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They say revenge is a dish best served cold. I used to wonder, how cold should it be? Well, I know now. The sort of cold that comes from eternal night and being locked in stone for over a thousand years. The sort that comes from the only person you think you can trust betraying you.

The sort of cold that comes from a knife in the back.

The Moon betrayed me. The Sun entombed me alive. And they were going to pay.

For the League of Humans Acting Villainous

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just from reading this description I'm going to guess he has the Icicle knife but he couldn't get that on earth

This is 1 of the best tf2 story's I've red please make more also you accepting other class oc's?

3983484 he's useing the yer remember when he stabbed luna

Comment posted by val deleted Feb 22nd, 2014

nice to see you used my idea.. but be warned

This is looking good!
Though I don't think the Nightmare would be that trusting, I still like the story so far.
Another! :D

You have my yeses, and my sexual services should you require them.

Words cannot describe how much I love this...

two things one do you mind if i use your character in my story ala summoning. and two you should have him be in a hospital/medical place disguised as a medic and have him use the line 'Let' go practice medicine'

3984407 to which one the summoning or the medic line?


why red? isnt blue more lunar?


"Now? Let's go practice medicine.:pinkiecrazy:"

3983484 3983507
He uses Your Eternal Reward when stabbing Luna.

The passphrase is a very special one.

It is. Which is why I didn't.

I had this idea before I wrote what I wrote xD


It's a fun idea. Who doesn't like writing about a nigh shape-shifting assassin that can also turn invisible?

3984794 Idunno :D
"I can feel the unicorn friendship magic coursing through my veins!"

Normally I don't bother reading these 'Humans Acting Villainous' stories because there are so damn many, but this one caught my attention. Moar :flutterrage:


I try. Next chapter is around 35-50% done. Maybe have a look at my other stories? (Hint hint, shameless whoring).

now normally i can't stand your villain universe most of it seems like op self inserts that frankly are disgusting but this has potential.... as long as he stays the spy and does not become a over righteous, overpowered, self insert so please do not disappoint me

He just grinned as he picked up even more speed. I leaned back in my chair and gripped that handle above the door. A lot of people wonder why they're there, but I know. It’s because some people, like John, are fucking crazy behind the wheel.

A few of my friends and I call that the "Oh Shit handle"

Wait, so is the Spee at the end of the story the same Spee at the beginning? Anyways, take all of my "yes"es and now I want to make stories for all of the TF2 characters...


Yup. The start is the Spy in modern day Equestria, the one we see in the show. The end shows how the Spy arrived, and what he was like before, showing how he's changed.

oh god, please say no.


The answer is indeed no. Why would I need more anyway? Spy is best class!

I imagine that as he said that last line his voice changed to the French accent the spy has, like in the 'Meet The Spy' thing. I mean, how badass is that? I can just imagine it now...

Guards: Where is he!? He was just here!
'Guard': He's right behind you. *Knife in the back*

But really, my silliness aside, I like this story right now a lot, please go on.

Spy: -Mock royal canter lot voice- Thou art dead, stabbeth by a man in a suit. Now, We shall be thee and mess up everything.

I love this, I love this so much. He is always behind you.

3992972 sadly it's only gonna be spy


It's not the class, it's how well the class is played.

3994865 tolldiers are best class and fuck you I wanted at tolldiers to appear man treads rocket jumper and gardner

Engineer is best class, and you can't prove me wrong because the entirety of the internet's logic revolves around 'argument from ignorance', and, therefore, unless you can make a case that I am wrong I am right.

3994933 Agreed. Any class, playing well, can turn the tide in any battle, to my experience.

Agreed. It's a giant game of rock-paper-scissors, where, if paper is awesome enough, it beats scissors.

That's not to say that each class requires the same level of skill.

For example, Heavy, Soldier and Demoman can still be credit to team by spamming in the right direction and walking towards the objective.

However, if you do that with any of the picking classes, you're an idiot, or it's your first game.

Of the classes, non-hitscan/jumping and Spy seem to have the highest skill ceilings (such that you can simply be so much better that other than hard counters, you kill everything. Examples are the Spy, vs the Pyro; a good Pyro can shut you down in seconds, even despite DR and Spycicle, and every Soldier must beware the Sniper and the Scout, rockets not having instant travel time, etc)

*paper balls itself up*


This story is like nice wine. Exelent in it's bitterness and with a subtle flavour that makes the taste all the more enjoyable.

Excellent chapter indeed

One thousand years, eight months, twelve days and thirty two minutes. That is how long I was encased in stone, standing immobile and unblinking, with only a sheet of rock to entertain me. I went mad, went madder, then passed beyond insanity into the glorious world of hatred.
But enough of that. I have work to be about.

So much for build up and setting the stage, this just seems impatient

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