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Krieg wanders the Pandora wastes, slaughtering everyone in his way, at least those who deserve it. Inside the labyrinth of his mind though there is an emptiness. The former Krieg has abandoned his mortal shell to seek happiness in a new land, but little known to him... the psycho hasn't abandoned him...

All characters and names belong to Gear Box and Hasbro, yadda yadda yadda

(Featured 8-3-14! Although I think it was featured before BUT I missed it. I AM EXCITE!)

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I was waiting for a crossover with Krieg!

2661815 Well here you go :twilightsmile: I hope I do Gearbox a service with this story, more importantly I hope to do Fimfiction a service with it.

2661816 The trailer kind of inspired me to do it :twilightsheepish: Krieg is definitely one of my new favorite classes to play.


Oh my god.

I love this before even reading the first chapter.

2661829 I think it's hard not to love anything about Krieg.

i recently got that dlc. I have to say i love him and this story. please make more soon!:pinkiehappy:

I'm the conductor of the poop train!

Krieg. The guy who's name literally means "war", is in the peaceful(ish) land of magic ponies?....:rainbowderp:You have my attention.

...And he's down. Ah well, that's what the New-U stations are for!

YES.... F:twilightoops:CKING YES! I have waited so long for this!

10 / 10

OH FUCK YES IT FINALLY HAPPENED! *was waiting for a Krieg crossover for awhile*

I see rule 780 of the internet is still in full effect.

A little inconsistency with the indents, but other than that, it might be as KICKASS as the Torgue in Equestria crossover :raritywink:



This chapter's title couldn't be more fitting:twilightoops::rainbowhuh::applejackconfused::rainbowderp:

2665917 you mean by confusing right? lol I know. It's hard to really get the idea I want to portray out there.

This story is so amazing, and I see where you are going with this....
10 / 10 and iv'e already faved and liked

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrespond!" :pinkiecrazy:

I. . . Fucking love you for making such a story. Its just too amazing. Mustaches for you. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Argh, curse this thrice-damned INDENTS!


Khârn, GTFO


Khârn, seriously, get out of my room


That jokes's overused DAMMIT!

sigh i am, giving this a like because the dam concept but i won't track it for more than 3 more chapter since the execution feels awkward. But what i mean by that? all chapter feels rushed so far, there is no character development and you haven't offered a new perspective on the characters we already know. the worst thing is that you seem to be planing something, you are heading towards something (i didn't have to read your comments on both on the story or the comment section to see that) , to do so you are using multiple perspectives, which is interesting but they you are doing it for this story feels more like word filler than an important part of this story.
So my advice is this, keep the perspective changes to a minimum: Which means don't bother whit placing yourself on the crazy Kreig perspective if you are not going to use that for an explanation of the behavior the "normal" Kreig is showing. And well these things you are doing it already , but you need to make both parts of the mirror deeper that they already are, instead of keeping on whit this cycle of non sensible happenings.
anyways good luck, keep writing, keep going this shitty crossover so you improve and improve and most importantly SHUT MY WHORE MOUTH by writing some awesome follow ups chapters. .

2669520 Thanks for the feedback regardless :pinkiehappy: I'll be honest, I really don't know where to go with this. The only reason I started Psycho was to pass time while my other fic was being edited. I'm not trying to say this is great and I expect it to be great, in fact I am fairly confident that the only reason it is popular is because it's Krieg. I'm just suprised it's going anywhere. And I do agree I do need more depth in my characters but I did't really feel like making up a big story about a character who literally has no past. I'm lazy like that. But I thank you for pointing out these flaws, I will definitely attempt to make this fic work better, and I appreciate the like none the less :twilightsmile:

I again want to say I love this story with a passion. You should try to make chapters a little longer. Feels like a quick read, but it also feels like a massive build up. I am just dying to read more. ALL OF MY HATE....TO THOSE WHO HATE THIS!

2676474 lol thanks, I will get back into writing more of it when I get the chance, I just got back into college classes haha. and thanks ^.^

are you taking suggestions on the plot then?
why you don't you transform this in to a Chose your own adventure ?
what i though you were going to do whit the story was that krieg, while he was still sane knew the ponies(and specially t princes Celestia) somehow. But i guess my head canon was a little wild since when i posted the last comment it was like 2 am... Never the less i have some other suggestions. If you are were not going to do a that much serious fic why are you making the Equestria Kreig so edgy and boring, i know he is supposed to be more calm and collected to his counter part but you could have improvised on the rest of his character (for example you could make hi extremely refined on the borderlands of being gay... pun intended). so well if you are going to keep the pace you have given the story you should at least make equestria's Krieg to go on an epic quest instead of being the emo he is right now , that would be entertaining.

2677170 Well, heres what I was going to go with when I finally got back to it. Equestria Krieg is his kinda sane self. Like a repressed memory of who he actually was before hyperion did whatever they did to him. I wanted to have instances where psycho Krieg swaps places with him, hence the damage to the library. As for him being all sobby, I just had him react how I thought best his character would, considering how he absolutely does not want Krieg to kill the innocent, so when he just about fails to save Spike, giving him a slight melt-down. Just to add color. Like I said though, this is just to pass time. Had I have known it would become as demanding as it has I may have put more thought into it. I will henceforth attempt to make it more suitable to his character, that is if I can find the time. I just started college classes again and they are eating my free time. It may come down to finding another author interested in taking over the fic. Idk yet


I am liking this but...is pandora Kreig just randomly jumping around from battle to battle? Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with it but it does seem a little...repetetive :ajbemused:

To everyone that likes kreig watch "A Meat Bicycle Built for Two" is a video about kreig put out by gearbox

Well, Kreig has been on a train before, only it was accelerated by powerful electromagnets and not coal driven wheels.

2680643 yeah, i was hoping people would remember that xD

2680655 You know, it would be freaking awesome for Kreig to completely shitface the princesses by telling them about the technology of the borderlands universe.


They need to do a short film for all of the hunters in Borderlands 2

2680666 hahahaha oh man... thanks for the idea, i may do it for some humor in it

Well, at least someone likes Krieg:rainbowlaugh:
Discord gusta.

2680781 I figured Discord would absolutely love him :pinkiehappy:

2680777 I mean, magic is cool and all. But the technology in the borderland universe could literally tare a planet in two.
Heck, we could probably do that already if we had a spare planet.

2680799 lol imagine how many problems in equestria could be fixed (and made) with New-U stations xD

2680813 Well, it seems no one dies in equestria so probably not a lot..(Maybe from old age and a few unconfirmed parents but that is about it).
Imagine what a grffen could do with an infinity pistol and a bee shield?

Now that I think about it, any creature with any kind of ability to handle an infinity pistol could probably murder everything in Equestria with ease.
Especially since we know that Celestia isn't that all powerful she makes her subjects believe (Referring to the fight between her and Queen Chrysalis)

2680878 haha heck yeah. My friend uses that gun way too much >.>

2680963 Or that shield that creates a giant nova on depletion. Anything that tries to fight and is somewhat successful at it would die halfway through.

2681006 lol... I'm just enjoying all the mlp references im discovering on borderlands... probably why i enjoy Gaige so much

2681152 Like the Mare 'Buttstallion'?

2681160 the Diamond horse >.> tell me thats not a crystal kingdom ref. And Gaige, pontent as a pony, discord, 20% cooler... i could go on... but I won't... but I could...

2681322 You are supposed to wait, then give one more example..

2681376 I thought about it, but i cannot stand handsome jack Haha. I will go as far as a half quote

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