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Fate fell short


Dan wakes up in Equestria with no idea of how he got there, will he ever know? Will Chris be worried about Dan's absence? WILL PINK PARTY PONE BLOW UP EQUESTRIA?!? Or is everything a dream from his sick twisted little mind?

Dan Vs. and mlp crossover if you haven't watched Dan vs. you won't understand the characters, you should definitely watch it SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU BUT THIS IS NOT BASED OFF OF DAN VS. MLP'S TUMBLR. I think someone already did that anyway.

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:facehoof: not a single Capital letter in there
Names should start with a Capital along with new sentences :trixieshiftleft:
Also this "hey twilight"
Should be "Hey Twilight,"

Might I advise looking through the chater before you post it :rainbowhuh:

But other than those silly, silly mistakes, I think you got the characters personalities down pretty well and the story seems interesting. Until you sort out the caps problem, I shall postpone my favourate

not bad, i love dan vs becasue the show just put hem in things that make hem hate it anyway and not bad for a 1st fic look at my 1st.

my fav ep is the computers becasue how right it is about in real life. wean you buy a computer that they say is "new" and after a few mothe it broke on you than wean you go to bestbuy to geek whatever you laern that the computer was out of dates 2 yrs ago so you ask if you can fix it, they say no they don't do it for this modle. than your like hello you say you guys fix anything, and than they say ya but not for this modle, after that you ask can you upgread it and than the something happen.

sorry for the rant but it felt it needed to be said:twilightblush:

2576982 thanks for pointing that out I really have next to no experience with writing and I'll fix it immediately. :twilightsheepish: if you find anything else wrong in future chapters just point it out and I'll fix it, thanks for the help! :twilightsmile: (I was sleep deprived when posting so I checked everything except capital letters, what an amature mistake :twilightblush:)

2576984 your first fic looks like its pretty good I never read one about zomponies before I'll definitely read it later :twilightsmile: and you're right about the computers, thats one of my favorite dan vs. episodes too, they say they'll fix anything but they're always coming out with new things and putting the older models as outdated, that rant was accurate. spot on. they sell you the older modules but won't fix them :unsuresweetie:

2577052 you have earned your favourate

2577225 thanks :twilightsmile: I'm halfway through capitalizing it I should be done soon, I read a thing on writing to make sure I didn't capitalize the wrong places :derpytongue2:

2577115 It's a good thing am a furry geek that love technklge, but ya i hate it wean they do that to you

My online name is Zsewq The Wolf and is nich meeting you online what's your online name?

2577262 my online names Rainbow fires just like my username, I'm somewhat of a computer geek, I'm good at fixing any flaw in my own computer but when other ask me to fix theirs most of the time I'm just like 'lol I dunno.'. it's nice to meet you too.:twilightsmile:

2577303 if you like to chat more PM me, any i can't wait for dan to kick twilight in the nuts or tell her off and make her cry of how rud she been to hem and now know how she didn't have any frs in her foalhood.

2577340 sure if you ever feel like chatting you're welcome to PM me too.:derpytongue2: and yes, I think I might have the perfect idea for a revenge plan... but I'm not sure it can have much violence for twilight, celestia would mount his head on her wall :rainbowderp: well... maybe that's exaggerating a bit but I think I know what his revenge will be :trollestia:
*Edit: twilight has nuts?! :rainbowderp: why was I not told about this? :flutterrage: :rainbowlaugh:

2577526 oh i need help with my fic am kinda suck on something

2577537 what do you need help with? I'll help if I can :twilightsmile:

2577587 ok, then I'll read the whole thing after that. do you want me to point out any mistakes I find?

2577593 mmm maybe, am just make 2 story about this one is this one and the after math

Nice set up, I've seen a few Dan VS. clips and it seems pretty good. It's a show about a guy who hates everything right? :rainbowlaugh:

I shall leave you with these YouTube videos of Dan VS. FiM (Fan Made of Course):

2577657 I'm on chapter 5 I'll fix the spelling and grammar mistakes or just point them out in the comments and put the grammatically correct versions if you want :twilightsmile: I've seen quite a few in there but its a great story! definitely faving it! :rainbowdetermined2:

2577698 t/y very mech and yes i would like you to help.

2577691 yep he's the guy who hates everything I have a link for the episodes online here> http://www.watchcartoononline.com/anime/dan-vs thats all the episodes so far if you feel like watching it :rainbowdetermined2:

...you do realize that this is basically the exact same plot of FluffyMixer's Dan vs FiM videos, right?

2577758 nope this doesn't have flufflepuff in it or queen chrysalis and thats based off the tumblr where elise pushes him into a portal mine is going to be completely different. a different way of getting there, different ponies, he's not going to stay at twilights, etc. he is going to get revenge on ponies though. I don't think I've seen him get revenge in fluffymixers videos :rainbowderp::twilightsmile:

Yes, keep the spirit alive! Since Dan Vs was canceled due to unknown reasons.

2578831 it was cancelled? :rainbowhuh: :raritydespair: NOOOOOOOOOOO! :raritycry::fluttercry: dammit.. that sucks. for.. unknown reasons? :flutterrage: oh well. I'm still doing this fic, screw the people who decided to cancel it :derpytongue2: you learn something new every day.:trollestia:

It shouls have the "other" character tag, and why does it have gore?

2585762 it will have gore later in the story, and thanks for telling me about the other tag :twilightsmile:

2578831 ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-cancelled?!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why?! Why do great shows get cancelled and not garbage shows?! Now the only shows left on the hub that I can enjoy are mlp and transformers prime :(

2745510 it's a conspiracy I tell you! A conspiracy!!

2748001 Let's hope we can drum up enough support to bring it back.

2580010 It wasn't canceled. It's on hiatus.

I like this story. I think you captured Dan's character very well. But it seriously needs proofreading and editing. I hope you find someone to do that. I'll keep checking this out though.

3126841 Yes, sorry about that I just can't find a proofreader/editor, I'm trying to find one before I post the next chapter. :twilightblush: But thanks, I'm glad I got Dan's personality right.:twilightsmile:

The human that you drugged and tied to a chair is easily angered huh? Wonder why I mean it's not like that what's against his will and rainbow blaintently pined him down against his will just because you thought he was dangerous way to go twilight, your super smart:facehoof::moustache:

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