!

Step one, get a montage, since you didn't necessarily say 'when' this story is taking place (and if you did I apologize), then this could be happening right after the season 2 opening and could pick back up after season 4. If you're gonna go against the sun, you're gonna need at least flash fire, or in the very least some training against special attack.

All and all, great chapter. keep goin and stay golden^^

4664147 THANK YOU! Somebody else who gets the ideas behind this! Remember, Geo (the Charizard) was limited by the game's 'level' system. Now? His master's in the real world, and he's now upheld by anime rules, namely that you can grow freely, as long as you have the mental strength. However, he's gonna need a LOT of strength, considering he needs to be able to topple the lady of the sun. But, since he can remember ANY Pokémon technique he learns, instead of being a mentally handicapped attack animal the games make Pokémon into, he's already got quite the edge. Not to mention, he's going to get some help from a certain someone… And, since I forgot to say, this IS pre-s4 finale, but not during any particular s3 episode. Place it when you will.

Oh the way he'll destroy celestia when he learns of his true power once he's back on his feet. I find this story to be in quite Freaking awesome!!! keep up the good work.

Dude, get some Sunny-D, unleash the power of the sun, and kick some ass! You're gonna have to do some major game breaking to have Geo get to Celestia's level any time soon, although considering the fact that in the pokemon games you go from being a newbie trainer to the most powerful trainer in the region in less than 24 hours, then I think he might be able to pull something.


4670215 I'm gonna need to remember that line. Thank you for that!

I have to say, your character's a damn tool. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm curious... if he goes mega-Y, will he actually make Celestia Stronger with drought? :trixieshiftright:

4706923 :rainbowderp::twilightoops::pinkiegasp::applejackconfused::derpytongue2:
Uhm… Well, by Pokémon standards, she's a Fire-something type. Either Psychic or Fairy, not sure which would be more fitting. So, yeah. Her Fire-type abilities would get stronger.

4693152 What exactly does that mean, anyways? I've heard that before, but I'm not sure of its exact definition. Do you mean he's easily manipulated? Because he sure as hell isn't. He might be violent and eager for a brawl, but by no means is he controllable. He's more likely to break his boss' backs before he actually did what they told him to do. Unless the order WAS to break their backs. In THAT case...

4707932 All I meant is that he's the 'swing first, fuck you I ain't gotta explain shit' kind of guy, though it kind of suits a Charizard :raritywink:

4708009 Oh. Well, yeah. That's basically it.

I got a notification that a new chapter came out but it isnt showing up.
You or Fimfiction?

4718277 I accidentally hit the 'publish' button while working on Chapter 3. Honest mistake, I assure you. Trust me, I'm not so much of a troll I'd actually post a chapter then un-post it… or AM I? MWAHAHAHAHAHA- GAHACKOUGH! God damnit… the evil laugh is finally taking its toll on my throat… Ouch...

Celestia...You just pissed off a very hard-core Pokemon fanboy and due to said fanboy operating by anime rules and the fact that you made his current level look like a mid-50's, you basically screwed yourself. :facehoof:

Looks like there is honor amongst villains. ( i would say thieves but that's not really applicable right now)

4796990 well, magic thief, so sort of works

huh... and here I thought you were going to do 'ain't no rest for the wicked'. Anyway, great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

ok. i just had to do this.

secondly: plot holes!!

Tirek was already released when Twilight became an alicorn. it was when Cerberus left his post and Twilight had to put him back.

also, Tirek knew about Cadenza, too, when he got out; so, unless Cadence isn't in this universe, he'd have said "three" alicorns, and when Twilight was talked about, "four".

just sayin'!

great story, by the by. can't wait to read the next chapter! (well, i could read it now, but life is interfering)

(darn it, life!!)

4798812 Ah, f*ck the storyline! I'm assuming that he pulled a jailbreak around the time of Twilight's Kingdom. Considering how ponies naturally are, the loss of magic that he would've been doing would've been reported sooner. His hubris and arrogance would have made him drain magic ASAP. I see Tirek as a very arrogant, 'I-get-what-I-want-when-I-want-it' kinda guy. The idea of him WAITING for the ideal opportunity to strike doesn't work in my head. Meh, that's just me. To each his own. And besides, this is anthro-verse. There's a lot of other alterations. For example, Tartarus is a dark, lightless, desolate pit, hidden behind an extremely large, iron, clockwork-esque gate, rather than a well-lit cave with some puny iron cages. It's supposed to be a tad more realistic.

4798103 Call me stupid, but whaddya mean 'no rest for the wicked'? Is that supposed to mean that bad guys are always on the run, or something?

Ain't no rest for the wicked is a rather popular old song that basically says that the wicked continue to do wicked for no other reason than survival. As for why they I thought the sound would play... it basically fits the setting to a T.

4821701 Now I have a tune to start chapter V with… Thanks, pally!

This guy is an asshole to the point of going out of his way to be an asshole; even when doing so is completely illogical and counter-productive... Not even Sociopaths (nor psychopaths) are like that... seriously, there's trying to write an asshole, then there's this bullshit of writing a 1-dimension character who's only trait is being an asshole: to the point that he NEVER under ANY circumstances breaks that single character trait...:facehoof:

Edit: Oh look, he magically has developed a minor reason to be an asshole to ponies, one he simple adopted from Tirek in order to justify what he was doing anyway; reason or not.

I'll give this a few more chapters...

4858142 That's partially the idea. He's a jerk because he wants variation in life. He loves change, confusion, and general chaos. And where better than a fight? He takes every opportunity to fight because it alters the status quo. He's very allergic to routine, and this is his 'medication' if you will. Now, I'm gonna be honest, character development is an issue I'm WELL aware of. It's NOT something I've NEARLY gotten round to yet. But I will… hopefully… Maybe… Possibly… Well, whatever happens, happens, right?

It's been 4 weeks since a chap... MOAR

4953747 Working on it! I've been working on something a little bigger than the usual, so this may take a while… Be patient, lad!

4954542 I'll be patient!

Go away, patience.


By any chance will there be Star Wars or attack on titan displaced in this story?

5038714 … Someone else would have to make it, and I, for one, certainly wouldn't complain!

5039679 and how would one do that? Write acstory and submit, or give a bio and description?

5042278 Just write it. But make sure it's GOOD. I'm not exactly an A+ example, but I can still refer you to the others, just look at the War of Understanding (the grip that should be to the right side of the story).

5042716 alright, I'll see what I can do.

Loving it! Can't wait to see what happens next!

How did you get the picture up?

5184836 Whaddya think I'm trying to do?

5185256 it took so long for you to get another chapter out, I feel like I'm dying cuz of the lack of chapters on... ANY STORY ON THIS WEBSITE!:pinkiesick:

*low whistle.* gods damn. not bad friend.

Ehhhh.... You broke me good sir...

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