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For want of an ability to write! · 4:47pm May 22nd, 2015

Bah, I wish I had some vague notions of ability or talent with the written word, or humor... humor would be nice to add too.

Such Ideas!

Latest: A take on Fallout Equestria
Title: Fallout Equestria: Dream Valley

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Thanks for the follow! Is there a particular story of mine that you enjoyed?


Thanks for the fav on Double Vision, glad you enjoyed the reference
Next updates on sunday

Thanks for taking an interest in Hierophant's Problem!

Oh don't be too worried, "Earth Ponies Can Cast Spells Too" isn't dead, I'm just a slow writer. :P The next chapter is coming along, just delayed because of my thesis. :)

Thank you very much for adding Succession to your library. I also appreciate any feedback you might have.

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