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Ha! A Colts fan that likes ponies. How original. But thanks to the NFL it's true!



This story is a sequel to Cause and Effect: Discord's Truth

Conclusion to Cause and Effect: Discord's Truth and Searching For Six Ponies (And Discord If I Feel Like It).

A year has passed for me. I had hoped that things would be better for me since my little excursion to Equestria. I had hoped to become a better person.

Instead, my life went kinda south. I like Earth, but living in Equestria was way more fun. Of course, fate has a real sense of humor. Sometimes, cause and effect has its consequences. When they happen, you just have to try your best to clean up the mess.


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It begins.

I've been waiting for this, loved the first 2 parts now part 3.:twilightsmile:


I am very happy to see this sequel, and I especially liked the shoutout to Ungrounded you threw in there.

Well we are and that's what's important.

He should use his powers to bind a little bit of chaos magic to his soul, to make sure it can't be stolen.

3600678 Now, now, you have to let the story breathe first to bring out the flavor.

I just realized that you pulled an reverse-HiE in this story (sort of). Instead of the human showing up with no memory of what happened beforehand, the ponies are the one with memory loss.

3613187 With my last two stories, I updated on average about once every four or five days. This last chapter I just fell into a grove and punched the whole thing out in about seven hours. My update schedule now is optimistically once a week.

To the classy suits!


Huh, I'm surprised he didn't get the girls to help him decorate the house. They could probably have it up to Rarity's standards inside a day if they tried.

maybe have a room made of a hyperbolic space?

How about the interior being the size of a mansion, and stuffed with a ton of "priceless art" and other such finery. Like pianos. Pianos are fancy.

All the doors in the house lead to the wrong places. Like the doorway from the living room to the kitchen actually goes to the bedroom, and if you walk out the bedroom door you end up on the porch. That kind of thing.


I am thinking there should be an animal head somewhere in there to creep the ponies out. Heck, if you want to have a lot of fun with it, you could make it a replica of somepony they know...like Celestia.

did Discord start playing Jumanji in his room?


“Is that Princess Celestia’s- Is that MY head on that door?” she asked.

This line made my night. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I am very much hoping you have some more fun with those in the future. After all, I am sure some of the others (especially Fluttershy and Pinkie) will want to see Discord's room at some point, and Seth/Discord could play some epic pranks with those. After all, how much fun would it be to welcome one of the princesses (especially Cadence) to town with a party featuring their head as decoration? :rainbowlaugh:


Hm, I just had an evil idea to get back at Shiny for being a dick earlier. Find a time when he is not with Cadence, then give him her head.:rainbowhuh:

How about the living room, is filled with winged tacos that explode when you touch them, and a Tv, that shoots cheese out of it's mouth when it off.

3705761 then sing the troll songs...all of them.


3714224 Run like hell is more like it. Shiny would be all sorts of pissed off and would probably not be in a talking mood. :twilightoops:

3714406 give him the head, run away, but it's enchanted so that once your about, oh say, 100 miles away, it starts singing the songs for you.:pinkiegasp:

My story exists somewhere in the multiverse?

3742346 Yes, yes it does. Because I said so.

Something to keep even Lyra away? That's pretty serious.


3815950 Yeah, this is looking more than a little suspicious.

Diabetics shouldn't be eating a ton of apples either. Fruit sugar's still sugar.

Since ponies keep chickens and have business relationships with cows, and everyone recognized that Discord's chocolate milk was milk, I am guessing that ponies have access to milk, cheese, butter, eggs, yogurt, etc. Diabetics need a balanced diet that's relatively high in protein in comparison to carbs; Atkins would be bad for a diabetic but a low-protein diet will kill Seth because there's nothing to balance the carbs. (That being said, maybe he ought to talk to Discord about how to use chaos to overcome dietary restrictions. Discord's obviously also an omnivore, and he does things like drink glass. Theoretically if he charges up his magic Seth ought to be able to use his magic to eat a cupcake and make it turn into a protein bar by the time it hits his stomach, 'cause that's chaos, baby.)

