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Well this sucks. · 6:30pm Aug 17th, 2021

Sorry I haven't been active lately. Been trying to recover from Covid. Not having an immune system makes that a bit difficult, and half the time I've gotta try clearing my sinuses so I can at least breathe again.

But I'm alive, and I'm starting to get better. However, I'm just hanging on by a thread, so I'll take some time getting back into shape. Now that I can at least move around a little bit again, I can write this out to y'all.

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To be honest, I've started working on a story that may scratch that last itch you mentioned here. Can't really spoil too much about it, but I'm likely gonna work on it for about a year or so, before publishing it.

Plan is to have about a million words pre-written before the first chapter is published, then maybe give it a daily update. Each chapter will have at least 10,000 words in them, and have plenty of lore and pieces to, hopefully, keep folks engaged into it.

I've thought out the main goals, and everything. Now it's just a matter of cracking down on the words, filling in the gaps, and establishing the How's, Why's, and Where's.

Well, looks like you went through the writer checklist i go through when i get clusterfucked on stores. Writing something else, going on other tangents, April fool's chapters, playing with inspiration or character choices and how they feel organically, going along a chapters timeline to the end, knowing how i want the ending, walking backwards from there and seeing if it changes with conflict or clarity.
My personal thoughts on these walls you keep finding is that everyone expects an ending, which sucks because endings are as hard, or harder than beginnings. Sometimes they're is no justifiable end, things are just fucked and it's like a rock group with members screwing each other and about to break up, and end up writing songs about their angst to communicate the purest way possible for their genre. I reckon you may end up having to do a few "i am pinkie pie" chapters on the side, see how they feel, change em to their darkest or most enlightened moments, and how things would move on from that perspective.
Don't forget that it's also ok to drop the hammer and feel out some dark murder scenes. The seasoning of loss often becomes the dark sugar you needed.

Ah, hey Gothic!

Honestly, I have no remembrance what happened to it, either. I have it in my library, but it's unpublished, and has little to no content in it. My guess is that, perhaps, I felt the need to remove it for a rewrite... then kinda hit a brick wall, like most of my other stories. :ajsleepy:

Might get started on it again, eventually... I'm honestly wanting to get The Hunters and The Workhorse at least going somewhere, but... well, with my spirits getting this badly sunken down, I'm not really feeling too confident in it, anymore.

Used to love writing, but then it became a burden to me. It's almost like video games.

I grew up absolutely loving video games, but over time, I've been finding my overall sense of "Joy" in... well, everything, just dwindling away. And writing stories used to be the thing that gave me said joy.

But now, when people keep asking me to update something I've long-since forgotten what to do with, it cuts even deeper into my spirit. Just look at Ponyville Tales, for example. Had people that LOVED it at the start. Then they accuse me of rushing things, and taking it in a direction they didn't like.

Same thing with The Workhorse. Some folks completely quit it because of one situation. And that makes me feel like I've just cornered myself into a wall I can't climb over.

To be fair, the temptations to hanging up the hat has been strong. To bury the stories, and never look back.

But at the same time, I fear that I'm in an endless cycle when I do. I'd feel inspiration later, and pick that hat back up, but have nowhere to put said inspiration into, thus a NEW story begins... and then, said story gets another wall around it, and I'm left banging my head against it like the last few times.

Hell, people complain about my library of unfinished, hiatus, or cancelled stories... all 13 of them. They have yet to see all 48 of the stories I have unpublished, because I've already hit a wall with THEM before they could even reach the light of day. OR the numerous stories I ended up deleting after an episode I had involving Dysthymia.

I'd honestly be surprised if someone here could even remember the old fossils, "The Outsider: Tales of a Space Technician", or "Journey to Equestria: Homeward Bound". The two stories I started with, and nearly hit the million-word mark.

I want THAT kind of spark again, but every time I get started, I fear the same thing would happen. I'd end up having an episode, and lose control of myself, then burn them to the ground... I don't want to do that.

I don't want to keep hitting these walls.

But I know it will happen again. And at this point, I know I'm just delaying the inevitable whenever I try getting more words in on the stories I write.

And yet, there's one burden that also hits me. I never enjoy putting a story to an end. There's always a goal, yes, but that goal can always lead to new directions. And while I understand that it can easily be solved by "Sequels", that just adds more clutter to the pile, and more loss if the story hits a wall... because then, when someone's 10 or so books down the line, AND it hits a wall, that just leaves a HUGE wave of disappointment for the readers.

I wish FimFiction had a new status label for stories. There's only four now: "Complete", "Incomplete", "On Hiatus", and "Cancelled".

We have yet to see the one I need most: "Ongoing". A story that has no discernible "End Point", that will be updated "By The Author's Leisure", rather than "Until it hits Complete". Without it, I'm stuck with a bunch of "Incomplete" stories meant to be "Ongoing", and having numerous people say it's dead, or that I've given up on it, when it's never been the case at all. If I gave up on it, that's what "Cancelled" means. "On Hiatus" means I'm taking a break from it, but plan to return to it at some point.


Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and Hiatus everything I have, until I can get past this wall.

Justin? I've been wondering what happened to a story you wrote called "me, myself, and twi." It seemed to have eerily disappeared from the annuls of the internet, but i have an unfinished copy as a epub, giving me all these Mandela vibes, like i 'borrowed' it from another timeline lmao. Lemme know if i can do a patreon or something to see it finished somehow, it's great reading.

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