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The Quidam

A man without a head, carrying an umbrella and a bowler hat. Quidam is said to be the embodiment of both everyone and no one at the same time.


Ethan McIntyre was a young man with aspirations to become an actor, stage magician, and/or special effects artist. So who else should he go to a convention as, but the special effects based supervillain, Mysterio! (The Animated One, because comic books ruined him like they did everything else!)
How could a purchase from a mysterious merchant lead to him being transported into a world of magic in which the inhabitants believe him to be a powerful sorcerer with villainous intentions?
Can Ethan pull of the part of a lifetime and fool the world into believing his abilities are not all just the super-tech versions of smoke and mirrors? Or will he fall before he finds the reason why he was displaced into such a strange turn of events? And will he stick to the moral compass he always followed, or lose his way to the temptation that comes from his new found role?

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Oh. I love this. Not many think to use one of Spider-Man's lesser villains. I look forward to see how this turns out.

Well I'm glad someone decided to use one of my favorite villains for this. Story looks good.

Mysterio accidentally destroys the universe, turns into Derpy and says:
"I just don't know what went wrong!"

Im i the only one wanting to know more about the bowler hat guy, where did he come from, whats his story, were never know in this chapter and its kill you not knowing and kill you i mean me kicking down the dour wave a kight in hand

Ooh. Mysterio. He's not one of my fav villains from Spiderman comics but he is very rarely utilized, so hats off to you for the attempt just for that. Which animated series is he from? Spectacular Spiderman?

Yeah the master of illisions Mystiro a great spidey villain. One of my favorites in The lesser known area

<Thank you! I'll try to make sure it at least is a decent adventure to read.>

<Thank you! It is always good to see another Mysterio fan.>

*Looks at Derpy next to him*
:derpytongue2: What, I didn't do it!...:derpyderp1: this time.

<Well, I was going for the Animated 1994 series, but I can't help but to go for the dialogue options for the Spectacular version. Essentially, Ethen has a look like the 1994 series with the enthused hammy acting of the Spectacular going into the story. I made this choice because I was surprised that when rewatching the series, we only get around 3 episodes with him, and two of those were with him pushed more to the side of the episodes. He was really underused, but to be fair that cartoon did have such a widespread assortment of Spider-man's rogue's gallery that I cannot really fault them. I'm just glad to avoid the comic versions besides the looks, since they are what people will probably recognize more.>


<I'm having a bit of trouble reading this one, and out of fear of seeing the words 'kill' and 'you', I'll just say that we'll find out more about this mysterious 'bowler hat guy' as you refer to him as the story progresses. Rest assured, I left a few breadcrumbs to start following this path in the story in this very chapter.>


Someone besides me who likes and remembers the 90's Spiderman cartoon? Wow. The thing is in that show Mysterio was seen a loot more than in Spectacular Spiderman, as awesome as (I think) Spectacular is/was they didn't do much with Kraven and Mysterio. Now as for your fic, it would be interesting when Ethan meets a certain showmare.

I can't wait to see what jokes are made about mysterio's fish bowl for a head look.

6087186 i was saying to make a new chapter faster or i come to your home with a knife in hand to help persawed you to my way of thinking

I'm tracking this. Let's see how it playes out.

Awesome start. I'm looking forward to seeing how this story develops.

I wonder what the story behind this Quidam character is?

Will other stuff from Marvel appear in this story?

Interesting story. I really liked Ethan's character and I want to see how he interacts with Trixie. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

While a bit hard to read when you went in depth with the headless man and the merchant, once past that I must say it was quite interesting, even the beginning was rather catchy, especially the quick history of Mysterio, which I personally found enjoyably succinct, though, I did find the hook rather lacking. If you were to edit it, I might suggest being a touch more starry eyed than starting with what amounts to 'meh, conventions are nice'.

<I'll definitely have to consider that. I am open to edit it in the future. Like I said, I'm hoping to use this as a way to extend my writing skills while making something fun and enjoyable. Still I am probably going to have to come back to it after I get a few more chapters out, and I get my real life settled. You know how it is!>

Nice to see another chapter of this story. Mysterio attracting the notice of the Princesses is a great idea and I'm excited to see how he'dreact when he sees that Teixie is now in the same castle as him. I hope the next chapter comes soon because it's getting interesting.

<Well Trixie isn't at the castle yet. But do not worry, the two of them are going to meet up eventually because I have plans that involves Trixie and her motivations leading her to seek Ethan. That is the only hint I can give on the matter for now.

