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The Sixth Magic: Magic of Friendship - proverbs

Zelretch sends Rin and Luvia to learn the Magic of Friendship... What could possibly go wrong?

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Chapter three

I tried to look up how Celestia and Luna raise the sun and moon, and someone on the MLP Forum website referred to the planet that Equestria exists on is called Terra. As such I will be using that term when referencing their planet. Just to avoid confusion from the previous chapters.

Canterlot Castle, dining room, 6:31 p.m.

“I see… Tis’ fortunate that we- I dids’t not meet this ‘Zelretch’,” Luna then levitated to take a dainty little sip. “The way thou hast described him, I believe thine judgement was most sound, Sister.”

“Mmmhmmm.” Celestia didn’t have the heart to tell Luna, but she had meet him, during the reign of Discord. In fact, the whole reason Equestria became so chaotic in the first place was because of a massive prank war between them.

But what she couldn’t understand is why didn’t she remember? Is it because they’re repressed memories? Did Nightmare Moon promise to remove all the painful memories from her when she took over? Or maybe they were purged along with Nightmare Moon?

All these thoughts and more swirled through her mind, but by far the biggest elephant in the room was Rin and Luvia.

~Flashback, Two hours earlier~

Throne room

The two equine Princesses and two humans stood in the throne. Celestia decided that she should let Rin and Luvia ask any questions they want seeing that they were dumped in an unknown universe by the worst possible being in the universe.

“So the reason why you two are crossbreeds of a pegasus and unicorn is because you are breed called ‘Alicorns’, correct?” Rin, questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, for you see, Alicorns are a mixture of all three pony races; earth pony, pegasus and unicorn.” Was Celestia’s reply. “We are two of three natural born Alicorns in existence but anypony can ascend and become an Alicorn if they exhibit certain qualities that make them worthy.

“And earth ponies are by far the physically strongest of the three races because their ability to use magic passively is best suited for making crops grow.” Princess Luna added. “The pegasi can use their magic both actively and passively. They actively manipulate the mana around their hooves to manipulate clouds. Also, they use it to cloak their bodies when they’re trying to go at extreme speeds, forcing the mana to condense around their bodies into a second skin if you will.”

“And how exactly do they use it passively?” Luvia raised the unspoken point.

“They use it passively, to walk on clouds, and use it for flight.” Celestia put hoof to chin to try and figure out how best to explain this next part. “All pegasi have a default speed for flight, but how fast they go depends on how much mana can they pump into their wings, while maintaining the protective coating on their body.”

“Furthermore, unicorns are the only ones who can use magic actively.” Luna began to take over, because for all of Celestia’s experience, was by far, the better conjurer. “How much they use, all depends on how developed their leylines- mana filled vessels that run like blood vessels all over their body- and how much they use them… All three pony races have them, but earth ponies’ leylines can never grow, because they use magic passively. Pegasi can develop their leylines, but not too the extent that a unicorn can.”

Rin and Luvia were too stunned to speak. Despite this being a completely different dimension, the parallels between these “leylines” and Magic Circuits was far too coincidental. Because Magic circuits are also like blood vessels that run across the entire body. But they also know for a fact that if they use up too much, then they could die.

“And what happens if a unicorn uses up all their available mana, or tries to cast a spell that they don’t have enough mana to cast?” Rin just had to know. If the leylines were just like magic circuits then she already knew the answer.

“When a unicorn uses up all the mana in their bodies, then they become exhausted and are unable to perform magic until they’ve recovered enough to do so.” Celestia looked the expression on Rin’s face. It was one of surprise and disbelief. “The same thing happens to pegasi and earth ponies.”

“Wait, I thought you said that earth ponies can’t use it actively?” Luvia looked confused. If earth ponies can’t use magic actively, then how do they know if they’ve run out?

“Yes, you see all three races have leylines inside their body. So while the earth ponies can’t use it actively, they can still store it inside their bodies.”

Rin and Luvia nodded at this. Because since they’re magic isn’t going against the natural order of the world, it is far safer to use. Though it’s just speculation on their part, but since they’re equines- or more animal than human- their version of Gaia and Alaya considers their magic to be more natural because it conforms to the natural laws of the world.

