• Published 11th Aug 2014
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The Sixth Magic: Magic of Friendship - proverbs

Zelretch sends Rin and Luvia to learn the Magic of Friendship... What could possibly go wrong?

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Chapter two (re-written)

This story line takes place after the events of Luna Eclipsed

Ponyville, Golden Oaks Library, 9:07 p.m.

Twilight Sparkle- the personal student of Princess Celestia herself- was doing something that she has never done before... completely and utterly freaking out!

"Twilight, it's not that bad." Spike was doing his best calming down the rampaging unicorn but she just kept running around, rummaging for quills, ink, scroll paper, books and various other objects she might need. "I mean, so what if Celestia has two new students, it doesn't change the fact that you were taught before them."

"But that's just it Spike!" Taking a break from running around like a headless chicken, Twilight walked up to him. "What if they're better, what if they learn the Magic of Friendship faster than me! Then Celestia won't teach me anymore! She'll probably send me back to magic kindergarten! What if-!"

"You're completely overreacting and misreading the situation?" Spike knew this would happen. He should've known better than to read out the letter. But considering the alternative, the result would still be the same. "Twilight, the train to Canterlot doesn't arrive until morning. You have plenty of time to prepare. So just relax for a minute."

Sighing to herself, Twilight lowered her saddlebags to the ground and put on a smile. "You're right Spike. I have plenty of time to prepare for tomorrow."

Spike released a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Good. Because I thought you were going to say let's-"

"Let's make a checklist!" Twilight exclaimed happily. "I mean, if they are new students, then it'll be my job as their senior to teach them the ropes."

Giving a high pitched squeal of delight and dancing on her hooves, Twilight did her best to calm down. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun!"

Spike slouched just a bit. "Yea... fun."

Spike had a feeling that this was going to be a long night...

(end scene)

Canterlot Castle, throne room, five hours earlier

Princess Celestia, goddess of the Sun, co-ruler of Equestria, an immortal being who lived on the planet Equis did something she has not done since in a good long while…


…Laugh her flank off like there’s no tomorrow!

Rin and Luvia were doing their best to stand as stoic as they possibly could but even they had to admit, the laughter was contagious and soon found themselves clutching their stomachs. While Celestia was clutching her barrel with her forelegs, meaning she was giving her guards a very good look of her flank which was raised in the air.

It was probably the most un-Princess like thing, she has down in a long time.

Zelretch just stood there, with a slight smile on his face. He anticipated such a reaction, because of the absurdity of what he was asking but even he didn’t think that she would be laughing this hard.

“*gasp* You mean you *gasp* want me to take, *gasp* take your two students *gasp* and teach *gasp* them the *gasp* meaning *gasp* of *gasp* Friendship! *gasp*”

Zelretch stared the Sun diarch without even blinking, “Yes… Yes I do.”

“Hahaha, oh, hehehehe…” Taking a second to catch her breath Celestia, stood back up and slowly made her way back up to the throne. “And *cough* And, why exactly do they have to learn the Magic of Friendship?”

“Well you see Princess Celestia,” Zelretch told her all about the damages, fights and arguments that his two students get up too after they leave his class. “And since I don’t want to waste my precious time teaching them something that they should’ve already been taught. I thought that you could help me out.”

Pinching her muzzle to ward off an oncoming headache Celestia sighed. “Zelretch, while I don’t mind teaching them this valuable lesson… How exactly are they supposed to keep up with their studies in the Second Magic?”

“That’s the beauty of it though.” Smiling to himself while extending his arms he continued. “I’ve put my lessons on hold until they learn this life lesson.”

“What!?” Rin and Luvia both shouted at the exact same time.

“You can’t do this Zelretch!” Rin glared at her teacher.

“Yes, and as much as I hate agreeing with Tohsaka, you’re supposed to be teaching us the Second Magic!” Luvia roared back.

Zelretch just raised his two hands, silencing both of his students. “Well Princess Celestia, do you mind taking on my two students?”

Letting her gaze drift to the floor, Celestia became lost in thought. If I do this, it means that I’m taking on two new students- which isn’t a problem, but… Rasing her head just high enough to look over both Rin and Luvia she stared at them for a few seconds before glancing at Zelretch. If I don’t do this then who knows what Zelretch will do to me…

“Zelretch…” The man in question stared intently at Celestia. “If I do this, can I have your word that you won’t do any jokes or prank anybody while they are here?”

“My dear Celestia, whatever makes you think that I would do such a thing?” The Dead Apostle gave his best “I know I’m not innocent but I’m giving you this innocent smile anyway” smile.

“Let me think… Well seven hundred years ago when you just stopped by to visit you turned me into ‘Trollestia’.”

“It was not that bad.”

“I had the chef’s slow roast a duck and then once presented at the meal for a bunch of nobles,- a dinner that you, yourself attended if I’m not mistaken- I then proceeded to animate it with my magic to make it seem like it was alive.” Celestia stated in a monotone voice.

“Quite true, but it was a very good dinner, if I do say so myself.” Zelretch stated smugly.

Letting a small smile grace her lips she continued. “Be that as it may, you then returned four hundred years after that and turned me into ‘Mollestia’.”

“Okay, I am not responsible for that. That was all you!” Pointing his right index finger, while putting emphasize on that it was Celestia who was at fault.

“I had an orgy with ten mares and six stallions all at once and all at the same time!” Celestia deadpanned.

“Okay, to be fair, I only thought you were going to perform a ménage a trois, everything else is on you.”

Pinching her muzzle once more, Celstia sighed once again before looking directly at Zelretch. “Do I have your word that you will not perform any pranks so long as your two students are here?”

“You have my word.” Zelretch bowed himself to Princess Celestia to show how serious he was.

“Alright, then they can stay and learn The Magic of Friendship.”

Clapping his hands together with a shit-eating grin, Zelretch happily exclaimed "Wonderful!", while Rin and Luvia openly gaped/glared at their teacher.

How dare he leave us in this dimension… Rin and Luvia’s thoughts were on the exact same page, because they could not fathom why Zelretch would leave them in a world that was equivalent to a TV show meant for six year old girls that somehow gained a cult following of sixteen to thirty year old men.

Turning to his students, Zelretch finally decided to give them the details of the test. “Now my students, the rules for the test are as follows; 1. You are to remain with a five meter radius of each other. 2. You must live in the same house together and sleep in the same room. Sleeping in the same bed is optional. 3. The test will end as soon as you discover ‘The Magic of Friendship’… In essence, you must eat, sleep and stay by each other’s side.

“The only times that you are allowed to be by yourselves is when you’re either bathing or using the bathroom… Do I make myself clear?”

“Absouletly no-!”

“Wonderful!” turning around Zelretch then began to walk away, while flexing his Jeweled Sword and opening up a Dimensional Hole. “I expect big things from you two! So don’t disappoint me!”

In a flash of light, Zelretch, Dead Apostle Ancestor, master of the Second Magic was gone.

Rin and Luvia looked at the spot where Zelretch vanished from, then slowly turned their heads towards Celestia who began to descend her throne.

“Now… I know you two have many questions but first, let me formerly welcome you to-.”

“Sister, why didst thou order a lockdown of our castle?!”