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After witnessing Luna's banishment and return, a mysterious pony takes it upon himself to show Luna that her work at night truly is appreciated.
Trying to overcome his millenniums-worth of social-ineptitude, the stallion fights to stop the Night Princess' re-emerging envy before it's too late. All while attempting to avoid Celestia, due to her hidden misconception that he is the reason her sister became Nightmare Moon.

The Prequestrian Dialect magic language used in the story was created by me.
A translation guide of it can be found here.

(Note: Prologues 1-5 do not include the main MLP cast, they are intended to introduce the OC's so the reader will better understand them and their actions throughout the story.
Also, yes I do realize I have more than 10 characters shown on the list, that is because I'm going to include dadgum near everypony in this fic.)

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♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

ah'm likin this one. Keep up the good work.

Well hey, glad ya like it. I know it's not an easy thing to make OC MLP stories that catch on with people, so my hope is that I'll succeed in that regard.

Do please continue this story, it have already earned a spot on mah bookmark bar thingy.

Thanks for the follows guys, I deeply apologize for the lack of updates lately, but the Christmas season is not kind to the shipping warehouse employees.
I'll get to this as soon as I can.

yay, another chapter. :yay:

the emotion oh celestia it was amazing!

Good! I've been waiting so long....:ajsleepy:

as always eagerly awaiting your next installment.

My apologies Candy Drop. I've found it a bit difficult to get back to writing on it lately. But time is freeing up somewhat, so hopefully I can get around to it now.

Gotta say love the story hope you continue writing cause I'm eager to find out what happens next.:twilightsmile:

This story is so wonderful.... can't wait for the next chapter.

good god this story is geting good keep up the writing of it im anxious to see what transpires next for the young lad.

oh man this is a great chapter. please tell me theres going to be more or is this the last chapter????


Dear sir, if this were the last chapter, it would say "Complete" would it not?

Oh no, I'm simply sparing you one of my infamous cliffhangers this time around. Rest assured, there will most certainly be more.

ok coolio. also please tell me that at some point celestia fiaanlly stops hunting him down long enough tfor him to talk to her, causse i seriosly dont get the fact that she hates him cause of the banishment event 1000 years ago?


Oh trust me, there will be a confrontation. But for now, the conflict stays due to the fact that she has thought him the reason Luna went crazy and became Nightmare Moon for a thousand years.

Besides, without conflict, how could there be a conspiracy theory?

I have a habit of working multiple angles into my stories, that all fit together in the end. So while it may not seem practical now, it will be more befitting come the end.
Make no mistake, Celestia is not the villain in this story, she is simply misinformed due to odd circumstances.

Great job good sir! This chapter was great! Have mustaches and a flutteryay! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::yay:


Tch, I almost forgot about all those cliffhangers in TCC. >.< Grand, looking SOOOO forward to those... :fluttercry:

Good chapter! MANE SIX!!! :heart:

Now Celestia can add counterfeiting to her list of reasons why she hates him :trollestia:


Poor socially-inept Tsyreim has no clue when it comes to normal pony society. :derpytongue2:

I'm starting to think that this is an inter-dimensional reference to Lateon my friend. But yes, good chapter. :twilightsmile:

good god man you are good at writing. you add just a hint of humor in your stories its purfect. And on a side not awsome beginning to a awsome chapter, cant wait to see what happnes next.

Hmm... Not a thief, has no money... Time for... COUNTERFEITING!!!!

Why, you cheating son of a-



I do not wish to speak with one who dabbles in the domain of science, their falsehoods are both prevalent and infuriating!

Seriously. Several points.

I'm amazed at how much he wants Celestia's favor and forgiveness. He should be going all Inigo Montoya on her flank, she sort of abducted and murdered his father/locked him in a dungeon for eternity.

Second. This is beautifully written. Like, this is absolutely spectacular. Great characters, plot, etc.


dude this was an awsome chapter, filled with some humor and exploration into what the character is all about.

Poor socially-inept Tsyreim. He doesn't understand the concept of counterfeiting. : P

[ADMIN] Tsyreim: Say what now?

