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When life gives you Lemonade, make Lemons. Life will be all like, "what?!"


What's it been? 1000 years?
That's funny. It feels like much longer than that.

Let me tell you, being trapped in stone that long can do crazy things to a guy.
And when you were a little off your rocker in the first place...
But now I'm free. The leaders of this disgusting place trapped me here, and now they're going to pay.
I'm going to show them the real definition of insanity.

Chapters (8)
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Comment posted by Scourge012 deleted Apr 26th, 2014

As soon as I saw the cover picture, I was waiting for the phrase "the definition of insanity" to pop up in the description.
Will definitely read later.

Manes #4 · Apr 26th, 2014 · · 1 · Spark ·

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

damn you beat me to it!

Well i like it. It's well writen (only saw one mistake) and i like how Vas thinks and acts. I have a feeling I'll see this on the featured page in the future.

This will end well. Keep it up!

Oh my god... you monster... what have you done!!!

4295794 You mean "sexy demon" and "why didn't you make this sooner!" :rainbowkiss:

Only what needed to be done, my friend. :trollestia:

You sir had my curiosity... now you have my bucking attention

And I intend to keep it. :scootangel:

A story of hate, and insanity? Oh this'll be FUN! :pinkiecrazy:

Hm, this story, I like it!
Though I didn't play with the game itself, I read stuff about it, and... oh boy, this is going to be good!

Also, I spotted a problem in the end of the second chapter:

They are to arrest and bipedal figures
It should be 'any'.

Well, continue writing, good luck!


4295859 And as stated by the mysterious guy at X-Com Command "We will be watching"

4294815 There's the Triad, it's cannon in the LoHAV, don't try and change it.
Perhaps your character could be The Knight, heh, The Queen, The King, The Prince and The Knight.
Still a Triad of royals.
I have no idea what i'm rambling about after the second sentence.

Thanks, I'll fix that right away.

I wish I didn't get rid of far cry 3

Vaas addresses all of Equestria:

I had just been thinking about a Vaas-in-Equestria story, and THIS appears. DAFUQ!?

I can just tell this is going to be good. That, and I read it in Vas's voice.

Where do you get the art?

Google, mostly. :rainbowlaugh:
I edited the image from chapter one to make it transparent, but otherwise they're all the same as when I found them.

*roasts marshmallows over fire with human femur*
*eats said marshmalllows*
Hey Pinkie, you're right! Marshmallows DO taste better roasted on bone!

So we got one of the most insane video game characters in a world about friendship and harmony...
*Grabs popcorn and soda*
Let's enjoy the show.

SO it begings let the bodies fly through the air, blood split to all sides, and Pinkie pie hump a gummy chicken

Small spelling error, you types Frorce instead of force. Good start btw.

I'm liking the story so far. If you're going to include artwork though, you should leave a link to the images in the authors notes at least. If they're on DeviantArt or a similar site. Good portrayal of Vaas so far, I like where this is going.

Alondro #31 · Apr 27th, 2014 · · 47 · Spark ·

Oh joy, another retarded psychopath who actually only succeeds because of author wank, not because he's clever in any regard.

5 minutes, this guy would be dead by my hand. If I decided to take that long and not merely remove his head.

awesome chapters you are doing a amazing job:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

we've got a awesome character from an awesome game.

Well, the only way to stop Vaas himself, is to find another person who has the same expirence as he does: Jason Brody. Until then, I want to see the look on Twilight's face when she meets the definition of Insanity.

...but it's a frorce that's constantly growing...

I imagine you meant "force" there.

Oh be so sendimental...

I get the joke, but "sedimental" might have been better. Pehaps "sedimentary?"

...run my fingers through my mow-hawk...

I do believe it's "mohawk."

...the empty train cart as It's driver pulls away...

You don't capitalize "its" if it's not referring to a proper noun. And you'd use "its" (possessive), not "it's" (contraction "it is").

Other than that, this is pretty good!

4296973 No, you definitely haven't played Far Cry 3.

This story got me to tingle a little:rainbowderp:
I'm REALLY looking forward to Vaas' revenge:pinkiecrazy:

Admittedly all I know about Vaas is from a cursory Googling.
While it would seem he is quite despicable, Celestia was also quite horrible when she, I presume, left him as a stone for 1,000 years.:fluttershbad:
She said herself that he was magicless, so it would've been so much easier, simpler, and more humane to just lock him in a normal cell, till he died of old age if need be

Looking forward to more:pinkiehappy:, and while I don't condone pony murder I am hoping Vaas cause some havoc.:yay:

Edit: P.S. I like it cause I enjoy your writing style and characterization, very smooth.
Oh, and I absolutely LOOOOVE vengence:twilightsmile:


Of course he hasn't. If he had, he would not only know why Vaas is completely nuts, but also what he had to do just to get where he was in the game. I mean, hell, he killed tons of people when he was a kid. He became the leader of a warrior tribe as a teen. He then had to be put on a leash to keep him from completely destroying the island and all of its people.

I mean, Vaas is one of those messed up people that you cannot talk with, you cannot comprehend what they are thinking or what they will do, and that you cannot fight in any real way. I mean, hell, in order to kill him in the game you both go on a damn acid trip in which he has you beat, but a slight of hand and your dexterity allow you to do some fancy knife work to land a fatal blow.

AWESOME! Great story, keep writing.

Great chapter, I hope you quickly write more!

4295999 best fucking moment right there

It Begins! Anyway, I played Far Cry 3 and enjoyed it immensely. So, I`ll se where this goes...

Wow, this story is fucking great.
Two things, though:
1) Sometimes you switched to present tense in the middle of the chapter.
2) Why is Vaas in Equestria anyway?

"You know, hermano... I think a lot of people like you," I gesture towards him with my hands. "Take your freedom... for granite."


cool fic man

4298030 Thanks!
I'll fix those right up. :twilightsmile:

This fic is AWESOME! Bring me more!

(The video stops a 1:53)

One of the better stories ive read in a long time.

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