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Not all humans who arrive in Equestria are friendly. Sometimes, they're total assholes.
Sometimes, they're trolls. Like these guys.

When you're two dudes who are cosplaying as Tobi and Yoshimitsu and are labelled Public enemies 1 and 2, sometimes, you just gotta go on a road trip.

Loosely inspired by F*ck it I'm having fun. Pic drawn by Genbu, who's kind of the coolest.

Edit: Huh, featured on 5 May 2014. Wasn't expecting this.

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I see F*** it I'm Having Fun's storytelling method is catching on.

Yep. That was a major inspiration to me.

Oh this is going to be fucking magical.

Great start. This is going to be good. You misspelled Discord though.

That was actually intentional. It's a joke.

Now all that's needed is a fic of someone in in a cyborg-pirate-ninja-jesus outfit, statuefied while facepalming.

A guy with Raiden's hair and Naruto clothing then. With a robotic hand and Sasuke's shirt.

3914322 I don't know much about Naruto, so I default the name Raiden to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Naruto ofter beats his enemies by talking to them, so he's often called 'Ninja Jesus' by Narutards. And yes, Raiden is Raiden from Revengeance.

You have a Discird in there... Fix that shit! :twilightangry2:

Am I missing something here? What is the "s***w" word?

You know, it does make a lot of sense that they turned out WORSE after being stuck in stone.

Can Tobi make shadow clones? This is important, wacky hijinks demands it!

Hey what exactly does 10,50 mean in the flashback. Good story so far btw.

3916562 They seriously wanted you to censor the word 'screw'? It's not even that bad a word!

The sword Yoshimitsu is wielding isn't Soul Calibur, is it? Because that blade is pretty damn hax. After all, it wouldn't be very fair if he didn't have a crazy thing up his sleeve as well.

Great chapter. Dash as Star Swirls desendent did not see that coming.


Like Tobi with a fully functioning sharingan isn't total and complete hax?

No, it is the Yoshimitsu, thrown across dimensions and swapped with his homemade sword. It has some secrets to it. Not telling though:trollestia:.
Anyway, why would it be Soul Calibur? This is Tekken Tag Tournament Yoshimitsu, not Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu.
He does have a crazy thing up his sleeve- they share a certain power. Still not telling.:trollestia::trollestia:

3917786 Secret Ninja Technique: False Revelation no Jutsu?

I'm betting it was a lie.

3918090 No, the Sharingan is essentially a giant flashing Mary Sue sign. Well on Naruto at least. God that show got stupid when it comes to the Sharingan later on. Here's to an author who won't shove random powers into it !

The Sharingan will only have Kamui.
He does have a lot of Tobi's powers though.

F*** it i'm having fun is an awesome story. Now someone else made one like it? Oh hell to the YES! Well, I think I can safely say that these two have created a new universe!

(By which i mean something like; The youngverse, Your Human and Youverse, and all that other fun universes out there. And technically, all fanfics are alternate universes. Even without the tag.)

One simple word for more antics...


What about MY story? Surely, I should get credit for starting this whole thing.

I kid, obviously. Credit is always given where it is due. After all, it's far too whimsical to have been inspired by MY story.

Anyway, keep up the good work, man. I'll be rooting for you.

Thank you kindly. I do like your work, but I'm not good with darker tics. I think that I might write my own attempt at a darker fic sometime in the future.
Your work is a great inspiration to me, just not as much as F*ck it I'm having fun. I read yours first, BTW

About damn time! You are the first person (That I know of) who portrayed Celestia correctly in the past. Bravo! Have a mustache :trollestia: Oops. That's not it...:moustache: There, much better!

Tobi could cause so much more chaos with shadow clones. i would make shadow clones for the sake of them. Who wouldnt like the ability of omnipresence

I love this genre.
Why do I love this genre?

he has kamui, they shouldnt even phase him. (pun not intended)

Tobi does not possess the Shadow Clone ability. His ring does not give him that power.

3924267 you deserve ALL the praise boners!:twilightsmile:
brilliant chapter!

Please continue, I wish to read more

I had an idea, what if a guy wound up in Equestria under circumstances like this, only he had an immunity to anyform of explosion and their after affects and wielded a pair of nuclear boxing gloves and a foam sword?


if you don't mind that is.

This is only going to end awesomely! Have a mustache :trollestia: Dammit! Wait your turn Celestia! :moustache: There we go.

Oh wow! This is hilarious! Good story, I shall be watching this one. :pinkiehappy:

~ Super-Brony12

'Oh shit'. That is probably the best battle cry ever.:rainbowlaugh:

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