Glad you are enjoying the story so far! Hopefully the next chapter can be ready soo!>

Found a spelling mistake

feline creatures with scorpion tales


Interesting, thou I wonder at the sudden knowledge of dream-weaving. I was unaware that Mysterio had such capabilities, let alone someone who has his powers but is largely unaware that he now possesses them.

<That wasn't Mysterio, but another character that Luna has yet to understand. However, if I may get to spoil one thing, we will get to see what type of dream could cause such a green mist to permeate the Dream scape in the next chapter.>

"YOU!", Luna shouts.
"Please mistress, let's not make quick judgement calls!", Ethan cries out.
"Justice shall prevail, I'm sending you to jail!"

"How did we get into this situation again?"
"Thou have terrorised the creatures of the Everfree!"

Didn't expect that :rainbowhuh:

<Thank you for pointing that out! I've been trying to keep an eye out for such mistakes due to how they are just outmatched fixes my phone or computer seem to love doing. I'll fix it right away!>

<Well that is certainly an unexpected turn of events! I can't wait to see what happens next!>

Great chapter.

Really feel sorry for Trixie. Always felt she got a very unfair deal in canon.

I'm very happy to see another chapter of this story. Zecora's interaction with Mysterio was interesting as she's friendly but also wary of Mysterio and willing to stand up against him should he be evil. Mysterio possibly developing new skills with the spider venom and his friendship with Tsavorite were entertaining turn of events, as I thought he was going to find Trixie. I hope the next chapter comes soon because I want to see how Mysterio defeats the evil dragon.

<Glad you enjoyed it! I hoped it was developing in the right direction. I wanted to show how Zecora--who should be shown more in things--would be a force for Ethan/Mysterio to contend with. On one hand, she could be a great ally and friend in this wild wood. On the other, should he become another great villain, he has an opponent who knows where he lives!
As for Tsavorite, she is a character that I hope will be grow on people. I developed her as I was considering what type of beings would allow us to discover more of this version of Equestria. More on that as it is revealed, for I don't want to spoil anything!
Don't worry about Trixie, though! I have plans for her too, so I'm sure Ethan/Mysterio will run into her eventually. They are both practitioners of similar arts after all.>

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It is said to be a legendary reward for only the greatest of people. Noone ever was worthy enough for it... until now.

Love your story. We should crossover sometime.

Very good setting you have here. I really just want to ask if you could make it so that the mane 6 met him after a long time, so he has actual time to really learn everything what he is capable of.

Very interesting, and glad to see some hints that operations of the suit are more than just mere coincidence.

Yea, life tends to give us more than we can chew at times. Still its great your dedicated to continuing this story.
I hope things are smoother from here on out, but most of all I hope you continue to enjoy writing this.
Any way, hope you are doing well and print a new chapter when its convenient for you.

Edit: damn, three hope`s in two sentences. Not my best grammatically crafted writing.

Absolutly love it. Hope for more soon and go get that drake for your loyal servant\possible slave.

This chapter was great. Nathan's reaction to the dragoness sleeping in the nude as funny and his ongoing heist against the dragon was amazing. I hope to see more of this story.

My opinion the number four because the person who originally Was Mysterio wasn't a truly great vllain was more of a special effects artist not a con artist thus ill suited to be great supervillain just more of a Rug Gallery filler
if Marvel reboot him as a stand-alone villain and got a good writer and story arc planned for Him and probably be really good

but yes I do you really think Mysterio would be a great standalone super villain not for the physical battles but for all the mental battles and subterfuge making the heroes look the idiot while rubbing their noses in it

also keep up the great story so far it's been quite entertaining

PS is there going to be romantic tension later on between Mysterio and his assistant just wondering because from my icon you can see which one a damsel in distress I'd go for :pinkiehappy:

Yay, another chapter, now I hope you have enough time for another chapter without changing your routine.

you referencerd the old man login comic you are my favorite person

<Don't be sad! I've got the next one in the works!>

Glad you both enjoy it! I try to make the characters I right have interesting interactions. I try my hand at making it clear that their are differences in culture and understanding that they need to learn about each other. At the same time, I make some of the culture with the hope that it is sensible, yet fun to see in practice.

You have some good points about Mysterio that I find myself agreeing with. So I'm glad you took the time to react to my writing in such a way.

As for any relationship that may come between these two characters, I tend to just allow things to develop as I write along. So officially, I cannot confirm or deny anything in that vein just yet. -.0

Glad you all like it! Hopefully the next chapter comes soon. I got a pretty got head start into it when I split this last one.

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