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Who was I...
It doesn't matter. The mind was willing, but the flesh was weak.
And the Kraahkan... it changed me. Told me how to accomplish my goals... turned my weak flesh into strong, hard steel and antidermis.

I am Teridax, the Shadow of Equestria. Or, as the guards of Tartarus know me, Prisoner 0.

And I've served my sentence.

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This story makes me very, very happy.

This story is amazing!:pinkiehappy:

................... wouldn't he just get fatally wounded by celestia in a few seconds? if we try to figure out comparisons of power, the makuta are probably regal sister level beings.
i know as a fact that the makuta were mortally vulnerable to light element, and it is not unreasonable to think that light magic might be even more dangerous.

4441233 I know you. Do you know me?
'Cause I'll remember you for all eternity.:ajsmug:

They were. As well as that, they were also vulnerable to powers that controlled metal and magnetism. Sufficiently sharp weapons could also tear through their armour.

I don't think Celestia wields light. I think she's more in line with plasma personally. Moving the sun and all that. Though she might possess light magic, who knows.

But the trouble is that Shadow and Light were pretty much equal, and the stronger wielder would win. Though Light is powerful, Shadow was its equal as well.

But maybe he has gotten so strong after all those years of being imprisoned that he is like a black hole his body consumes light and turns it into energy... just a theory.:pinkiecrazy:

Don't try arguing with him. He's isn't known for being rational when it comes to a debate.

...... Or accepting that he is wrong and that other people might have different headcanons.

Ever so slightly, completely creepy.:moustache:

I will also be looking forward for new additions.:moustache:

A LOHAV story without the comic con

In Karda Nui, the toa, even with the advantage of light weapons and Takakuvas light element, fully acknowledged that if the Makuta truly wanted to they would have killed them easily. So even if celestia has potent light magic that wouldn't be enough to beat a powerful Makuta.

There will be no comiccon, I can assure you of that. He will acquire it in a different way. Through a different means, he is coming to Equestria.

almost like you read my mind i was currently working on a story with a somewhat similar to the chapter you made but different way. great minds think alike i suppose.:ajsmug: not i have to go think of new ideas.

Oh, mother of god...Makuta in Equestria. Those ponies better be ready, because they're in for a rough night.

Pun aside, that guy is terrifying.

I must fave and upvote this fic.

Now that that's done, when can the next chapter be expected?

You never fail to impress, Ssendam.

Most of the groups I've stumbled across in my relatively brief time on FiMFiction aren't as entertaing as you are, and (considering the fact that some of those groups have dozens of crossover stories; some of which are very good) I'd call that quite a feat.

I haven't seen or heard anything pertaining to Bionicle in years, but this brought all the memories flooding back. And the story itself looks quite promising as well.

4448553 you have enough time to write this comment but not work on your story, for shame, for shame!


Eh... I take it that you're from Memebase..?

I would love to see more

I was just wondering the other day if there were any MLP/Bionicle crossovers.

Does anyone hear the voice of Lee Tockar in his doing for Teridax from the Bionicle films narrating?

4448366 I'm with ya on that blaze

4448674 Ah... no... You commented on my story and it wasn't very nice. I've found you now, though... heheheh!:pinkiecrazy:



Ah, well. It seems I've made quite the powerless enemy here today.

4449612 :ajbemused: Hmmmm. Are you a troll? I just need to know. If you are, just tell me so I know whether or not talking you is a waste of time. 'Cause trolls tend to not listen, period.

4449645 :rainbowlaugh: I'm sorry. That just cracked me up! Anyways, do you even remember who I am? I just had to jump and comment to you because I totally remembered you. And I just had to say something.


Refresh my memory, I made a lot of people angry.

4449652 Wow. Okay... well, you left like five comments on my story, The Opposite of the Best Day Ever, and it was really unnecessary. I mean, you could've just told me what was up with my story so I could you know, fix it but you just felt the need to troll. When will people learn, you saying "Oh this is horrible." isn't as helpful as, "Oh, you can try to fix this and change that..."
Do you see what I'm trying to say?


Oh, yeah...

I totally forgot about that. Huh.

4449661 Of course you wouldn't remember. There's a saying, "If you take someone's chocolate and eat it, you probably wont remember the next day but the person whose chocolate you took, will." But anyways, did you see my point? Do you get my point?


Not really. As a troll, I find logic and reason to be distasteful, so I will simply reply with "G3t gud f@gg0t", and end the conversation there. Good day, sir.

4449675 Okay, if you say so. Good day. I guess there's no need to be nasty if your a troll. See you around.....:pinkiehappy:

Great start. Can't wait to read more.

Why is the only word that comes to mind when I read "Prisoner Zero" Multiform? Is there a reason behind that?

Holy crap, a Bionicle fic that ISN'T craptastic.

Also, I pretty much read the entire first few paragraphs in Turaga Vakama's voice. That's how awesome this is.

Please, continue. I love seeing my childhood still around and kicking flank. :yay:


Interesting. It's Makuta Teridax, of course, but with a different backstory. I do wonder how this will play out.

Also this:


Oh boy it's you again.

Also, for someone who had what is basically HELL built specifically for him, they don't exactly seem too distressed over him escaping. :V

Saw the picture. First thing that came to mind was Rahkshi.


Guys. Myth. you first. I was literally about to go apeshit on you for being such an insulting worthless being for saying that the heroes of the bionicle series were affected so harshly by light. then I paused, looked at the word "makuta", then retracted my insults and such. You are fine.

However. Zaiketsu. You must not be a bionicle fan (I know I was, I was one of the few that combined three bionicles via booklet instructions). As per what myth said, these bionicle would die the instant they saw sunlight UNLESS they renounced their evil ways, gave up their corruption, and such.

They'd probably be called day walkers, if they survived the painful burns of sunlight.

In this case, there is only one, so, not that high of a chance.

4450743 less unslight and more directed light, as like what celestia is likely capable of.

A Bionicle crossover? :pinkiegasp:

After reading, this certainly has my fav, follow and like. :pinkiehappy:

Amazing read :pinkiehappy:, I am a huge Bionicle fan and I love seeing two of my favorite franchises crossed over Into a beautiful display of literature :raritystarry:

Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Not many bionicle crossovers. This should be Gud.

Well, considering Tirek managed to break out and they didn't even really seem to care...

Seriously, this guy was about as large a threat as Discord and they didn't beef up security or even post an alert, they were just 'wait for him to show up in the open.'


oh the fun that is coming:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

more please!!!:fluttercry:

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