• Published 18th Feb 2014
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Ain't done with these F****** - The Shade

Hello there, my name is Barbara, or rather, it were. In this place i'm more knowingly known as Alice, the Lady of Madness, a catchy title if you ask me.

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Mirror's Edge

"Children, do you remember what this statue represents?" A... Violet? Purple, maybe? A pony of bisexual colouration? Want to know an issue with being made out of stone? Everything is sort of grayscaled and colour doesn't exist in the strictest sense.

The tiny livestock - I mean ponies - following her turn their gazes to me, really drinking in my form. Why, If I was as younger, I might have thought they were staring - Not that I'd blame them, I am a sexy beast after all.

If I could smirk i could. Some of them certainly looked at me with nothing but fear and apprehension in their eyes, reminding me more of that one deer I barreled into on the freeway with my dads truck than anything sentient. Good times, but remembering just how long ago that was, well, It makes me feel like old suncunt.
Honestly, the past few hundred years had been hellishly boring, and the random spurts of activity rarely made up for it, but I do have to admit, watching Luna go insane about made up problems and petty sibling rivalry was pretty humorous. Maybe I would feel bad about having something to do with that, but honestly, fuck her and everything she stands for, if I could I would growl at the thought of her, she wronged me yet I'm the one locked in stone for an eternity whilst birds shit on me? Sure, she's an Alicorn and deity of the night yes yes I know, but she's still responsible for greater crimes than I ever was. Well, maybe not greater, but at least equal! If you count the ones I helped her with at least, but shouldn't the Lady of Madness herself get some slack? With a silent sigh, I turn my attention back to the children.

They had a bit of a complex look on their faces, of course, confusion was the most prevelant one. None of them had really seen a human before, statue or not. It was only last year Celestia had decided to make me public in order to 'celebrate' her sister's return. If anything, I've a feeling a funeral might have been a better theme.
The children shivered suddenly, and a thought occured. Had I just projected my aura? I haven't been able to do that for... Since I was free. And at such a minor annoyance? That could mean... Well It could mean anything, but I am choosing to believe that their little goddess Luna is about to have a whole lot more nightmares.

Goddess I want to snort at the thought, she was nothing but a immensely powerful unicorn with wings, wings of which I had given to her to begin with. She had been shocked at first, then a little grateful, but now when she had spread lies about how I had "cursed" her to become Nightmare Moon, that was her own damnable fault! I had already been locked in stone for several hundreds of years when she turned into the Nightmare.

... Although, I'm not going to say I didn't give her a nudge at times. After all, her ascent into madness was so delicious, I had not been so close to escaping ever since. Thinking about it, I remember someone mentioning I would be getting out some day due to the actions of that day. What was his name? Steering Wheel the Sheared? Something like that.

It's not until I feel soft hair - Furr, to be exact - on my pantyhose that I'm snapped out of my meandering thoughts.
The reason I noticed that Is because she felt... Familiar. Similar, in a way. Maybe a lost ascendant of somebody I used to know, but my name's not Kimbra and frankly, lost bloodlines isn't my speciality.

"I... I think she's... She's very pretty," she whispered, her voice causing my mind to flash back to Clover. If I could I would narrow my eyes, bah. I doubt It was his anyways.
"Pfft, she's not pretty at all! She's not even a pony!" a colt pointed towards me in what I assume to be mockery.
Well... Since the seal feels to be weakening, I may as well try it out. With more focus than I'm willing to admit that I'm even capable of, I force a projection - Just the tiniest sliver of a voice through one of my cracks "I feel insulted"

"Who said that!?" The colt jumped on guard, he is a Pegasus, a gray coat with black mane.

"My, don't you recognize your own, sweet mother, Rumble?" Yeah it's really mean to impersonate a child's dead mother, but he called me ugly soooo, he had it coming. I'm hot as fuck.

"M-Mommy?" He whimpers out, flinching heavily and recoiling like I had just slapped him and looking around himself. The teacher's moving closer, seeing the colt act weird. I wondered briefly if i should let her get to him, buuuut... Nah, my whispers of silence and words of knowledge are already penetrating her mind, Gods that I don't believe in, I love how feeling just some freedom, even if they practically are touching me. Manipulating someone's mind with a chaotic force like madness, well... It's kind of like squeezing an apple and hoping it squishes instead of bursts.

