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The Sixth Magic: Magic of Friendship - proverbs

Zelretch sends Rin and Luvia to learn the Magic of Friendship... What could possibly go wrong?

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Chapter one (re-written)

Celestia sat upon her throne at the conclusion of the day court. It was the only time of day that she actually looked forward to. No more nobles begging for attention like the overgrown children they were. No more listening to half-baked truths about what some business pony saying he was cheated out of some land.

It was a time for peace and serenity. A time to take a deep breath and ask for her favorite two tier, triple layered and banana frosted chocolate cake to be brought to her.

As the Earth Pony maid- Speed Service- quickly brought out the cake at speeds even Rainbow Dash would be impressed by, Celestia couldn’t believe that she was fortunate enough to hire the confection colored, bright berry maned, pony with a serving tray kicking up dust clouds Cutie Mark.

“Thank you Speed Service.” Celestia knew that she didn’t need to know all the names of each Pony that worked for her, but she made it a personal habit to know each and every one of her subjects. It always brought a smile to her face, when she sees the gratitude that each pony shows. “This is truly a new record for service.”

“Y-y-y-your wel-welcome, P-p-princess.” Speed Service bowed with a smile but was mentally berating herself for her stutter. She couldn’t help it. And she hated it. “W-w-will th-that b-b-be a-all?”

Celestial couldn’t help but smile. Even though she knew that Speed Service had a terrible stuttering problem, it wasn’t brought upon by being nervous, it was just how she was. “Yes, thank you my little pony.”

Bowing once more Speed Service made her way out of the throne room. Celestia just began to levitate her fork to take a bite out of her oh so delicious cake-

*Bam Bam Bam*

Dropping the fork, Celestia sat wide-eyed at what that alarm meant. That alarm meant that he was coming. This was not good.

“Princess… Is something the matter?” One of the guards standing by the throne asked with concern evident in his voice.

Celestial didn't register what the guard was talking about. In fact if she had to be honest, this is even worse than Discord's release after his thousand year prison.

This is not good. Without even thinking Celestia, Princess of the Sun, an immortal goddess, used something she hasn't used in a long time. Getting up from her throne and walking down the stairs, until she stood in the middle of the room she bellowed out, "Guards! Lock up the castle! Close all the gates and shutters! Lock the doors and patrol the hallways! Nothing is to set foot inside the throne room. Am I clear!"

"Crystal clear."

Celestial froze. Eyes widening in fear and breaking out in a cold sweat. She slowly turned around to look at the intruder. A humanoid intruder with a grey beard and hair, red eyes and overcoat covering his custom made black suit.

"It's been a while Celestia." The being asked with a slight smile on his face. "How are you?"

Celestia didn't return his smile. Nor did she question why he brought two other people with him. All she could do was be polite as possible and pray to Faust that he didn't decide to play some pranks. "Yes it has been a while...


(end scene)

Ten minutes earlier in the Clock Tower

Lorelei Barthomeloi… The undisputed queen of the Clock Tower one of- if not- the strongest human Magi to ever walk the earth was afraid of one thing and one thing only. And that was Zelretch when he said, "I'm bored!"

But fortunately for her, she was nowhere near Zelretch so she had nothing to worry about. Except the same couldn’t be said for his two students.

Rin and Luvia froze. Acting like deer who caught themselves in a vehicles headlights, their minds began calculate how fast they could get up, run to the door and sacrifice the other in the process.

They both knew that it would take two seconds to stand up, one second to start running to the door, six seconds to make it too said door and one second to choose a direction and run as if the devil himself was chasing them.

The only variable that they both could not correctly calculate, the only variable that no matter how hard they tried could not take into proper account was the fact that what if the other tried to sacrifice the other.

Because if they agreed to a truce to not sacrifice the other, then they would obviously try to cause the other to trip and fall. But if they both actively sought to sacrifice the other, then they wouldn’t get anywhere because they both would just end up fighting each other instead of escaping. So they clearly can’t do that.

But at the same time, they both wanted to be the one to live to see another day, so they needed to make the other fall behind if only slightly. All this and more went through their minds in a split second.

Spinning his swivel chair around to have his back facing his students, Zelretch knew that it would be pointless. He could use his Kaleidoscope like a pro. He didn't even need to turn around. Just a flick of the wrist and suddenly a portal to God knows where would swallow them up. But still this is one of those rare cases, where he just didn't feel like sending them to a random universe.

Sighing to himself, he had to come up with a plan. I need a plan. I need some real entertainment. Not just a needless prank.

Sighing once again, he turned his swivel chair around and opened up one of the drawers. This drawer consisted of "friendly reminders"- because no one in the Mages Association had the guts to openly complain to Zelretch- of what his two students get up too when they leave his class. Property damage, noise complaints, harassing other members of the Magus Association... normally Zelretch would've just ignored them but his two students have really been unruly lately.

