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My Darkness brings all the Heartless to the yard, and there like, its better than yours, damn right, its better than yours.


Weird · 6:46am May 4th, 2015

It's weird how many people keep favoriting my story's. Guess they are more likeable than I thought. I haven't really done anything to them besides some basic thoughts. I think I'll start working on my plans for Nopony and Somepony, make some revisions; alter retreading them, I forgot what I was trying to do with the story :twilightblush: Don't expect anything to soon though, I'm still super lazy.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!:pinkiehappy:

for some reason i cant respond to your blog post about your hiatus for nopony so ill say it here :applejackunsure: least i have a chance to make my fimfic friendship eater if you like soul eater or not checkit #humble hint

Get over here! *grabs you and awkwardly yet ferociously licks your lips repeatedly*

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