Well that's the thing. He respects Celestia, as he knows she is powerful. Besides, he also recognizes that if she were 'evil' so to speak, all of Equestria would not be so happy and profitable as it is. He just doesn't understand why she is so angry with him, being as he cannot see through her eyes.

And small spoiler, she didn't kill his father. Imprisoned, yes. But as of now, Tsyreim just wants to clear his name, but is too fearful to approach her, since old memories flare up every time they see each other.

Also, trust me, I've been on a writing spree lately. I'll most certainly be adding more. Hopefully soon, though my work week has started up again.

And that my friend is what I'm all about. I try to make sure to explain what's going on, as I know how frustrating it is to read a story and have no idea what is going on.


Oh... Minecraft jokes. Gawd I love this site...

352410 Well, in all fairness, I guess that's what separates humans from ponies. Now that I'm really thinking about it, it's incredibly interesting to see a character so willing to forgive. Imprisoned or not, this is something that most humans would wage war over if they had the power and ability he did.

And although he recognizes she's not evil, there's no reason he couldn't hate her. Hell, I hate Harper, and he's not evil. Thick as two short planks and half as bright, but not evil.

It's a good thing you're writing more. I'm not sure I could wait long for another chapter. I've been working twelve hour shifts, and this story helped me get through yesterday's.

aw man another awsome chapter. hehe now hes a forger too hehe way to go tsy hehe.....add that to hs growing list of why celestia hates him hehe, i do hope twilight gets to meet the cave beings that would put some sence into her..so they could explain what he truly is.

Love this story... Can't wait for the next chapter and see what the rest of the mane six think of this new development.

Twilight ain't going there quite yet. In fact, really I don't plan on any of them finding it in this story.

While I struggle with normal talking sections, this one is bound to be a bit easier due to the rather interesting topic and personalities.

i think if twilight talks to the cave ponies she could truly understand what he has had t go through and try to convince celestia to back off from him at least a little anyway.

I find it interesting how you're talking about 'cave ponies', when I have never even mentioned a single thing about any other being living in Tsyreim's cave.

The reason being that there are no other beings living there.

Fuck yeah Lunar Apprehension.

I can honestly say. I haven't waited this eagerly for a fanfic update since I don't even know what. Seriously, if you haven't submitted this to EqD yet, DO IT.

when i referenced cave ponies i ment his mother and the other specter inhabitant of the cave..they could easily tell twilight what was going on and mroe indepth discussion that twilights ocd to detail and knowledge craves.

Haha, wow. Thanks man, that's quite the compliment.
Though to tell you, I did attempt that feat at one point. (Please note it was a rushed version, and not as good.) So it was inevitably rejected.
I would again, but other reviewers tend to look down upon my grammar and such. Though I blame a good bit of that on the way my speaking carries over to my writing.

To have her discover the location of the Basilica of Harmony would be a miracle indeed, as even Princess Celestia does not know of it's existence.
I'm still thinking about a time when the Mane 6 may be led there, but that I'm afraid would be an event for a sequel or something.
(Teaser: I have a sequel idea already. And it will be the most action-packed battle fic I've ever written if I get around to it.)

360064 I am a grammar nazi, and I find little to complain about. If you want, once I recover my computer, I will go through this chapter by chapter and fix every single bloody grammar mistake I find. This NEEDS to go to EqD.

Well, I wasn't quite expecting such an offer. I was planning on sending it to EqD again, but that would probably be my last time doing so.
When I had to go back and re-write the chapters I sent in previously, it killed my inspiration, and I ended up going several months without updating a chapter. That's why if they don't accept it the second time, I will not attempt it again.

361319 They have a three strikes policy on EqD. They'll look at it three times, then they're done with it. I mean it, though. This legitimately deserves to be on EqD.

I am well-aware of the three-strikes rule. I saw the article.
However, I was saying that I do not intend to even go to that third-strike mark. As I won't be rewriting this due to the fact that such a prospect burns me out.

363445 Ah, understandable. Regardless, this fucking epic, no matter WHAT they say.

dang. This is epic! Tracking.

There are very few stories I go FUCK YES when I see they've updated. This is one.

another awsome chapter to thsi story man way to go. i seriolsy cant wait to see what happens next.

Okay, I have to. I'm sorry, I HAVE TO.


an excellent chapter for an awsoem story.

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