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My Darkness brings all the Heartless to the yard, and there like, its better than yours, damn right, its better than yours.


What does it mean to be somepony? To truly exist? To know love, laughter, jealousy, anger; what does it mean to live? Organization XIII seeks these answers, and will do so regardless of the cost. For what does a Nopony care for the morals of a Whole Pony?

Hyxs wakes up one day with no memory of who, or what, she is. But then a cloaked stranger comes to her, and gives her a new purpose in life; to open the citadel of Kingdom Hearts, and become a Whole Pony again. To do this she must travel through the many worlds of the multiverse, and collect the Hearts of others. But when a purple mare and her companions get in the way of the Organization's goals, so will begin another clash of Light and Darkness.

(Crossover due to its plot design; no Sora, no Mickey, just ponies)

Other side of the story: Somepony

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 49 )

i am sorry but i have played and beat both 358 and kindom hearts 2. ponifying them won't do. sora or roxas must make a direct appearance for me to read. i hope others enjoy your story though. no downvote either. best of luck.

*insert world's loudest squee*
Keep up the good work, bud!

Impressive! Most MLP x Kingdom Hearts crossovers I've read just have Sora or somebody go to Equestria but I've never thought about one of the ponies themselves becoming a Nobody, much less a member of the Organization.
Impressive, I like where this is going, the only thing really bothering is 1, the grammar and spelling could use some cleaning but it is understandable, and 2 being that Fluttershy's appearance has no changes despite how when the characters in Kingdom Hearts become Nobodies their physical appearance looks slightly different. I don't know if this is too late but I would probably change Fluttershy's appearance a little, maybe dull her colors a little, darker mane (Black stripes?)...
And in my opinion, get rid of the Cutie Mark... I mean, yeah it represents talent but I also think it kind of relates to a pony's heart. Now that Fluttershy doesn't have one I think it would make sense for it to be gone...
Anyway, just an idea.
Great story, fave and a like, just hope you clean it up a little and take these thoughts/ideas into consideration.

I await more. :)

Pure white cutie mark, and I think your right about her appearance. sorry I need to edit some bits still; I didn't finish that bit

S H Y + X
I couldn't find a suitable change for the full Fluttershy, so I made an adjustment

Ah, sorry I didn't see that part till you mentioned it... XD
Actually, that might be smarter perhaps, I mean, she still has her talent but it lost all of it 'life' for it.
Anyway, good luck with editing, I'm curious as to how the updated chapter will look like. :)

wow this looks like its gonna be awsome but im a kh nerd so one scew up and i will find and kill you:pinkiecrazy:

derp :derpyderp1: derp:derpyderp1: derp:derpyderp1: derp:derpyderp1: derp:derpyderp1: derp :derpyderp1: derp :derpyderp1:derp

cool!.when when is the next chapter coming :duck:

also you spelled your name wrong you mad it NOHbody

My name is a reference to the Odyssey, and I'm going to start on the next chapter once I've finished watching Season 4 on Netflix and once some stuff I'm doing IRL finishes. I don't really have a set time frame for writing, so it may be awhile or a little, depends.

So the leaders original name was Jake? Kind of odd for a pony.

Loving the story so far, keep up the good work!:raritywink:

Awesome, so we finally meet the "Axel" character, my favorite! :D
Strange enough though, I'm noticing how most of their names ends with the X...
Also, Chamtax's name sounds like a Chapstick brand...
Anyway, I can tell Nightmare moon was probably Unlax, aka Luna.
The Diamond Dog was probably Earth.
And Chamtax? I'm not quite sure but I think it's Maatch, it's weird because of the double A's...
Anyway, looking awesome so far and I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
(This is kind of a personal thing but I find it weird how Hyxs controls thorn vines and stuff, no other nobody I know has a power like that... Truthfully I was hoping that her Rifle would have a bayonet or a long blade attatched to it for close combat. To me at least it would seem cooler but hey, that's just me.)

Likening the story so far... but is it weird that while I read this I think of the songs for the specific arias. Like at the castle parts I can hear sacred moon playing while I read... and Twilight town I can hear lazy afternoons.

this story is so awsome :pinkiehappy: but just an idea maby in the authors notes put the non scrambled or organiaztioized names

advertise like a shameless whore http://www.fimfiction.net/story/197079/fallout-equestria-other-lands

I'm going to add those in later hopefully

Oops, its supposed to be Chamtx. And I noticed the X thing to, or its Xs for ones I have planned for later.

4627394 well if you want some help finding any of the songs, sadly I know them all...

4627598 Well if your looking for tidbit versions I can get those, but I also know where to get half hour versions of every song

I would probably just use the tidbits for this. But first I plan to put out a couple more chapters before adding them in.

Lol, he will forever be remembered as a brand of chap stick to me... XD

I actually thought Therax was Heart so thanks for correcting me. Also, oh no Luna is a nobody :pinkiesad2: I guess maybe that happened when she was banished but we shall see.

Wow, I didn't even notice that before! Heart, Earth. Well, the more you know. And yah, Unlax was created when Luna became NM.

4638550 So does that mean NMM was a heartless?

4638981 Interesting thought, makes total sense actually.

You do know why each Organization member has an X in their name, right?

*Reads the last part or the Author note*
"Wait, Cthulhu???"
Anyway, chapter seemed to go pretty well, and I see you decided to go with Xulbe instead of Praxsk.
On a side note, what number is he? (It wasn't mentioned...)
Still see grammatical errors here and there but hey, the story is readable so that passes I guess.
And I see you added Sombra which is nice. :D
Also, I see that you mostly have Pegasi among the current members so far... Though not everyone has been introduced yet so there'll probably be other species.
As for Hyxs' powers, I think they're kinda OP... I mean, she can spawn Timberwolves?
Though now thinking about it... Let's say that her rifle actually shoots 'seeds' of whatever plant she wants...
Huh, guess that does make sense but damn is she packing a lot of fire power!
Lastly, basing off of what we discussed about Xulbe's personality it looks like despite how much he and Chamtx argue they're actually pretty good friends... Maybe...
Purely speculation.
Can't wait to see what happens next! :D

so, sombra's a nopony? OK! :pinkiehappy:

Yah, I kinda thought they could have a Natsu/Grey relationship, like there friends but they constantly go head to head. And my friend who normally does my edits is busy with his own stuff. Also, I choose Xulbe over Praxsk because Praxsk is Spark + X and I already have a guy who's name is sparks redone.

Oh, and hes number XII

I edited the latest chapter (hopefully)

Oh! I get it, that makes sense.
Alright, sounds good to me. :D
And number XII, huh? cool.

Thanks for pointing that out :pinkiesmile:

while i was reading i thought xulbe was my oc cause spoiler to anyone else you said you'd use my oc not complaining me just being stupid:derpytongue2:

Next time. I still got some members to introduce.

Spoilers, Spoilers, SPOILERS SPOILERS (cause I don't know how to do the thing with the black bar over words so I'm writing this)

Your OC is named Norxh

4638981 That means when Unlax dies she will most likely go back to Luna's heart rather than fade into nothingness but don't quote me on that.

Probably. I don't think I'll use Unlax beyond this story.

i just realised that moxbras is sombras nobody and the sombra we see in the show is a heartless:rainbowderp:

Two things before I read:
Is this story dead, Or just on a Hiatus
Two, A spectacular pun:
:moustache: Who are you?
:yay: Nopony special.

Is this going to be continued?

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