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StrikerS and Such (or, why writing block completely sucks) · 12:24am Apr 8th, 2016

Hello everyone who's been reading my silly crossover series thus far. You may have noticed that I've recently set the last two chapters of StrikerS to 'unpublished.' There's a reason for this, of course.

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Not Dead. · 12:44am Jan 2nd, 2016

Hello everyone. I haven't been busy writing because I've had major surgery. Once I get back home from the hospital I'll get back to work. Thank you for your patience.

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New Side Story · 6:24pm Dec 16th, 2015

I am burnt out on StrikerS. My brain is currently running up against a wall as to what to do with the current chapter, so I'm taking a break from it.

However, I'm not stopping with the content. So, here's a new side story: MPLT Gaiden: Adamanetia Rising. This should tide all of you over until I finally get back around to working on StrikerS.

Until then, later.

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Still Not Dead. Still Not Working · 3:44am Nov 4th, 2015

Hi everypony. Sorry for the radio silence and the lack of updates on MPLT StrikerS. I think I'm just burnt out on StrikerS right now, as I'm having trouble actually putting pen to paper. Plus, I've been dealing with stuff in real life which has been kind of sapping my interest in writing. I don't know when I'll be able to finish the next chapter, but you'll know as soon as I post it.

Thanks for understanding.

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No, I'm Not Dead · 3:08am Sep 2nd, 2015

Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

I haven't been working on MPLT StrikerS recently. I've been busy with starting a new job and dealing with health issues.
I'll try to start back up as soon as things stabilize.
Thank you for understanding.

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Common Fighting Styles of MPLT Equestria · 4:22am Mar 25th, 2015

Like many societies with some degree of martial activity, ponies have developed codified and formalized fighting styles. Naturally, not every style has survived across the centuries, some rising and falling in favor with the times or being lost along with their teachers to the treacherous tendrils of time. There are, however, a few styles that remain in use by ponies of all stripes in modern-day Equestria and its allied countries.

Equestrian Open-Hoof Karate

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No, I'm Not Dead · 3:25am Mar 25th, 2015

Sorry for my lengthy absence. I've had a bad spell IRL and I needed to get some things sorted out. I'm currently working on the next chapter of StrikerS, though, so don't worry. It should be done soon. Fingers crossed.

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MPLT Setting Info: The Saint Church · 4:07am Dec 12th, 2014

A common fixture on worlds allied with or guarded by the Time-Space Administration Bureau, The Saint Church is one of the few institutions from the Ancient Belka that is still tolerated and respected by the people.

The Past

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A Timeline of MPLT's Equestria · 4:54am Feb 27th, 2014

This is the general, personal canon timeline surrounding the stories of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight, covering the past of Equestria. All years are given in BD (Before Discord) or AD (After Discord), given that Discord's reign over Equestria is one of, if not the defining moment that divides Equestria from being ruled by ponies to being ruled by the god-like Princesses. A general description of each era will be included.

BD 1000(?)-600 - The Pre-Classical Era

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What's Canon in MPLT? (Updated) · 6:35am Dec 26th, 2013

There's been some discussion and curiosity as to what episodes from FiM are canon in Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight. But fret not. Herein lies my 'word of god' from the series bible I have for this fic. Since this is an AU, some episodes will be considered non-canon for the purposes of this work. For now, here's the basic list.

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