One of the harassment reminders was about a time when his students were in a heated debate and a senior member of the association tried to step in and break it up, only to go into the fetal position five seconds later sucking his thumb.

The cause for such action was that apparently they both destroyed his spirit and crushed his soul so thoroughly that he was reduced to the mindset of a child… Adding to the fact that he rocks back and forth in the medical wing saying “Mommy… please make the mean women stop mommy… Why won’t they stop?”

I can understand that they wish to outdo each other, what with their competitive attitudes but even to a guy like me, this is getting ridiculous. Zelrecth preferred to mess with one person at a time, not an entire wing of fellow Magi that were almost skewered because of a late night jewel fight.

Putting down the papers, he needed a plan, he needed entertainment. He also needed his two students to stop causing destruction, he needed to make them at least show some measure of self-control. He needed them to become...

An epiphany hit Zelretch like a ton of bricks. That was perfect. By sending them to that dimension, they would provide great entertainment and most likely( probably not) learn a thing or two about friendship.

Smiling to himself, he began to unconsciously rub his hands together much like a cliché villain from a sixty’s movie.

Upon seeing Zelretch rubbing his hands together, Rin and Luvia began to wonder what the fuck he was thinking about.

"Students! Stand up and fall in line. I've got a test for you!" The Dead Apostle Ancestor shouted out with glee, enjoying the fearfull expressions that both his students bore. "Now, before we get on with the test, you can leave your Jeweled Daggers here and whatever jewels you have on your persons. You won't need them where you're going."

Leaving their Jeweld Daggers on their desks and emptying out their pockets they began to make their way towards the door before Zelretch stopped and turned, facing his students in turn. "Luvia, I know you have several jewels stuffed in your bra. Rin, you also are using your sleeves to conceal at least five." Extending his right hand, he continued. "Hand them over."

With great reluctance, they gave up the last of their magically charged jewels. Zelretch smiled with satisfaction and then opened up a portal to a world he has not been too in a long time. A world called...


(end scene)

Equestria, Canterlot Castle throne room

Celestia commanded the guards to stand down, knowing that they weren’t in any danger. Though she had to force every single one of her muscles to not shiver when remembering those times.

Still she was mildly surprised. She always thought Zelretch was not the kind of Dead Apostle to take on apprentices but he proved her wrong yet again.

One girl wore a red sweater that had a cross in the middle that was between her small breasts, a short black mini skirt, thigh high stockings, brown shoes and her black hair intwin pony tails with black ribbons.

The other had long blonde hair, styled in coils- much Like Rarity did with her tail- with blue ribbons, a long blue dress with sleeves, white boots that came up to her shins. If Celestia didn’t know any better she thought they could possibly be twins.

“Princess Celestia,” giving a mok bow, Zelretch stood straight up. “These are my two apprentices trying to master the Second Magic.”

Putting his right hand on black haired teen’s left shoulder, “This is Rin Tohsaka,” putting his left hand on the blonde haired teens right shoulder, “and this is Luvia Edefelt.”

Celestia, not being one to ignore propriety, nodded to each in turn before speaking. “Greetings Miss, Rin Tohsaka and Miss Luvia Edefelt. My name is Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria on the planet Equis.”
Rin and Luvia were stuned. They knew magical creatures like unicorns and pegasi existed, but even they couldn’t speak! This horned pegasus, or pegasi-unicorn could talk, use magic and claimed to be a Princess!?

This light fuchsiash gray, light cerulean, turquoise, cobalt blue and pale heliotrope maned, horned Pegasus with a sun on her flank, well needless to say, they both couldn’t control their Magi curiosity any longer.

“What are you?! Why is there a tattoo on your flank! How exactly are you a crossbreed of a unicorn and Pegasus!”

Giggling to herself slightly, Celestia couldn’t help be reminded of Twilight when she got into her “inquiry” mode. Smiling to herself, she was just about to answer their question before the red-eyed man spoke first.

“Now my students there will be plenty of time to ask all the questions you want because you’re going to be living here until you complete my test.” Zelretch stated proudly.

Rin’s eyed narrowed in suspicion. She knew Zelretch was up to something but for the life of her she couldn’t quite figure it out. “What exactly do you mean by, “living here until you complete my test”…?”

“Exactly what it sounds like.” Turning his gaze to Celestia, who stood stock still knowing full well that this wasn’t going to be something she wanted to hear. “Celestia…”

“Yes, Zelretch?”

“I implore you,” pushing his two students forward until they were practically standing a few feet away from Celestia, “Please take my two students and teach them the Magic of Friendship.”

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