I'm guessing Seth is not on insulin (due to a small case of being dead without it if he is...) While he's nowhere near as powerful as Discord, or even Twilight, it's not outside the realm of possibility for him to be able to heal his own pancreas eventually. And even if he can't, some transformation magic on small food-sized objects could give him the opportunity to eat whatever the hell he wants. I do like seeing this business with Pinkie postponing the party for Seth's health and trying to work out how to make treats he can eat (my recommendation: cheese and crackers and dried fruit, vegetables with dip, and maybe if it occurs to her to ask Discord for help they could do something like sausages or pepperoni made out of tofu, but Pinkie isn't likely to even know that that's a thing, let alone whether Seth would like it... well, unless this is Fourth Wall Breaking Pinkie), because often stuff like dietary restrictions on human beings is totally ignored in Human in Equestria fics and it's all about the conflict between being an omnivore in a world of herbivores, but diabetes in particular seems very amenable to being treatable with chaos magic.

Also a note: chaos isn't simply randomness, it's any transformation of an ordered state to a more disordered state. If Seth can recharge his magic from acts of chaos, he can recharge his magic from a bonfire. It doesn't even have to get out of control and start burning random stuff down; the essence of fire is chaos because fire transforms the ordered structure of the substances that enter it into the disordered structure of ash, releasing energy as it does. The smashing of a pinata is chaos. Building a house of cards and knocking it over is chaos. Seth doesn't need war to break out to recharge his powers; there are small acts of chaos all over the place, and he isn't specifically oriented to disharmony like Discord is (while three fillies breaking out into a silly fight in front of a statue is chaotic, it is also disharmonious; three fillies teaming up to paint a statue silly colors would be chaotic but harmonious (at least small scale harmonious, possibly the silly colors would cause some disharmony when others see it ) and would probably give Seth more power than it would give Discord. Cutie Mark Crusaders Harmoniously Random House Painters, Yay!) Living with Discord should also recharge Seth naturally because Discord practically radiates chaos energy even when he isn't actively using it.

3817768 This is definitely one of the best posts I've had.

This is an SI so the basics of me are the basics of the character in the story. The character is type 2 diabetic and since I never eat fruit it would slip my mind the fruit isn't great for diabetics either. Good catch on that. However, I am on insulin so it was a good note on the point, but I'm currently low dosage. Would I die without it? Eventually, yes. Hell, with exercise and a better diet I could eventually reverse it altogether. That thinking is going into this story. He's going to be forced into it right now. All the walking he's doing is probably going to help too.

Your thoughts on chaos are also accurate. However, the amounts coming off of them are different in each case as is the amount of magic generated by it. The main problem with that, though, is that he doesn't have any magic now other than the small fortification from Discord from when he went through the portal. He can't absorb any magic right now at all.

As always, I appreciate feedback. This was some good feedback. Mmmmmmm, feedback.

I don't see any plot holes, but the plot itself seems to be progressing a little slowly. Which, of course, may be a good thing, depending on how this story plays out.


Well, that was an interesting choice of songs there.:rainbowlaugh:

Also, it is nice to see some ponies getting their memories back, although my memory is not good enough to anticipate what the triggers will be or find any plot holes so I cannot leave much of a comment on that.

GOOD! Good author! Plot progression, yes!

"some kind of know-it-all in a top hat"

Pretty much sums him up.

Eating the lamp famous last words. :pinkiecrazy:


I willed myself out of the bed. After that didn’t work, I flopped like a fish over to the side of the bed and pitched my feet onto the floor. Then, feeling like a lead weight, I pushed myself up to my feet.

Basically me.

did Discord put him in his friggin maid outfit?


Oh Discord. :rainbowlaugh:

That said, we really need to get the magic back so this prank war can be a little more even.:twilightoops:

Dead dragonequis walking :rainbowlaugh:


Oh god, that ending.:rainbowlaugh:

Also, I find the awkward silences rather strange. He is in Equestria, so any and all awkward silences can be easily defeated with a single simple solution: Pet a pony.:scootangel:

This came out well, taking into account the amount of time you had to write it.


This was very good, and I am hoping to see Twilight get teased a bit about her reaction. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I have a good thought for how to keep Seth and Discord useful without making it too boring. Make them the designated foalsitters for the CMC. It gives them something to do to keep them out of trouble, Discord has the power to keep things from blowing up too badly, gives the CMC some safer human material to work with (assuming you do not teach them how to make a fertilizer bomb or something :scootangel:), and it keeps the CMC's damage away from more important things.

4139769 I actually have a spot for that on the agenda for- Hey! Wait a minute! I'm not telling you about that! :twilightangry2:


4140453 My mind reading is strong today.:rainbowlaugh:


So, now Twilight is wandering into his room unannounced when she knows he is not dressed. I think she liked what she saw yesterday. :rainbowlaugh:

Look! It's Lyra! Quick hide the human and dress him up like a pony!:pinkiegasp:

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