Celestia and Luna waited patiently, they could see that they were lost in thought, and not wanting to be rude waited for them to come back to reality on their own.

“We just have one more question.”

Celestia nodded her head. “What is it?”

“What exactly are those tattoos on your flanks?” Pointing her right index finger, Luvia tried her best to look like she wasn’t staring at the mark upon Celestia’s flank.

“Oh,” both eyebrows raising in surprise, Celestia and Luna moved their bodies so they became perpendicular with Rin and Luvia, giving them a very good view of their flanks. “You mean our Cutie Marks?”

If one listened very closely, they could hear a metaphorical arrow pierce both their bodies, aiming directly for their pride.

“Yes… your… ‘Cutie Marks’… What exactly are they?” Rin ground out through clenched teeth and false manners.

Celestia and Luna gained a brilliant smile, happy and oblivious to the fact that Rin and Luvia had just had good portion of their pride destroyed.

The reason their pride took such a blow is because, “Cutie Marks” sounded so childishly girly that it was an insult to their maturity that someone had the gall to name those flank tattoos as such.

“Well you see a Cuite Mark, appears on every stallion and mare once they discover their special talent-“

Another arrow could be heard piercing their bodies.

“-and it tells that pony what they are naturally talented at, though some are more metaphorical than others.” Using her right forehoof, Celestia gestured to her cutie mark. “My Cuite Mark symbolizes my title as Princess of the Day, and my authority over the sun.”

“And I am the Princess of the Night, with authority over the moon.”

All coherent thought process stopped as soon as Rin and Luvia processed what the two diarchs had just said.

“Wait, you’re telling us that you two can control the sun and moon respectively?”

Celestia and Luna both look at each other, and then back at Rin and Luvia, answering at the same time, “Yes… yes we do.”

*knock knock knock*

Celestia then called towards the door. “Come in.”

“Pardon the intrusion ma’am,” a steel-gray unicorn stallion wearing a welder’s mask with a light charcoal mane with an oven with an open flame for a Cuite Mark appeared. “But dinner is ready.”

Celestia looked towards the balcony and realised that two hours have indeed passed. “Thank you Cook-Cook. We shall be there shortly.”

Bowing once then leaving, he went to go make last minute preparations.

“Now, that we’ve had our little talk how about we go-“


Celestia and Luna both looked at Rin and Luvia, who seem to have fainted.

“-have dinner.”

~End fashback~

(end scene)

When Rin and Luvia finally came too- mostly due to the delicious aroma of tea- they still couldn’t believe that these two Alicorn ponies had control over the sun and moon! It was ridiculous! There is no way that they could do such a thing.

Luvia brought her teacup to take a dainty little sip, “Excuse me Princess Celestia…”

“Yes, Luvia. What is it?”

Putting down her teacup she continued. “Princess, I don’t believe what you said.”

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna both blinked owlishly at her statement, before turning to glance at each other with uncertain expressions planted on their faces, before returning their attention to Luvia.

“What does thou mean by ‘I don’t believe what you said’, Miss Luvia?” Inquired Luna. She had no idea what Luvia was referring too.

“I mean, that you two being able to control the sun and the moon… it’s just not possible!” Luvia finished her statement by hitting the table with her right hand, punctuating the fact that such a notion of being able to control two celestial bodies.

What!? Luna was furious! Veins became visible on her head, just below the base of her horn. “Thou sayest that we hath lied!

The sudden outburst from Luna was much unexpected, and it lead to an incredibly messy aftermath. Plates of food flew everywhere, wine was splashed on every surface. But Rin and Luvia received the worst of it. Their hair was blown back in a comical fashion that made it retain it shape.

Through it all, Celestia just sat there with a calm expression on her face. Occasionally taking dainty little sips of her tea. But when she finished her cup, she set it down before gaining a stern expression on her face to address her Sister.

“Luna… I thought we talked about this.” The statement was delivered in such a calm manner that Luna openly glared at Celestia.

