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A Collab with RainbowBob, the genius brain that brought you Hades is Such a Great Neighbor and Seriously?

Gordon Ramsay, head of the Hell's Kitchen tournament grows tired of working with humans that are the same every year. The drama of men pitted against women has just grown overly tiring, so he has an idea...

With the help of Celestia and Luna, he brings the show to Equestria for the 11th season! 18 ponies, all of which have different levels of cooking. All have a will to win the ultimate prize: Hell's Kitchen and 250,000 bits. Friends turn against each other as the heat of the kitchen causes heat amongst their friendships.

The team that wins each round is judged by the happiness of the diners, the overall skill that they show in the kitchen, and for the first time, each service will have three judges. Celestia, Luna, and Discord!

Will their friendships collapse? Will Gordon Ramsay find the power of friendship? Will Derpy ruin everything? Will Discord turn the entire restaurant upside down?

But most of all... Who will win?

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... How did you even get inspiration for this?
Anyway, fun, I'll be watching.

2262436 Well, Season 11 of Hell's Kitchen started yesterday. Other than that, I HAVE NO IDEA!

Gonna read this purely because it's Hell's Kitchen. Let's hope it's good.


How most fanfictions get started. Good luck; it will be hard to get a food-related fic off the ground.

Giving this a thumbs up before I even read simply because ponies, Discord, and Hell's Kitchen. This is going to be awesome! :pinkiehappy:

A story with Discord, the Princesses, and a human that yells at ponies?

This is going to be WONDERFUL! :pinkiehappy:

This will be GLORIOUS! :pinkiehappy:

Ehh.. bored so will watch.

2263471 A like before even reading? *Lowers sunglasses* That's an acad- *Get's punched*
NO! I'm not letting you finish that!

2263403 I hope you find it better than good!

2263519 Even better; a human that yells at ponies with usually funny and witty comments/insults!

2263520 You are already glorious for thinking so!

2263540 Hopefully this helps with your boredom! Nobody likes being bored!

Oh dear... how'd you manage to capture the spirit of the show so easily? It felt like Hell's Kitchen, really did. Now, I'm really curious about how this will turn out.

Favorite touch this chapter, Twilight and Rarity's dishes, and the obligatory cliffhanger ending.

2263559 Put two gloriously brilliant minds together that love Hell's Kitchen and I suppose it was easy!

2263578 Good, because characterisation is spot on so far. Makes me want to read a lot more. (also, predicting RD won't be so hot at cooking)

Yes. Fuck yes. My culinary-dream is to be insulted by Ramsay! And by God, this story shall be glorious!

2263656 I do hope you enjoy!

2263664 Don't worry, the heat will soon be turned up...

Huzzah! Ponies cooking and eating meat!

2263697 Oh the fun when Fluttershy finds out that meat is a primary ingredient in the menu...

2263451 Why do you figure a food based fic will be harder to start than any other?

also very cute and enjoyable. I confess I've never been fond of his a**hole persona from Hell's kitchen but this is cute.:pinkiehappy:

Another amazing story here. Masterfully done and-

Oh my god, shut up, stomach! I am trying to comment here! I know this made you hungry, we'll deal with it in a hour, you can last that long.

In all seriousness, this was really good. You and Rainbowbob outdid yourselves. And it did make me hungry. This fiction has terrible power. Use it well.

I would totally watch this if it was a real season of Hell's Kitchen. I can't wait to see who wins. :pinkiehappy:

2263727 With great power comes great respons-

Shut up Uncle Ben, gawd!

Because food and making food is a sensory experience: primarily the taste and olfactory sense. This is a literary medium, which is a visual/mental exercise. The two don't match well, unless the experience is immersive enough to bring the food and experience making it alive. I'm not saying it can't be done, but it is extraordinarily more difficult.

Given the frailties of pony psyche, I doubt even half of them would last 1 service under Gordon's training style.

so this exists
hopefully it's good as the concept has the potential to be amazing

Looks interesting, defiantly requires a read later

They only teamed up because spongebobatar.... :twilightsheepish:

kidding by the way.

I have been waiting so long for this.

2263896 Spongebob avatar is best avatar! Also, Spongebob and Spongebob is best writing team!

Congratz on the feature.

Sombra with his devil food cake; Gustav the Gryphon with his chocolate éclair Shining Armor with a tortellini.

ok so what the hell is the pony of shadow and general evilness doing here?

Same with Gustav he is already a chief.

Shining is a royal guard/prince should be in the crystal empire or beating the shit of of sombra....or throwing celestia at him. because wife throwing never stops being funny.(I assume Cadence is unavailable)

Horrible pacing might as well have just started with SUDDENLY COOKING COMPETION!
Unless this is suppose to be a troll fic it's just bad writing.

Poor choices for the contestants RD get a pass just because that's incredibly out of character as well with his general pissed off attitude there is more to him then just rage.

2263962 Thank you ever so graciously, my dear friend of awesome!


You mean failing to beat the shit out of Sombra. Shining Armor tried to engage Sombra in battle and got curb-stomped.

By chance, how many seasons (or episodes of that matter) of Hell's Kitchen have you watched?

2263970 We... Ran out of good ponies. Gustav is easily explained as him wanting more out of his chef career. Sombra is there because, well... Actually, I can't explain that one! And Shining Armor is there because he is secretly quite the chef, but never cooked due to his serving in the Royal Guard. Plus, it's 250,000 bits. Who could say no to that?!

2263990 Every episode from season 5 upward. I've also watched every season of Masterchef.

Finally I have been waiting for somepony to write this one, and I for one will be watching your story. For now you get five yays and a into theme! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

I am loving this, this is absolutely great. I'm a chef myself, and its not often I get to see a food related pony story. You get a watch and a follow, and if you ever need any random food knowledge feel free to PM me about it.

2263970 To answer the Sombra question, me and RainbowBob got together... He got reformed with dark magic from his horn, and intends to use the 250,000 bits to help fund his campaign for world domination. Also, since he's a contestant Celestia and Luna can't touch him. That doesn't mean any of his teammates have to like him!

2264060 Thanks! I may have some knowledge of food, but I found myself double checking quite a few of the foods mentioned. Be good to have someone with experience to consult on!

Most creative story I have ever seen!

About freakin time you get featured! Congrats to you! And to RainbowBob as well!

Oh...oh yes. I'm okay with this. Hell's kitchen food competition story? Yes. With reformed Discord and Sombra? YES. And one of the most hilarious TV personalities around?

YES YES YES YES YE...fav'd. Totally digging this. I expect great things, or you can get the hell off my website! :rainbowlaugh:

2264111 Yes, that feature has boosted me and RainbowBob's egos so much that we got all genius and planned something... NO DETAILS FOR YOU! :twilightsmile:

2264125 Wouldn't call Sombra reformed, since he is still quite evil... Just minding his manors until he can get his hands on that 250,000 bits! :pinkiecrazy:

I never watched hell's kitchen that much, but this has caught my attention!:pinkiehappy:
please continue and keep up the good work!:moustache:
Also, I wonder who will win the competition...but thats too early to say.:applejackunsure:

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