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So I live in a small country known as Sweden, never heard of it? Let me give your mind some refreshments: We have the all known Falukorv, aka Sausage. the mighty and immortal (derp) Knugen, aka our king. and let's not forget the biggest thing we Swedes have to show for (except being one of the healthiest countries in the world.) IKEA, of course.
But enough of that, Sweden is a very small country, and thus do not get many conventions actually worth going to, but there were one close by-ish, and I decided to go all out with my outfit.
That's right, I went like Alice from Madness Returns, in the Heart Dress, with a functional Vorpal Blade.
Another story in the "League of Humans going insane Acting Villainous.", created by... uhh <Jimmy the Grape>. Don't remember whom but the whole thing kicked off with "Rise of Darth Vulcan." Loosely inspired by "Not Having any of this S###" by Technopathic and "F*** it i'm having fun" (The later by Jimmy the Grape.)
This genre was generally started by CrypticMetaphor, and then came Uberdeathninja and i'm not getting into this argument.
Mature rated because, well, she's Alice!
THEME SONG! : Shinedown ~ Her Name is Alice

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Jimmy made the group.

Now it is time to read.

Gah, another one of these.


(maybe next time I i leave the house wont go outside dressed like a serial killer.....Or an anime buff. Maybe then teh ponies will be like "Oh hi." and I'll be like "Hi!" and that'll be the end of the story.)

Kicked off with Malideus, actually, but still.

Love these. Not sure why, but I do.

3965033 I plainly have no idea what i'm doing. Another thing, if you've ever lived in Sweden you'dd know that convention rarely happen :P.

3965042 It actually kicked of with Villainous, but 10/10 for effort :)

3965015 He made da group, but not ZÉ UNIVERSE!

3965062 That's what I said. It's the group that caused the massive boom in this kind of story.

But besides that, Finished reading and can't wait for more.

3965073 But I can't farm crops with my mouth?
3965072 I noticed a significant lack of female characters in this group, so then I went "why not make one?"

3965082 That is true. As of now we've reached.....five I think.

NO wait, with your story we've reached six.

3965082 No.......Just sit there.

3965091 But I am already sitting D:

3965088 Good good, everything is going according to plan...

3965099 Gooooooooooood........

What is this a crossover with

A really good start.

Och alltid kul att se en annan svensk online!

Får jag rekommendera en grupp för oss svenska fans? Swedish Swedes from Sweden Tänkte bara nämna det.

3965112 Alice, Madness Returns / Mirror's Edge? Go look up a group called "League of Humans Acting Villainous" :)

3965244 Aye', I consulted some friends on WoW about it, it was a standoff between Rough Edge and Mirrors Edge, the second won, as you can see :P

3965201 Might check that out, also, there's a lot more swedes in this community than most seem to think, I know my friend (Jasper) Horny Horse (Unsure if he's registered an account yet.) would just love that grp :P

3965103 Excellent...

Soooo... Another one of the League of Human Acting Villainous story, this one with a female lead character, since I noticed a lack of those.

My story stars a female...well a dude that got turned into a female but it still counts

looks like it will be an interesting read, will be watching this one with interest :coolphoto:

3965664 Kewlie, might check it out.

3965758 Don't expect too much, i'm still just a mediocre writer at best :P

Wow, I made a really awkward, glaring and ugly error in this chapter.
I fixed it now, but i'm surprised that no one noticed it.
"Andreas had equipped his crossbow"
I iz ideot, burnz meh on staik!

:raritystarry:I was MENTIONED!

I'll have you know that I officially started this genre.

I will overlook your ignorance, though... If the story turns out good.

3966287 Meh, the genre's been here for as long as the fandom, only you weren't the very first :P
Villainous were the first to the finish, I saw more than one element in that story that appeared in yours :3.

3966074 Of course, you gave me a bit of inspiration through your story, i'll edit the description so that I can properly condemn thank you.

this is epic! keep up the good work! can't wait foe next chater.

3966555 yo, you bring shame to the ninja, for being so slow.

I'm trying! People like you make it harder!

*Dramatically fake wipes tear*A girl after Jack's cold heart.

3967623 I'll get to writing it when I come home.

3967865 Yeah, I always liked the idea with a villainous girl.

3968277 You're the author to The Masked Face of Fear? I can totally see our character interacting, since Alice... Well if you've ever played Madness Returns you'll know :D

3968959 It's one of my favourites actually. I particularly liked how they designed the hatter as a clockwork being, not just a luntic.

