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I'm guy who sometimes writes fanfiction. I like bacon.

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Grumblemumble... · 3:06am Mar 2nd, 2014

You know those times when you write something, and then go back to rewrite a certain part of that something because you realized that it was kinda dumb as dumb-stuff, but wind up getting completely stalled in the process, and the wind is taken out of your metaphorical sails?

...yeah. That kinda happened. To me.

*groan* Hopes...dashed! At least I have Dr. Pepper...I'll take it...and DRINK IT! ...at 8:30PM. It's a Saturday anyway, no one cares.

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Report Explodium · 1,302 views ·
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Did someone break the Explodium? Seriously, this stuff is really hard to make.

You okay dude?

Please make a Blog Post about how you've been doing and how you've been. You seem to still be active but we havent heard from you for... almost 3 years...
Pls, You are a great author and we miss your story...:fluttershysad:

Heh. Saw a fic of the same name hit the top of the feature box today. Got excited for no reason, as I assumed it was your story.

Ah well. I'll keep waiting.

  • Viewing 184 - 188 of 188
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