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I'm guy who sometimes writes fanfiction. I like bacon.

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Grumblemumble... · 3:06am Mar 2nd, 2014

You know those times when you write something, and then go back to rewrite a certain part of that something because you realized that it was kinda dumb as dumb-stuff, but wind up getting completely stalled in the process, and the wind is taken out of your metaphorical sails?

...yeah. That kinda happened. To me.

*groan* Hopes...dashed! At least I have Dr. Pepper...I'll take it...and DRINK IT! ...at 8:30PM. It's a Saturday anyway, no one cares.

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Please make a Blog Post about how you've been doing and how you've been. You seem to still be active but we havent heard from you for... almost 3 years...
Pls, You are a great author and we miss your story...:fluttershysad:

Heh. Saw a fic of the same name hit the top of the feature box today. Got excited for no reason, as I assumed it was your story.

Ah well. I'll keep waiting.

Three Questions, If You Would Indulge.
1. Do You Or Have You Ever Played The Dragon Age Series Of Games By Bioware?
2. Do You Or Are You Willing To Accept Recommendations To Fanfics That The One Recommending Believes To Be Good?
3. Does The Capitalization Of Every Word In These Questions Annoy You?

Well time to dust off an old classic...
Auh! such a refreshing read, honestly I don't see what's the problem. The character act as a kind individual would surrounded by benevolent race. Its not like he can do much with out raising alarm or being able to speak the local language fluently. Still I think if you focus on what you like rather than what is perceived wrong, you be a lot happier about the story. (IMO)
Still I can`t force you to write one of the probably few neutral characters in fallout fanfiction. I do hope you continue as this is one of my earlier fic`s I read on my early days on this site.

~ a still loyal fan of your work and dreamer of your writing.

  • Viewing 182 - 186 of 186
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