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An up-and-coming astronomer and his sister, a boastful athlete, find themselves mysteriously transforming into ponies. They must find out how it happened and what they are going to do.

Takes place in the Five Score, Divided by Four universe.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 41 )

I love Lightning Dust :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: so I know I will love this story.

How would romance fall into this story

2548071 You'll see. It's a secret.

Well it does have lightning dust.

Why weren't the roles reversed like Sean is Lightning dust and Sara is Treble? Wouldn't that make more sense?:trollestia:

Hmm I gotta make a fic that will go with the five score multiplied by four group and its going to be with Fleur De Lis.

Hmm ok one thing you can do is separate the paragraphs,instead of having them all bunched up like you do.

Other than that,I love this story! :rainbowkiss:

I just denied anyone from making a first post on this chapter

Very well done! You get a like! And a muffin! Mmmm..... muffin.

2553346 (Excitedly) What kind of muffin? Does it come with butter? Is it a jumbo muffin? I love muffins!:derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

Comment posted by Account_Deleted deleted May 9th, 2013
Comment posted by Account_Deleted deleted May 9th, 2013

But Ive made the second post. So weve both denied each other

I ate teh muffin... *cries*

2553707 You are resented by themuliversewatcher.:pinkiecrazy:

First thought: I thought all the transformations happened on May 1st, not May 10th! What's going on here?
Second: I'm picturing Brittney Irvin for Sara. For obvious reasons.

And now I read on to see if you address that first issue in a later chapter.

2548270 How would that make more sense?

Kind of odd how you're jumping ahead in the story here. Also, if you don't have a picture of your OC, Treble Clef, anywhere, this code should get you started on making an approximation of him:

Oh! And another thing. Her name on the show is Rose, not Roseluck.

2555878 If you look here...:

1) The setting of the story should take place on, or after May 1st, 2020 (the starting date in Five Score.)

...you can see that it doesn't have to start on May first.
2555982 Also, if you look at the character tag, it says "Roseluck". Rose is just an abbreviated name, like Phil is for Phillip.
Last but not least, the transformation for Treble takes longer because my OC, as an interuniversal being, lives a lot longer than anypony else, and I must account for billions, yes, I said billions, of years of memory (not all of which are going to be described, obviously.) As it would be strange for Treble being the only one who's body changes quickly, I follow the same time frame for all of my characters.
I hope that answers all your questions. Enjoy the story, and don't worry about the technicalities.:pinkiehappy:
P.S. thanks for the OC approximation. If I knew how to draw, I'd make a more accurate picture, but, alas, I am a terrible artist.

2556274 The "millions of years" thing is kinda hard to understand, but I still insist that Rose is called Rose on the show, and "Roseluck" is not only a not-as-good, cumbersome name, but it also only applies to the toy versions of her. Yes, that's just my opinion (and I'm sorry about that), but I still don't like it when people refer to the living pony character as "Roseluck" instead of Rose.

2557278 Haha. That's cool, that's cool. I was planning on calling the character Rose anyways. You're right, it flows better. Anyways, if you were a traveler of the multiverse, you would have to live a very long time. Being tangled in the fabric of time and space messes with the aging process. That's why, in Ben 10: Alien Force, Professor Paradox could live forever. If you're not familiar, here's the wiki page: http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Professor_Paradox.


Maaaaarrrrryyyyy Suuuuuueeeeeeee.

Comment posted by themultiversewatcher deleted May 10th, 2013
Comment posted by themultiversewatcher deleted May 10th, 2013

very good story so far. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I agree with you Dogman.
That would make no sense

A simple way to solve what Roseluck or Rose, however you want to call it is going to be called.
Which is said faster, Rose, or Luck?

ONLY soap operas on? :rainbowhuh: No 24 hour news?

Good story, definitely liking it.
Next few chapters and I'll go to bed...
Oh hey, there's a new chapter of another side story...
Welp, I wasn't going to sleep anyways.

... Computer in foreleg?
"Ummm Doctor?"
That sentence makes no sense... Unless your me.
And I'm tired.
See yah!

Two things before I continue reading:
A) I'm going to assume the May 10th thing is a typo
B) I thought Captain Jack's pony name was Orion or something? Yeah don't think I missed that Doctor Who reference. Well unless the pony isn't Captain Jack. In which case I will be sad:rainbowwild:

Oh so Treble is your OC. Geez I was wrong. Whelp now I want to know why he's affiliated with The Doctor. To the next chapter!

2993572 Just to clarify, the May 10th thing was on purpose. Treble, Lightning and Rose are from a different universe than Twisted's characters. I kind of used the 5s/4 universe to kickstart the Trebleverse.

Frankly, I'm enjoying this story. It's getting harder to type with these hooves. ;) XD

I eagerly await the sequel.

"It feels as though months have passed since I last had enough time to write in my journal." Reference to real world story publishing time recognized.

A "mass transportation spell"? What the heck even is that? Wouldn't an invisibility spell or something similar make more sense?

""How are we gonna do that" should end in a question mark.

"I overexerted myself magically." Or, I magically overexerted myself also works.

This chapter, maybe it's because it's been so long since I read this story, but it feels like you rushed the narrative just to get to the point where they go back to Equestria to help fight Discord. In a way, I guess that's okay.

4373675 There, all better. Thanks for the input. About the rushing, yeah, I kind of did. I just kind of created this story as a whim, and didn't plan very far ahead. I know I could have at least added one more chapter, but I guess I was tired of seeing "incomplete" on this story, so I finished almost too fast, and I'm gonna stop now because I'm rambling. I tend to do that.:pinkiehappy:

a complete 14k adventure/transformation story? hmmmmm....
well, I might add it to the list anyways, but I kinda have my doubts since all of the good 5score fics are 50k+
there's not much you can do in 14k words, really, especially with what you have to cram in for a 5score fic.

B) I thought Captain Jack's pony name was Orion or something?
Oooooooooohh that makes sense. I didn't think of that:derpytongue2:

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