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StrikerS and Such (or, why writing block completely sucks) · 12:24am Apr 8th, 2016

Hello everyone who's been reading my silly crossover series thus far. You may have noticed that I've recently set the last two chapters of StrikerS to 'unpublished.' There's a reason for this, of course.

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Purple Prose where art thou?

*pokes with a stick*

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks so much for the fav!

Hi, I don't know where to put this, so i will just write it here:

warning for those that didnt reacht that point yet...

In the second part of your MLP-Nanoha crossover, when Signum, Vita and Zafira were captured by Lunas barrier and engaged against Twilight and Co., Signum said: "Eine kostenlose ratte fleht, eine gefangene ratte beißt." But your english translation is: "A free rat flees, a trapped rat bites". I am german and just had to laught... so thanks for that... I dont want to be rude but this is a common mistake. "kostenlost" means free... but more like if you want to buy something and it is for free, then it is "kostenlos", the right phrase would be "Eine freie Ratte flieht, eine gefangene Ratte beißt." Ah, and "fleht" means to beg for something,,, I dont want to sound rude, so please dont take this as an insult.

I am surprised my fellow germans didnt point that out already... or maybe not one germand gave your story a shot? Welp, I really like it... but i am still confused... what color does Twilights Spell-Circle have? One time it is pink, the next it is purple, and in another one it is magenta... :applejackconfused:

  • Viewing 16 - 20 of 20
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