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Wow, 2020 is relentlessly trying to leave its mark! · 8:47am Dec 30th, 2020

So back in March of 2020, I had this splitting toothache which turned out to be an abscess. The only thing I could do back then was take some Penicillin and Ibuprofen. Not the store-brand, either! I'm talking about the "Get a doctor to approve first, because it could be enough to kill you!" brand. Orange container, and everything!

Anyways, so 3 days ago, shortly after making my previous post... guess what returned with a vengeance? That good ol' Abscessed Tooth... or what's left of it.

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Yeah, you can check the post here for clarity.

Just finished reading pandora but when I went to like and favorite there was an error. Did it get taken down for some reason?

Ah, sorry. I thanked you for pointing out the missing tag. :twilightsmile:

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