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I'm back? · 2:06am Apr 5th, 2017

Hey guys. It's been a very long time since I visited this site. Dear lord, it's been a while.

Well then, I'm doing a lot of personal projects, animation projects, etc.

I'm actually testing out a new fic that I wanted to write. Hopefully I can do everything properly now. My first fic was a disaster to be honest.
The fic is going to be a TCB fic, with some plot elements I want to test out.

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I hope you have yourself a wonderful Holiday, Griffy! :pinkiehappy:

190532 Because you are a friend, and I may want to see what you are capable of. :ajsmug:

Thanks for watching me, but might I ask why?

Thank you for the watch! I hope you continue to enjoy... whatever it is you enjoy about me :twilightblush:

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