"Yes, it's me! Your mother, Thunder Blossom, do you see that statue?" He's facing me, so of course he sees "that" statue.
"Y-yeah..." he mumbled, looking up and staring at me. I don't think I can hide my Nobunaga-esque grin even if it's frozen in stone at this point.

"That is me, dear... It's so good to finally see you again. I need you to do someting for me though. If you just turn around and hit that white filly in the jaw... I'd be very happy dear."

He didn't want to do It, in fact, he fought against my control for quite some time, thrashing against nothing. The filly per say approached the shaking colt, and within a few seconds, her green coat turned purple. My frozen grin widened as my gift manifested Itself, the sudden spurt of claws on his hoof left her with three gaping holes in her cheek, then the screaming began.
Some guards came, saw the carnage, and forcefully dragged the colt away, kicking and screaming, damaging anyone that came close enough. This magic Is closer to Discords, so I wouldn't be detected. The teacher, under my command, quickly ushered the foals away.
Then, my statue cracaked. It split down the middle, and I'll admit I wasn't quite as graceful as I could have been - I fell out of it, surprised by the sudden gravity. My grin couldn't have been more pleased as I got up and clutched my sword, well, knife, If you're a lore kind of person. I bent down and looked to the pavement.
... If it's a really long knife, is it not just a butcher's sword?

I carved into the stone I once was trapped in "Come play with my, my sweet, sweet child of the Night.

I made my way out of the castle, they seem to have used my design in it after all, I wonder If Celestia did It because she thought I could be saved. Of course, there's nothing to actually save me from - If anything I'm saving her and her stupid ponies.
I'm sure you're all very confused by now, so let me re-track from before I got here, yeah? I think that's for the best.


(1372 Years Ago.)

We were in my father's van on our way to the convention, Jasper was still grumbling in his Havel armor. He passed me a few thousand, In euros, that's about a few hundred. To my right sat Andreas in his Tesla Armor, a plasma rifle swung around his back, I helped design that damnable thing too, what we ended up doing involved a green one mega-wat laser with a connection to the battery on his arm, his left arm mind you, so It wouldn't get stuck in everything. two mirrors where the laser shot in with a strong magnifying glass in the middle of it, we also made the thing out of metal since we noticed that wood burnt and plastic melted. To fire, the metal plate at the end will be removed and the laser will charge up before discharging. The metal plate Is really only there in case of an accidental dischage.
... Although, It might still make It through, If used too many times, because It was a plate sheet, only two milimeters thick.

Jasper however, some fucking sword that I've no idea what It's called. There's a skull on the guard, holding the sword together, and It tapered off into a curve. The blade itself we ordered a while back, took it almost a year to get here, since then It's just been gathering dust in his closet for the past six months.

'But what about you?' I hear you ask, well I am just so utterly delighted that you portray interest in my clothing, you pervert! I've gone a little out of character with this, so I just took a needle and made sure to sew in some hearts on a red and black dress. The Vorpal Blade was a bitch to make, I was unable to make It short, but you could still see what It was. We dulled the blade to make It pass as a prop, but with enough force would cut through wood. I had gone a little more out of character and strapped a deck of cards to my dress, with Queen of Hearts facing outwards and a band of small, dulled throwing knives around my chest, so in short, I looked like I was trying too hard to be badass, but honestly? Fuckit, cosplays are cringy anyways - May as well play it up..
And for some reason, my father still thought that going to one of these conventions would get me raped or robbed. Now, I'm not a rapist (As of this part of the story anyways), but If I was, I wouldn't go after the chick with a sword, surrounded by three burly armed dudes.

There were more people in the car, because I saw a way to make money. Only one of them actually stood out aside from my two best friends, Leonardo's outfit was that of Van Helsing with a prop sheened crossbow. He put a single touch into his appearance that melded strangely, but nicely with the rest of his outfit, a long black and white scarf covered the bottom of his face, revealing only the milky eyes. Contact lenses, of course.

