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Fate Stay Night/ My Little Pony crossover (re-written)

Zelretch was in need of entertainment and realising that his students don't properly understand the concept of Friendship, decides to test them so they can learn.

Except the only dimension that places friendship above all else happens to ruled by a Diarchy and is called Equestria. Which is a world inhabited with intelligent Equines.

With Princess Celestia already having a student learn about the "Magic of Friendship", what is so wrong about dropping off two extra students?

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I knew one day this crossover would come bit I just didn't expect to be this soon.......

4836881 Yes. Without giving away too many spoilers, Rin will have a dream which will replay the events of Fifth Holy Grail war, so it will be explained then how Caster survived.

4836998 Looking forward to it. Different takes on the various Grail wars are always fun for me.

I... uh... huh. As a rule of thumb, I approve of most everything regarding Fate. This... I'm not so sure I approve of using Zelretch as a convenient deus ex machina... I mean, it's plot expedient, but just... feels sloppy. Idk.

4838129 I will do my best to bring up the quality in future chapters. Thanks for the input. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much for not ponifying them.

...That better not be the weird side effect of gems Zelretch hinted at.

Though I'm a bit surprised at how shocked they are. It's not like intelligent beasts that use magic innately are an outside context thing for magi in the Nasuverse. For example, unicorns and pegasi are already present there(albeit of a different variety).

Oh my... yes. All of my yes. This is going to be amazing.
If you want, I would be happy to beta read for you.

For the Type Moon fans, the survivors of the fifth Holy Grail war are Ilya-Caster, Sakura-Rider, Rin-Saber and Shirou.


What route did you take?!

Comment posted by Blank! deleted Nov 7th, 2014

We need Zelretch and Discord in a prank war.

Im glad this is being revived. Please don't turn Rin and Luvia into ponies this time, far too many fics do that to characters.

5353277 Don't worry, they will NOT become ponies. That decision has already been made, so don't worry.

5353288 Thank you! I think Rin and Luvia are fine just as they are. I shall look forward to future chapters.

Good chapter.
Can I feel pity for poor Spike? For the future meeting between Luvia, Rin and Twilight...
Vote: 10+++

You really wish for the end of all existence, do you?

5367213 Nah, just the end of all sanity in Equestria.



Funny. The way you two are arguing about it being the end of all sanity in Equestria... :pinkiecrazy:

5367285 That's because if Zelretch and Discord get into a prank war, more than likely Pinkie would be joining in as a third party, that my friend is a definition of chaos.

5367300 Then you are going the love the next chapter. :pinkiecrazy:

5367363 All hail the directionally challenged fight happy nut!:rainbowlaugh:

5367383 I second that! Hear, hear! :pinkiehappy:

But in all seriousness, you will love the third chapter.

Nopen. Just existence. You can not end what never existed from the start.:pinkiecrazy:
(we seriously need some emoticons of Discord here)

5368978 And I wish that we still received any story updates by email.

Ahh, the glorious rivalry between Rin and Luvia. I like how all the characters interacted with eachother in the chapter. And it will surely be interesting seeing those two crazy mages meet the mane six. and I found the explanation for how magic between the Pony and Human dimensions to be very interesting. Pony magic is alot easier to do than human magic, makes sense considering that the Earth itself is against you using it in the Human dimension.

So the pony dimension is not apart of Akasha? I find that interesting when people go that route, I've seen it done well in another Fate/Crossover fanfic before. I wonder how not having Gaia to hold them down will affect Rin and Luvia's magic (if at all)

Good chapter.
Well, Rin's and Luvia's problem is that they have personalities that are too similar with each other.
Without the 'rival', they are the pinnacle of calm and elegance. On the outside.
WIth the 'rival'? All the masks are stripped and their competitive and bossy natures are exposed.
Just a question: is Zelretch going to add fuel to the fire by transporting Shirou (one of the primarly causes of the two girls' rivarly) to Equestria?
Vote: 10+++

Cook-Cook and magical bondage hn?

I like it!:pinkiecrazy:

Holy crap! No dislikes! I congratulate you good sir, you obviously doing something right.

I like to think I'm doing right. Thanks man for the vote of confidence. :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter, I enjoyed the duo's antics as usual. And the main six are gonna get quite the rude surprise when they meet the girls, they're not gonna know what to do with all the spite.

Hope you update this again, great work. :twilightsmile:

So... No-one has said anything about this but... COOK-COOK?!?! THAT RAPIST CANNIBAL?!?!?!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!!

while i have heard better demonic laughs,that was a great entrance on the video...

Also,cant wait to see this updated...heh...Zelretch missed his chance to meet Luna.

Friendship has been capable of redeeming the irredeemable and bending the laws of physics out of pure Anger. Or at least that's how the Magic of Friendship works in Equestria tho.

Been awhile. After 6 years feels like a dead story to me

celestia should not fear zelretch that much. he's not that strong in equestria. starswirl understand kaleidoscope more than zelretch. tirek can stole magic continent-level. starlight invent time magic by herself.

fate grand order hit this fanfic really hard

“Mmmhmmm.” Celestia didn’t have the heart to tell Luna, but she had meet him, during the reign of Discord. In fact, the whole reason Equestria became so chaotic in the first place was because of a massive prank war between them.

zelretch fear and hide from alaya like some street rat. hard to believe he's strong enough to fight discord.

Rin and Luvia nodded at this. Because since they’re magic isn’t going against the natural order of the world, it is far safer to use. Though it’s just speculation on their part, but since they’re equines- or more animal than human- their version of Gaia and Alaya considers their magic to be more natural because it conforms to the natural laws of the world.

nope, alaya sabotage attempts to bring back magic because it will bring the age of gods back and change status quo. she's the will of all humanity after all.

“Well Princess Celestia, it’s like this,” letting her right arm so it rested on the table she continued. “Where we come from, Earth has two wills, known as Gaia and Alaya. Gaia is the will of the World, it’s instincts to survive and prosper, while Alaya is the collective conscious to avoid extinction. You see, Gaia hates people who use Magic because it doesn’t conform to the natural laws of the world and if someone tries to do something that they aren’t prepared to do, they will most likely die.

nope, gaia and alaya are predeterministic machines that born from 'will of every organisms in the world' and 'will of humanity' respectively. that's why they always fail to the same tricks and cannot stop the holy grail wars.

“To get to the Akashic Record or Root of the World… it’s supposedly the origin of all Magecraft in our dimension.”

nope, root is the record of everything that happened everywhere and every timelines. from beginning of everything to the end of time. that's why there's record of EMIYA for the grail to construct.

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