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I'm guy who sometimes writes fanfiction. I like bacon.


Grumblemumble... · 3:06am Mar 2nd, 2014

You know those times when you write something, and then go back to rewrite a certain part of that something because you realized that it was kinda dumb as dumb-stuff, but wind up getting completely stalled in the process, and the wind is taken out of your metaphorical sails?

...yeah. That kinda happened. To me.

*groan* Hopes...dashed! At least I have Dr. Pepper...I'll take it...and DRINK IT! ...at 8:30PM. It's a Saturday anyway, no one cares.

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Bum da daa da duh da dah! · 7:07am Feb 9th, 2014

(+Cookie if you guess what the "lyrics" were from)

Hello thar, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Haven't heard a word from me in...like...a while and stuff! I'm just posting to let you know that I've been making good progress with the next chapter. Tentatively I'd like to say that the first draft will be done in the next two weeks so...there's that.

Have a few teeny tiny previews.

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Everything went better than expected! · 7:29pm Jan 8th, 2014

Well...you see...

New computer. Already.

Sweet. Though, now I have all the crap on steam to redownload...

Also, even though I found out that my old man lost his job about an hour after my computer went kaput, it sounds like he's already found a new one (he had an interview yesterday). I guess having more years of experience in his job than I've been alive looks good on a resume.


Now that that mess is out of the way...


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Um...I have a teeny tiny problem... · 11:01pm Jan 3rd, 2014

...Yeaaaah...You know that computer of mine, that some of you may have noticed me complaining about some? How it's lousy and I wish I had a new one? Well...


It's also the computer I write my stories on and it kind of...um...bricked. Kaput, kablammo, died, bit off more than it could chew, is pushing up daisies.

This...may be a problem.

As I write this from a potato-like machine in my parents' basement, I realized that well...stuff. I'm kinda in for it aren't I?

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Let's all laugh at 2013 while it rapidly fades away! · 11:42pm Dec 31st, 2013


Repeat after me.



Let's close out 2013 with a fat ponybutt

and some Woona.

Happy New Year!
In about 6.5 hours! Where I live anyway!

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So, what didja get for Christmas? · 4:30am Dec 26th, 2013

Merry Christmas, everyminion!

Apparently, I was a good boy this year! I got...SOCKS! Lots and lots of socks...oooh, and candy. That was good too.
...in addition, I got the 3DS Zelda game (yay), along with a copy of Hyrule Historia.

And Santa also put $100 in my checking account, which I promptly blew it all on Steam sales. Capitalism FTW!

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Hey, if you've played the first game...you should check this out! · 5:52am Dec 16th, 2013

Just thought I'd share this...
It's a super good novelization of the first game...and it's really good!
Oh, and merry almost Christmas!

Have something cute.

and another thing...

and another...

and yet another...

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Still fricken' freezin. I'm sad. · 12:08am Dec 13th, 2013

Though today was a scorcher at a whole 10 degrees Fahrenheit /sarcasm, it's been <5 pretty much all week. Apparently it's supposed to warm up a little by like...Monday...then it's going to plunge right back into the negatives. It's pretty much to the point where it doesn't even feel cold...it just stings...followed by an odd sensation when you get somewhere warm.

Though this week...I feel like doing something different: Headcanon sharing!

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'Tis the season to be freezing my butt off... · 8:12pm Dec 5th, 2013

Oh goodie.

Today it was a balmy 0 degrees F (approx. -18 for you metric types) with a -30 degree F windchill (-34 C). Fun fun, oh, and I had to walk into the wind for a good portion of my trip to my classes. It's a little chilly inside at my place, though I'm sufficiently dressed for that to not be a problem...except for my hands. You can't exactly wear winter gloves and use a keyboard effectively.

NOW! Onto other stuff.

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HAPPY TURKEY DAY OF DOOM! · 1:19am Nov 29th, 2013

Sure, somewhat late (as is normal for me) but...THE THING THE BLOG TITLE SAYS!

And just to show how much of a badass I am...I had...CHICKEN FOR THANKSGIVING! Take THAT tradition! Oh...and instead of cookie salad my dear sweet mother made Snickers salad instead. HRRGH!

I should go.
Have some chubby!Flutterbutt

And more Shyabetes. And Ike...just cuz.

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