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What are the good things in life?
Why, good food, good drink, and good company.
Unfortunately, I don't get much of the second, and the third is currently imprisoned in stone. At least the food is good.

I dressed up as a friar for a costume party, then some brony tosser sends me here to anthro horse land by accident.
Now, I'm a villain, but at least the food is to die for.

Based off of the famous (or infamous) Malideus more than my other work. Please leave comments below.

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...What in the name of Chaos did I just read?

No just... completely unexpected. Trust me, I've read a lot of bad stories and this isn't one of them. The idea just caught me off guard is all.

What's weird about it?
A fat guy dressed as a friar goes to anthro Equestria and eventually becomes villainous in the eyes of the general public.

I didn't say weird, only that the idea caught me off guard since I wouldn't expect you to write something like this. Then again, you did write 'Screw the rules, we're on a road trip!' so anything possible with you...or anything is possible in fiction in general.
Say can an idea really be called weird in fiction where everything is possible?


becomes villainous in the eyes of the general public

ZIS! Just HOW? HOW!?

What's not to expect about this?

I'm just waiting for the madness to begin. Also how the hell does he come to be considered evil?!? This is going to throw me for a loop for sure. :derpytongue2:

...Somehow I both am and am not surprised about this, but I think it'll be most interesting.

3943767 The beginning of something wonderful

Why would you make them anthro :facehoof:

I'm not sure how to feel about this...

Slaanesh worship, perhaps?

If he doesn't go Raputin on their asses I'm gonna be disappointed.

Interesting first chapter. You've got my interest. I look forward to seeing how he will become a villain.


I believe the question you mean to ask is:

What in the name of Evil did I just read?

Most villains are doing it for the evils.

This guy is a more benevolent Malideus, I think.

Less about taking over and more about righting wrongs.

It calls Chaotic Good.

When I read about The Fat Friar fighting the guards to get the gold, this came to my mind:

I was wondering how a friendly fat guy dressed like a monk would drive fear into the hearts and souls of Equestrians everywhere.

And I must say that I wholeheartedly approve of his Robin Hood-esque organization.

If he's ever caught, let those he's helped raise arms and fight to free him. The look on Celestia's face when there's suddenly a civil war going on would be priceless.

You've made the Fat Friar into the Equestrian version of Robin Hood. I love it great twist there.

Since the MLP world is usually black and white this really add's a grey perspective to thing's. Make's me wonder what each of the Mane six, the Princesses, and all the other MLP character's will think of him and his group. I hope we will get to see their thought's as the story goes on.

Will we see more familiar faces as part of the Merry Ponies or their Spotters?

What kind of reputation has the Fat Frair made for himself?

So they think FF is from another continent?

Screaming faces in the wood?
Like Wabbjack, from Elder Scrolls?

This story must be McDonalds...

Because, ba-da-ba-ba-baa, I'm lovin' it!

Seriously, this guy has to be Mal's polar opposite.

That was the intention.
He doesn't like the social situation, so he changes it. Malideus is more like, 'I'll be a total douchbag to every pony I meet.'

Not necessarily!

He's only a douchebag to people he doesn't like...

which, unfortunately, happens to be the ponies.

Don't use it all at once

Does that mean it doesn't self-repair? Or is it like that one Doctor Who episode where it's a joke?

even if I really wanted to travel.It's a peculiar thing.


This is awesome. I cant wait for more chapters.

Mmmm... I wonder if Flash will become their "inside ma... Pony"?

Needs more updates. Love it.


Comment posted by Trithtale deleted Aug 24th, 2016

This is wonderful. Is this still being continued?

So Ssendam, is this story dead or are you just to busy with other stories?

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