And another thing: I looked quite a bit like Alice to begin with, right width, right length, black hair, smooth and bony face.
I also had my tools In the left pocket of the dress, the same side with the deck of cards on. I actually had to go through a lot of effort to sew a tiny heart onto that thing.

My tools consist of home made smoke-bombs and lockpicks, me and my friend was actually pulling of an act at the start of the convention.
"Hey Jasper? You still got the shield, right?" We made him some stupid huge stone shield. Out of wood, of course, but It looked like stone.

Removing his mask he reached behind his back and pulled the shield out, he was about two meters tall and had a very piercing look, I was thankfully used to it by now, and met his look equally.

Then promptly burst out laughing.
He briefly laughed with me before turning his cold stare out the window. Seeing as we were almost at the convention, I put on my most calmest, coldest look, sheathing my blade in a narrow steel wire and stood up as my father pulled to a stop.

"You kiddos have fun now, i'll pick you up 'round nine, and if you're going down on eachother, do use protection." Normally one would be embarrassed by such comments, but my father knew that we don't hold any particular interest in eachother, except Leonardo, but It's probably better If we never discuss that.
"Will do, Father, will do." Yeah, I'm the awkward one.

And so we went, Andreas had equipped his fallout inspired Rifle, he named it Anal-ilator, (No he didn't) and were glaring death at people around him, and with that I mean he's trying his damndest to not giggle like a schoolgirl. Jasper had put the helmet back on and was walking with the sword and shield in hands, the red and orange cloak on his back made wonders for his appearance, personally I had a hand on the handle of my blade. As we moved closer to the entrance, we got patted down, reviewed for our pass, yadiyada, boring shit. Entering, I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, the place weren't filled to the brim nor did it look lacking, it had a decent crowd at everything, and the cool stuff they were selling made the entire three month wait worth it.

I, as always, instantly went to the hat corner, where I laid my eyes upon a large hat with several hearts sewed into it, whilst it looked a bit worn with time it would go perfectly with my Alice cosplay, with that in mind I walked up to him and asked how much he wanted for it.

"Huh? This 'ol thing? Found it in a box I haven't opened in years. How does... A hundred and twenty sound?" Good deal, if you ask me. That was in Crowns, by the way, so It was like twelve euro. I put the money down on the desk, put the hat on and made my way over to Jasper and Andreas, who was gaping at someone cosplaying as Rin from Blue Exorcist, he looked kinda cool, had the blade and all.

We made our way forward before something... Strange made itself known in my eyes, a single woman was standing there and selling props from games, but no one seemed to be buying from it, I made my way over to it through the masses, telling my friends that i'll be there for a little while, going through the props.

What I saw made me glad I wasn't a guy, since I would probably have gotten a erection, pistols, bows, crossbows, hell the Thunderfury laid on that table and several more weapons I recognized from games, but that wasn't what drew my attention, oh no that were a pair of Gloves I recognized as the one Faith uses in Mirror's Edge, looking down on my hands I realized they would be a great replacement for my other red gloves that somehow vanished the day before the convention.
... I realize thinking back to this, my fucking dogs might've been the cause for this entire flustercluck.

And they weren't that expensive either, Hundred crowns! So, of course, being the curious fool I am, I bought them and put 'em on.

Making my way over to my friends I felt a slight tingling, thinking I had to go to the toilet I made my way over there and the tingling increased, this time however in my entire body, I slipped and fell, but instead of being greeted with the hard floor, it felt like water around me, opening my eyes I gasped in horror as I saw my reflection staring down at me with cold, dead eyes, she rose a finger and pointed at me, she didn't have any gloves like I had, I noticed, it's strange what you think about in situations similar to these.

She finally broke the surface of the mirror, and touched me. I... I can't describe how her fingers made me feel. I swear I could smell colours, see sound and hear light, pain shot through my body, and I think I felt something break.

I was sent spiraling downwards, even though my rational mind knew there was no downwards on a normal bathroom floor.
Last thing that went through my head was the need to grab onto something, followed by a faint voice.
I'm sorry, and Good Luck.

Author's Note:

I'm finally starting to clean up this trainwreck.