“But Sister!” pointing her right hoof at Luvia, “She dared to claim that we lied about what we do with the sun and moon! Surely, thou canst allow this to pass?”

Shaking her head Celestia put her right hoof, on Luna’s left shoulder. “Lulu… Many of our own subjects also think as such. They believe that the sun and moon rotate on a gravitational axis that orbits around Terra.” Removing her hoof, she continued. “While they are not wrong, they are also not correct. And I do not get angry at them, nor do I use the Royal Canterlot voice against such naysayers.”

Rin and Luvia both had to actively resist the urge to face palm at the phrase “naysayers”… needless to say, it was very difficult.

Looking out the window at the view of the sky revealing it to be 7:58 p.m., Celestia began to stand up. “Time flies when you’re having fun. Luna, it’s time.”

Luna glanced at the window herself. “*sigh*, so it is.”

As they both made their way towards one of the many balconies, Rin and Luvia followed suite, their Magus curiosity winning them over.

Standing on the balcony, Luna and Celestia, allowed their magic to take. Both horns began to glow blue and gold. Along with this, the last rays of the sun dipped over the horizon ushering in the night.

Luvia felt her jaw drop. She couldn’t believe it… They actually controlled the sun and the moon.

Rin just smirked at Luvia. There was no way in hell that she was going to miss this great opportunity to add insult to injury.

“You know Luvia, if I didn’t know any better I would say that you prefer the taste of flies, what with your mouth hanging open like that.” Giving a victorious smirk as tic marks appeared on Luvia’s head.

“Yes well,” eyebrows twitching from suppressed anger, Luvia thought desperately for a comeback. “I shouldn’t be surprised that a back water magus like you to be truly awed at the sight of real magic, since you’ve never been able to use it.” Finishing off with a smirk of her own, knowing that she was able to piss of Rin.

“Why you little bitch…” Rin began to glare at Luvia with a passion. “I’ll get you for that you big breasted pig sow!”

“Bring it on, you petite tittied hick!”

Both aimed their respective Gandr curses at eachother. The glowing black orbs forming with all manner of diseases were ready to be released. The tension was so thick that anything could set them off like-

“That is enough of your foalishness!”

-before a golden aura wrapped around their bodies forcing their arms behind their backs where a bunch of ropes made of pure magic constricted them. Tying their wrists and legs together, with a set of rope, wrapping across their upper chests- this also had the added effect of making Luvia blush because it felt like her breasts were being squeezed slightly- but before either one of them could protest such actions, they felt like their mouths were zipped shut.

Which was a very accurate assumption because when they both looked at each other, their mouths were transformed into zippers!

“MMMMMMMMMMM!” Screaming with all their might, they began to struggle. Hoping that they can worm their way out of the magical bonds.

Stomping her hoof, Celestia looked very angry. “There is no point in struggling. Those ropes are made from pure magic and cannot be loosed in any way shape or form.” Wrapping her aura around them again, Celestia began to levitate them back towards the table. “Now,” placing them in their respective seat, before sitting down herself, the alabaster Alicor addressed them again. “Have you two calmed down enough to talk rationally?”

Rin and Luvia gave one last hateful glare to each other, before nodding their heads. Celestia then unzipped their mouths, but still kept the magic rope around them.

“Now, what exactly happened that would ‘cause you two harm one another?”

Both turned their heads to look at one another before snapping their attention back to Celestia and by the Root and Faust did they ever have things to say.


Pinching her muzzle, Celestia let out an exasperated sigh before addressing them. “Be that as it may, I will not have my students fight.” Why did I agree to do this… “As such you will both apologize to one another right now.”

Rin and Luvia both gained shocked expressions upon their faces before yelling at each other in unison, “But she started-!”

“I don’t care who started it!” This is one of the rare moments when Celestia had an actual scowl on her face. “I’m ending it right now! So apologize!”


A glare from the Sun Goddess was enough to shut them both up right then and there. With hatred burning in their eyes, they locked their gaze upon the other before giving a very insincere “I’m sorry.”

