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Discord is bored.
Side effect of being trapped in stone.
But, that does not mean he's powerless. Quite the contrary.
He often wanders around the universe, if only as a spectator.
Throughout his wanderings, he finds a war-embroiled world, where the Vasari and Ortalians clash for control of Liguria.

Of course, Discord cares not for the conflict. Like a curious magpie, he 'borrows' one of the Ortalian mechs and brings it to Equestria just because.
An accident of sorts occurs when he causes damage to the mech's delicate mainframe, rendering it stupid, to put it simply.
Now, a barely coherent machine of destruction is wandering about on Equestria, fully loaded for war...

Some of you may ask whether or not the Executioner brings about extensive collateral damage to Equestria.

But the real question is whether it can discover the magic of friendship.

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This could be entertaining, although what is the crossover with, and what is the second voice?

NEW CHAPTER, NEED IT WANT IT, GIVE IT. DEMAND IS HIGH BECAUSE I SAY SO. HURRY UP :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: THIS IS AWESOME TO READ WITH A METALLIC VOICE, IN MY HEAD. CAPS CAPS CAPS, bored.....no really, great job, one complaint. You didn't, and if you did then you made it a textwall, very well give a setting or description and jumped right to Discord fucking everything up. Keep going, Keep improving :pinkiehappy:

2370243 It's a crossover of Sins Of A Solar Empire, if only barely. The second voice is 'it', the nameless Xalathii that resides within the mech.
2370947 I'll do my best to please you!

hehe dang discord I want discord to brake free and make it the world of chaos once again !!!!!!!

Ohh yeah nice chapter i like the robot does he have a flamethrower on him ???


It might. I kind of do feel tempted to set the Everfree on fire.

2372821 Burn Baby Burn We gone inferno!!! Now Suck It Down :flutterrage:


It'll be nice, I guess.

Titty Sprinkles.


I meant what you think of the story. :ajbemused:

It was good, but I love killzone crossovers so my judgement is more biased.


It's not a Killzone crossover. I might write one.
This one, however, is my own homebrew SOASE crossover.

I must be confusing the two today...
Need more coffee.


Coffee's always good.

Hmmm, this is off to a great start. Immediately jumps to the action and gets to the point of Discord screwing with Equestria. :pinkiesmile:

If I may though, the story is a tad hard to follow without having to re-read sections. The perspective jumps so suddenly without much of an indication of when/who/or where. Chaotically (pun partially intended), it jumps between Fluttershy, Twilight, Celestia, "It" (Xalathii) voice, "Executioner One", Discord... and I think I'm forgetting one or two... multiple times for each. Frankly, it disrupts good flow to not have so much as a chapter break, or simple line, between the perspective changes. (Merlos has this problem in MLM a little bit). Format also seems to be an issue, as paragraphs lack the customary, consistent space between each new paragraph/new line of character dialogue. :unsuresweetie:

Even so, the story came across as clear enough. It may be good to add some description of the setting that the characters are in; in fact, that combined with a line break would solve the sudden perspective changes nicely. Yes, we're already familiar with many of the settings, but I don't feel that that means abandoning a short paragraph of descriptive detail to point out the setting.

Spelling and Grammar is golden. Literally I found no flaws. Fluttershy seemed a bit too vocal for her shy nature, and I'm slightly confused as to why Twilight is suddenly in "Manic Mare Mode" like from Lesson Zero. It doesn't make a lot of sense, even if she's been frustratingly confused while searching for answers to the strange magic-shock wave. And too early to judge for Rarity, Applejack, and such. Although you got Aj's accent down in a good way with that one line. :scootangel:

I like the writing style, in that way the Xelathii talks, referring to itself as "it". It kind of reminds me of those jelly-fish like aliens from Mass Effect. This has great potential, and I eagerly away more. :eeyup:


Line breaks, got it. Should get a proofreader someday, too.

With Fluttershy being a bit vocal, well... looks like Iron Will's advice did work out. Twilight DID bring about mayhem with that spell.
With Twilight, however... to me, it's a case of telling one not think about the dragon. Before you know, there's dozens of the scaly bastards EVERYWHERE.

Nevertheless, I'll be addressing those issues as soon as I can.

Thanks for the review!

It's not over, click that star...
Thank you for reading, share and like...
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But please be careful, don't feed the trolls...

I wanna see where this goes...


Somewhere good, I hope.

Comment posted by Zrix deleted Apr 23rd, 2013

At that moment, it paused, straightening out, before its booming voice rumbled.

I can sooo just imagine it pulling out sunglasses and putting them on before saying its designation

2471064 Meh.

What is this a crossover of by the way?


My own Sins Of A Solar Empire homebrew.

I dont know which story is re-uploading chapters, but since this only has two it was fairly easy to re-view them. Note: NEVER re-upload chapters...people like me who have several hundred favs (slight exaggeration) dont like playing 'find the false update'. Take a guess.... :pinkiesick:

On the more relevent side, great chapter! :pinkiesmile: Now I must go study for biology finals :pinkiesick:


Ah, re-uploading? Truth be told, I am a klutz when it come to editing chapters, so, yeah, my bad. Had to add line breaks. In the next chapter, the duel between two juggernauts will take place.

I'll just Ignore that last part.

Yeaaah, what?

2517519 You do that. x'D

2518725 Something random from the interwebz.

You recommended this to me madman, and it didn't disappoint. My inner IT-nerd is going nuts over all the different tech-things you use (especially the booming voice for Executioner One). And as for the 'last part,' that was hilarious. Sounds like a few random newspaper column headlines.


My own mind scares me sometimes...

"You can set a bone in seconds, but it is much harder to fix a liver."

That's as good an explanation as any as to why it takes so long for E1 to repair it's Bowsman's Self-Correcting Artifical Neural Cortex.

2576180 << This guy gets it. :)

“We have to stop this!”

Well she did say they needed to stop it.

It's like dealing with a child... But at least it's friendly as long as it's left alone.

2582695 That she did...
2583581 All one needs to do is look at it weirdly and 'kablooie'.

Oh my.

Oh my.

Truly sir, thou art a scholar and a wizard in matters of delivereth scripts of masterful quality!

Great chapter here, mate. I sat there just going What. as the Ponyville scene began to unfold.

And keep them coming, eh?


-Cortex Repository

2604518 I'll do my utmost best! :D

dat sub-routine! :rainbowlaugh:
Oh Lord that was awesome! May you continue to creatively make me laugh.

I lost it when it said bangrang

2604922 I have things planned that should do just that... :raritywink:
2606163 Much obliged. :)

wait this is a sins of a solar empire cross over isnt it? i didnt know till now

2620066 It's true, if only barely so...

But you’ll have to wait until the next chapter is out to find out.
Because I’m a sadistic bastard.

.... you evil bastard :raritycry::raritydespair:


To the ending

That is all.

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