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This sentence is false.


Katherine Bosley, who never really cared much of what others thought of her, was having a really, really crappy day. But when she unwittingly gets thrown into Equestria, and finds herself marked as public enemy #1, she's had just about enough of taking the crap the universe throws at her.
Someone is gonna get torn a new one.
And it may or may not be her.
Will she survive? Probably not, but she'll be darned if she doesn't go out with a bang.

Inspired by The Rise of Darth Vulcan and F*** it, I'm having fun.
I realized there were no stories of this newfound genre that have a girl villain. So here you go.
Mild language- I don't like getting in the habit of dropping F-bombs.
Please feel free to point out any grammatical mistakes I make. Now edited by GDQuirm, who puts up with my excessive and exhaustive use of the semicolon.

5/17/14- How the heck did I get in the feature box again?- 30 minutes later, it's over. :/

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Interesting outlook. I think I will see how this turns out.

Most glorious!
Please, wrote more.
I like this one a lot.

I approve, please do continue.

I was hoping for her to just stick her hand out of the shadow and flip him off.

dont contain yourself with the swearing, use all of them without censorship, and this story is getting good, sadly i found this chapter somewhat short

3930981 There's nothing to say you can't use it to start the next chapter.

*subtly removes the old socks and pizza boxes strewn around the Club.*
That did not happen.
*shakes hand.*

*Throws old boxes of pizzas into the distance*
Yes a girl is a nice addition into our ranks. I can't wait to see how she will proceed with her deeds of evil.

You fucking beat me to it! I were just starting to write on a story like then when suddenly a friends links it ._.

3934179 Hey, no one said you couldn't still write it. I, for one, would welcome more girls into this genre.:pinkiehappy:

So, from the looks of it, our protagonist/antagonist/narrator put on a magic pendant which may or may not have at one point belonged to Luna or related to her, got poofed to Equestria, and merged with the remnants of Nightmare Moon. This is going to be good.

landed on something hard.......
*don't even finish that sentence*:ajbemused:

.. If that is how ponies reacted to shadow ponies 500 years ago, I can understand why they would be "assumed" evil. Cause I'd be pissed too.
Anywho, it is good to know that the "ponies" struck first. (No, breaking into a public library does not warrant assault)

Oh sweet, a story that is being updated frequently. Keep posting more, I really like where this is going. :twilightsmile:



I must know what happens NOW:flutterrage:

I-If you dont mind:fluttershysad:

Great chapter by the way:twilightsmile:


Grind up a few thousand seeds and bake them in a cake. :pinkiecrazy:

One does not take one of Twilight's books without asking... :twilightangry2:

Fluttershy: You blasted the Shadow Creature!

Twilight: Is that the shadow creature? I just thought she was stealing my books.

3936425 The sad part is I can actually imgine that being the cae.

Fire. Fire everywhere. Ponyville was in flames. A solitary mare stood alone, then slowly, ever so gradually, turned. The rage in her eyes pierced-

Comment posted by GrayfoxReloaded deleted Feb 13th, 2014

3936635 You, my friend, may very well be a master of irony.

3937173 Nah. I didn't intend for it to be a crossover fic.

Soon the ponies will know the extent of humanity's vast vocabulary of curse words.

These anti-hero fics are turning out to be simply awesome. :rainbowlaugh:

And knowing is half the battle!

Very nice.
Only one complaint, really;

I kept it simple: the world couldn’t be bothered to care about me, so I could care less what anyone else thought of me.

Okay, I know what you mean, because I have this argument almost every other week. But going strictly from the words on the page... what the hell are you saying here? You couldn't possibly mean you "don't care at all", because you quite clearly care _some_, as it is possible for you to _care less_. So what are you telling me? That it bothers you slightly? That it engenders world-destroying, genocidal fury? Both of _those_ are examples where you "could care less", but neither, I think convey that which you intend. Because that phrase is absolutely nonsensical. It's worse than 'chaise lounge', up there with using the Caduceus in place of the Rod of Asclepius, and only slightly less annoyingly _wrong_ than using 'rouge' to mean a "a dishonest or unprincipled person".

Again, not bad, but one minor problem;

Waitwaitwait. Hold up? There’s a town? Within walking distance?

What indicates that there's a town nearby? Because I've looked, and all I can see is that Fluttershy indicates that she's going to get some carrots for Angel.
She could quite easily be going to a nearby farm to get them.
Or are you intending for the indication to be that the main character is so urbanised, she thinks food comes from the shops?

Hmm - not bad.

Perhaps the creation of some mad scientist’s five-year-old daughter.

"If you don't go back to bed _this instant_, no more creating crimes against the natural order for a whole _month!_"
"Aww! But Daddy~!"
"Two months!"

... I kinda want to read that story now.

Fire. Fire everywhere. Ponyville was in flames. A solitary mare stood alone, then slowly, ever so gradually, turned. The rage in her eyes pierced-

Uhm - no. Because _indiscriminate_ destruction doesn't really fit what we know of Twilight. You probably would've been better off leaving the threat vague and unmentionable. Bonus points for making it something paperwork related.

3938816 Aw, thanks, nice catch there. I'll fix it as soon as I can.
Thanks for the tip.

we now must be wary of apple farmers for they can kill us all.
on that note, buy apples in mass its less suspicious than fertilizer

good story, only good self control is preventing me from breaking down into MOAR!!

This is a Lisa Frank picture. You know. For reference.


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