3969008 PM me if you want Alice to meet your character in the next chapter, you'll be the one to write his lines. :D

Besides some mistakes, it seems like another interesting installment in "The League of Human Acting Villainous" group, but I have to admit that allusion you made in the description has been something I've been thinking of lately. It seems all the stories in this group revolve around complete morons who, when finding themselves in a magical land with magical powers, make a completely ridiculous decision.
It's like, Option A) I act civil and calmly explain I am just wearing a costume and have no intention of causing trouble. Or Option B) I act like a complete psychopath by playing the villain I'm dressed as, tell a bunch of lies, and then use the ponies reactions against me to justify my even worse acts... Real tough choice there...
I'm hoping someone writes a story about a person who is actually villainous at heart arriving in Equestria and doing evil. And not a moron, like the haters people keep sending either, but someone who is at least someone mature, intelligent and legitimately wants to do evil. Like someone who had always fantasized about murder and mayhem, but always kept that side of them hidden out of fear of getting arrested or whatever.
Anyway, that is neither here nor there, maybe I'll do it someday... Hope you release another chapter soon so I can tell if this is truly good or not.

3970699 If I were to do that, it'd turn into a self-insert, mate, but i'm sure I can install some of my own ideals, the thing is I am more psychopathic than I give myself credit for (according to both Andreas and Jasper.) but I can make her evil, it won't be "Misunderstood human cosplay vs Equestria!" It'll be more like "Vice-mental patient in Equestria, with non-cleared issues."

3968219 be glad i have over 10k stories to read while i wait.
yours is one of my favorites, so i don't want it to fade. It's a good piece, so do take your time.
Now i'm off to read some more and snicker-snack on some chips.:trollestia:

Update :D
Dunno if I responded to you people twice, but whatever.

...That escalated rather quickly. :pinkiesick:

I'd frankly either rewrite this chapter to be less grim-dark or switch the tag to Mature. Torture, maiming and a Teen rating isn't something I consider compatible and I honestly think most would agree with me.

3971280 Honestly, I wanted people to realize that this isn't your "Misunderstood human" fic, this is a girl with mental problems, magic powers and a tongue smoother than silk.
But i'm sure I can tone it down a bit, you can blame this all on Kind of Brony, who wanted to know what kind of evil Alice is.

Just tag it as mature and continue on as is.

3971367 Was it really that bad? Oh well... :&
I feel broken.

3971384 Yeah, mature tag is kinda required if you continue like this.

I like it a lot, and hope to see more Madness soon. :pinkiecrazy:

Just read the first paragraph, and I have to say, you're mixing up "were" with "was".

I asked the gloves as I kept running around inside the castle, I were just at the gates before I noticed that my hat were missing, and knowing Miss Sunbutt she wouldn't throw it away, at least not likely.

Should be "I was just at the gate before I noticed that my hat was missing,"
Edit: Okay, the basic rule for was and were is like this. "I was, he/she/it was" and "We were, they were" Also, I is still capitalized when used in things like, "I'll and I'd" you seem to always do "i'll and i'd"

1000 years ago

From within his prison between life and death, Jack wtched as a fellow...visitor...spread the blood of thousands across the land in an alternate version of the universe. Oon she met a fate similar to his own at the hands of both pony princesses.

'When I get free, I'm going to have to see about visiting this girl. It is rare to see such a pretty face with a penchant for destruction that very nearly rivals my own.'


Meditating in a remote location, Jack saw the blood crazed girl once again. Focusing his Will, he cast out his Orb into her universe, hopning against the odd that she might come across it. To say he was curious about her was an understatement. He even felt he fancied her a little, for few had such a bloodlust so close to his own.


3974032 I hope so, but Jack's story is gonna be a while before it updates again.
My writing laptop fried when my washing machine broke and flooded the house.
I'm on here now via Xbox 360.

3971912 I'll get to fixing the errors when I get home, but "i'll" or "I'll" is entirely optional, since both are correct.

*kills my impure clone AKA VeteranNCRrangerWilliam*
Well. Taken care of.
Ms. Shade. Do take care now, We are watching.

17 dislikes.

And upon entering she sees a tour group of ponies casually wandering through her house.

Another Edit: I currently have 112 favorites on the story, and I really can not individually thank you all, that is if you want another chapter.
3976496 :rainbowlaugh:
That's... Actually a really good thing to do, show people she's not the mindless killer i'm making her out to be.
Edit: Fun Fact, I actually press the Dislike button on my own stories :P

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