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Rain Firis

Fate fell short


The now reformed villain Discord is bored. He seeks entertainment and finds a rather entertaining mare.

A big thanks to my editor: ThatPegasusOverThere

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Cool story. I just wish it was longer...

3158032 Yeah I know it should be longer but I just thought of making this story a few days ago. I'm doing the chapters 2000 words at a time, I'm actually halfway through the second chapter. :twilightsheepish:

3158082 Already? Wow. I've been doing my story in 1k word chapters (or so.)
But you're almost halfway through the second? You write more in a day than I write in a week!

Oh BTW, if you need an editor, I'm available.

3158097 An editor would be awesome, if you're up to it. :pinkiehappy:
You would actually be my first editor, I couldn't find one for my other stories. :derpytongue2:

3158115 I'll be on it before you know it!... But now, its late for me and I need to sleep. :twilightblush: Tests tomorrow and such. :ajsleepy:
I promise I'll have the edit by sunday night. (my time) :scootangel:

3158295 Take your time, no need to rush. :pinkiehappy: Good luck on your tests! :raritywink:

Remember foals, don't smoke poison joke. Stay in school ya dumba- er.. I mean, stay in school.


Crap. I just realized I left some spacing errors in the final draft. :facehoof:
My bad. That's my fault.

What is this 'normal' you speak of? :duck:

This is just awesome!!!!! I seriously don't know what to say! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::heart::heart:


I seen I was too late.

should be see/saw

Otherwise you appealed to my random humor, good work! :pinkiehappy:

Why you no story more??? :fluttercry:

7376488 I felt like I was a failure as a writer and gave up on myself tbh. I want to continue but seeing so many great works on this site made me feel as if this was among the ones that would barely catch interest with its poor writing. Maybe someday with a lot of practice I may be able to write great things, or at least something acceptable haha.

f you never try, you'll never succeed. Write for yourself, don't worry about its popularity, others enjoying your work is just a bonus. But if you still don't think so, it's your choice. Good luck either way.

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