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Any time haters leave a random "Dislike" without Constructive Criticism... I like to pretend they're just people who "LIKE" random things while doing hand-stands.


Back to the Writing Board! · 12:22am Sunday

It's no surprise that I've got a bad habit of starting new stories and ideas and all that after a long hiatus. Rest assured, though, I'm not starting a new story this time.

Truth is, I've been on a hiatus to kinda unwind a bit after some more real-life drama and general bullshittery getting in my way. To make a long story short, though, I'm getting back to writing, slowly but surely. And my top priority is writing some more content for The Workhorse and, eventually, The Flock.

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Wow, 2020 is relentlessly trying to leave its mark! · 8:47am Dec 30th, 2020

So back in March of 2020, I had this splitting toothache which turned out to be an abscess. The only thing I could do back then was take some Penicillin and Ibuprofen. Not the store-brand, either! I'm talking about the "Get a doctor to approve first, because it could be enough to kill you!" brand. Orange container, and everything!

Anyways, so 3 days ago, shortly after making my previous post... guess what returned with a vengeance? That good ol' Abscessed Tooth... or what's left of it.

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Screw it, I'm bored! · 10:51am Dec 27th, 2020

Aight, so I've been holed up in my room for a few days, now. Still showing no signs of symptoms for the COVID, which is good. It means I'm, more than likely, NOT infected with it!

I know! Such terrible news, right? This means y'all have to put up with MY crazy self even MORE, now! :pinkiegasp:

Now, comes the kicker - 2021 isn't coming fast enough! I've run low on rations, low on things to do, and high on boredom!

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Man, screw 2020, right? · 10:12pm Dec 23rd, 2020

So, I have to get another COVID Test soon. My mother, aged 50+, was just tested positive, and I hugged her 6 days ago.

Granted, I'm Immunosuppressed, so chances are I would've shown symptoms sooner, but as of today, still haven't coughed much more than usual, which was basically from a drink going down the wrong pipe.

But even still... if I DO end up positive, I'll try to keep writing as much as I can before... whatever happens.

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Hey, Everyone! Not Dead Yet! · 5:44pm Dec 20th, 2020

Just got my laptop back from being worked on by my little brother. It... kinda had some issues that hindered my progress on writing.

That, plus Thanksgiving had me going out a lot to be with family from out-of-town for weeks on end.

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(Preview) "The Workhorse" Chapter 2... "Ponyville" · 11:28am Nov 15th, 2020

Breakfast has been pretty peaceful this time. You once again take a sip of the soup, thinking back on what Limestone told you yesterday.

"This family must be really close, now that I think about it. Pa decided to put Marble on a Liquid Diet because of her condition... but it seems everyone took to the change so she doesn't feel left out, as well."

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"Pandora" Removed by request of "Lopoddity". Sorry for the inconvenience, folks! · 1:39am Oct 21st, 2020

By the OG, herself, I agreed to take the story down. I'll just have to rethink these ideas, now.

Don't worry, though, I've got a few OC's in my mind I'd still be happy with using. I'll just... y'know... work on something else for the time-being. :ajsleepy:

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So, yeah... I fell down a ladder. · 1:23am Oct 7th, 2020

Hey, My Little Bronies! Just wanted to update y'all with this post, and letcha know why I've been gone these past couple months.

Truth is, I fell down a ladder while helping my stepmom get cables fed through the roof of her restaurant a couple months ago. Fractured my right arm, but it's gotten much better, now.

I wanted to let y'all know what happened then, but I was forced into NOT typing anything until my arm got out of the cast, and healed up.

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Q&A: "Daniel's Dangerous Dynasty" · 9:03pm Jul 14th, 2020

So, I'm sure some of y'all might have questions on my latest story, "Daniel's Dangerous Dynasty". To keep the answers from being lost in the comments on the eventual day that it gets filled with more than a couple pages, I will have as much answers posted here as possible!

And so, if anyone here have questions or concerns, please do feel free to let me know! In the meantime, I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities!

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He's Back! · 2:02pm Sep 8th, 2019

And I've decided... I'm going to just go ahead and post this old idea, after all. It was announced long ago, but ever since, I've kinda put it on the back burner for another time.

I guess you can say that time is now.

Welcome to the rebooting of the Vigilante!

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