Celestia knew that this was probably the most she would get out of them. “Now before, we retire for the evening, perhaps you would like to explain what exactly those glowing black orbs were on your fingertips, hhhmmmmm?”

(end scene)

“So you’re saying that those glowing orbs are something called Gandr, and they inflict disease upon disease on the target destroying their physical health to weaken them or kill them out right?” Celestia questioned with a calm demeanor.

“Yes.” Both replied in unison, but openly glared at each other. Each blaming the other for copying them.

“That seems, extremely barbaric.” The Princess of the Night, stated with a grimace on her face. “Even though we have many offensive spells that can kill, why would you prolong their suffering? Tis most inhumane if you ask me.”

“Because that’s the life of a Magus.” Celestia finally released them from their magical bonds, and Rin took a sip from her tea. “To be a Magus is to walk the path of death.”

Luvia nodded her head, and took another sip of her tea. “Death for yourself, or death for others. It doesn’t matter so long as you are able to get results and advance your Magecraft.”

Luna and Celestia gave each other a concerned glance, before the Sun Diarch spoke up again. “And why would your… ‘Magecraft’ as you called it, be the death of you?”

Rin smiled a bitter smile. Even though she took great pride in being a Magus, she knew that it wasn't the easiest of life styles, and most definetly the hardest.

“Well Princess Celestia, it’s like this,” letting her right arm so it rested on the table she continued. “Where we come from, Earth has two wills, known as Gaia and Alaya. Gaia is the will of the World, it’s instincts to survive and prosper, while Alaya is the collective conscious to avoid extinction. You see, Gaia hates people who use Magic because it doesn’t conform to the natural laws of the world and if someone tries to do something that they aren’t prepared to do, they will most likely die.

“On top of that, if someone uses too much Od- internal magic energy- and Mana-external magic energy- they can also die that way because their Magic Circuits will overheat, burning them from the inside out, and yes our Magic Circuits are more or less like your leylines."

Both Luna and Celestia were stunned into silence. They couldn’t fathom why people would practise such a dangerous.

“If practising Magecraft is such a dangerous profession, then why do it at all?” Surpassingly it was Luna who found her voice first.

“To get to the Akashic Record or Root of the World… it’s supposedly the origin of all Magecraft in our dimension.”

Luvia took another sip of tea before continuing from where Rin left off at. “Going back to our original point, ‘to be a Magus is to walk the path of death’, because some people are so desperate to try and get to the Akashic Record, they will kill and experiment on people to do it… one famous case was that a Magus thought that by going into a maternity ward and killing every child, it would somehow advance his Magrcraft.”

*gasp* Both Luna and Celestia raised brought their right forehooves to their mouths to hide their shock. “And did it advance his Magecraft.”

At this, Rin decided to take a sip of her tea and Luvia shook her head. “No, it did not. But the Magus Association doesn’t care what you do to advance you’re Magecraft. So long as you don’t expose Magic to the world, you can get away with anything. And before you two, get angry no he did not get away with this.”

“And why pray tell didn’t he?” Luna asked with narrowed eyes.

“Because he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.” Rin closed her eyes to take a breath, before she continued. “There were cameras in the hospital, and his face was recorded. So the Magus Association- or more commonly referred to as the Clock Tower- sent out some Enforcers- people who enforce the laws of the Clock Tower- to hunt down and killed the Magus.”

Celestia and Luna were quiet at this. On the one hoof, they were glad that the man responsible didn’t get away, but on the other hoof, they thanked Faust that they’re magic was kinder to them. For they had no idea how they would react should their planet all of the sudden try to kill them if they used even the simplest of spells.

“Still, thank you for explaining the mechanics of your magic and giving us some background information on your… Magus Association.” Luna spoke with trepidation in her voice. In truth she did not know how properly voice her thoughts on the matter.

“Princess Celestia?”

Looking at Rin, Celestia spoke in a kind and caring tone. “Yes, Rin?”

“I just remembered something.” Taking a second to collect her thoughts she spoke again, “Remember when you said that some of your subjects said that you don’t raise the sun and Luna the moon, but both celestial bodies rotate on a gravitational axis, you said that while they weren’t wrong, they also weren’t correct… care to explain?”

