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After a freak accident, I wound up stuck in Equestria as Iskander. I need to get home, but I don't know how. I guess I'll just wing it.

Written just for kicks, which is the best reason. Keeps my mojo flowing, if you know what I mean.

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I was interested until I opened the chapter and found out it was yet another cosplay fic. :ajsleepy:

Oh, well. What I read was at least decently written.

4595602 Don't turn away from a story just because of the premise, you might miss something that is a diamond in the rough. I know I've not read stories because of the premise, then went back to them and checked them out, and they are now some of my favorite stories. Unfortunately, I'm not you, and you can decide to leave this one behind, but give it a chance. You might actually like it.

I'm just not a fan of the cosplay genre in general. I want to read about the actual characters, not people dressed as them, sorry.

a good idea but this fic leaves a lot to be desired.

4595543 sure as hell not this phony daring to call himself iskander

Just a few things:
1) It's Iskandar, not Iskander. Small thing i know, but it still bugged me.
2) It's obvious that you're rushing through all the introductions to get to the "fun" stuff; but that's the easiest, and most devastating, mistake an author can ever make. Your story's not going anywhere, so let things flow at a more natural pace; rather than having it fly by like Pinkie Pie trying to summarize the entire plot of a novel to a blind pony.
3) This story could easily be made non-anthro and it not hurt the story at all.
4) Having him challenge Dash to a race, with obvious confidence that he could use the chariot, and having him randomly pull it out of his ass while being confused that he managed it; is 3 layers of bad story-telling at once...
5) He was too accepting of his situation right off the bat; even if he's open, chill, and easily adapts: he'd still be confused at his changing bodies with a fictional character, being "attacked" by Wolves made of twigs, and being in a place full of "Anthropomorphic animals". It's one thing to go with the flow, it's another entirely to forget the flow existed in the first place.

4671123 Thanks for the input. I'll see what I can do. It's nice to see someone who is willing to help me out, rather than bash on how it's a 'bad' story. The anthro thing was just because I wanted to do something different, rather than stick to the 'ponies' thing, or make them all 'magical flying humans'. It doesn't hurt the story to make it anthro, either (I don't see the stigma against anthro. Maybe its just too much in the 'uncanny valley'). Plus, I like Shepard0821's anthro artwork. Anyways, I do know I need to work on descriptions more. I'm really better at dialogue, even if it isn't by much. Once again, I'll see to some adjustments and see if it works.

4672089 Yeah, even the dialogue could use a fair bit of work, because all the interactions were rushed.

I'm glad to hear that you're willing to revise things though. And the stigma against anthro is (at least to me) because Stories are built upon imagining the scenes happening; and since the characters aren't naturally anthro, that often snaps people out of their imaginings violently... it is really annoying when that happens. Honestly, the only way i feel actually benefits from being anthro is romance and clop stories; since most people wouldn't be all that willing to be with an obvious equine, but they would be more willing if they were "Humanoid".

The story was good I give 9 10 spikemustash

Are you going to continue this

6586639 Right now, I'm focusing more on another story. I'll probably get to this sooner or later, it depends on when the mood strikes me. Totally inefficient, I know, but it's the way my brain works.

One of the greatest servants ever told...and the story has sadly sat for so long.i look forward to the day that this updates.

I also kinda hope some authors think to try the same with FGO servants.

(Iskander) King of conquers and king of bros

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