“Of course,” Celestia smiled at Rin. These two remind me more and more of Twilight. “You see the sun and moon do rotate on a gravitational axis, as proven by University of Trottingham and Baltimare U. But you see, in our universe, Terra is in the center, and the sun and moon rotate around us, but the gravitational field around us isn’t strong enough to move the celestial bodies on their own. As such, before we took our places as the Sun and Moon Goddesses, it took a Council of twenty unicorns to do, what we can do by ourselves.”

“That makes sense. Because the sun’s gravitational pull is far stronger than Terra’s.” Putting finger to chin, she mulled over Celestia’s explanation as to why they have control over the sun and moon.

Luna looked at the nearby clock which read 8:42 p.m. “Well, I better attend my Night Court.” The Night Princess then got up and began to walk away. “I will see thee in the morning Sister. Good night.”

“Good night Luna.” Turning her attention to her two new students, she then conjured parchment, ink and a quill to begin writing up a letter to Twilight.

To my faithful student Twilight Sparkle,

I write this letter to inform you that I have received a visit from an old friend-

Celestia mentally scoffed at the idea of Zelretch being a friend.

-and he has asked me to teach his two apprentices the Magic of Friendship. As such, I have two new students that will be doing an ongoing study of Friendship.

I would like you and your friends to come to Canterlot first thing tomorrow so that you all may get acquainted with each other.

Sincerely, Princess Celestia

In a burst of Magic, Celestia sent the letter on its way to Twilight.

Celestia herself stood up and began to walk towards the exit towards the sleeping quarters. “It has been a long day. I believe it’s time that I show you two where you will be staying for the night.”

Author's Note:

Clarification- I tried my best to give an actual explanation as too how their Magic works, and that they're world is kinder than the Type-Moon universe.

Also, "Mana exhaustion" is a reference to the Season 4 finale when Tirek stole their magic, they just became unable to use it and were exhausted when it was stolen.

Also, don't worry. Rin will have her dream about the Fifth Holy Grail War and the surviving pairs will then be explained in full.

And to anyone who can spot my Fallout New Vegas Easter Egg, I can't wait to hear about it in the comments.

As always, please review, favorite and follow.

Until next time!

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So the pony dimension is not apart of Akasha? I find that interesting when people go that route, I've seen it done well in another Fate/Crossover fanfic before. I wonder how not having Gaia to hold them down will affect Rin and Luvia's magic (if at all)

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“Mmmhmmm.” Celestia didn’t have the heart to tell Luna, but she had meet him, during the reign of Discord. In fact, the whole reason Equestria became so chaotic in the first place was because of a massive prank war between them.

zelretch fear and hide from alaya like some street rat. hard to believe he's strong enough to fight discord.

Rin and Luvia nodded at this. Because since they’re magic isn’t going against the natural order of the world, it is far safer to use. Though it’s just speculation on their part, but since they’re equines- or more animal than human- their version of Gaia and Alaya considers their magic to be more natural because it conforms to the natural laws of the world.

nope, alaya sabotage attempts to bring back magic because it will bring the age of gods back and change status quo. she's the will of all humanity after all.

“Well Princess Celestia, it’s like this,” letting her right arm so it rested on the table she continued. “Where we come from, Earth has two wills, known as Gaia and Alaya. Gaia is the will of the World, it’s instincts to survive and prosper, while Alaya is the collective conscious to avoid extinction. You see, Gaia hates people who use Magic because it doesn’t conform to the natural laws of the world and if someone tries to do something that they aren’t prepared to do, they will most likely die.

nope, gaia and alaya are predeterministic machines that born from 'will of every organisms in the world' and 'will of humanity' respectively. that's why they always fail to the same tricks and cannot stop the holy grail wars.

“To get to the Akashic Record or Root of the World… it’s supposedly the origin of all Magecraft in our dimension.”

nope, root is the record of everything that happened everywhere and every timelines. from beginning of everything to the end of time. that's why there's record of EMIYA for the grail to construct.

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