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The now reformed villain Discord is bored. He seeks entertainment and finds a rather entertaining mare.

A big thanks to my editor: ThatPegasusOverThere

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Rainbow Dash's ancestor from the past pays her a visit. Why does Rainbows family have the rainbow mane trait almost nopony else has? Who is Moonstar and why is he here? Who knows? One unicorn tells the story of how her family got their rainbow mane.

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Dan wakes up in Equestria with no idea of how he got there, will he ever know? Will Chris be worried about Dan's absence? WILL PINK PARTY PONE BLOW UP EQUESTRIA?!? Or is everything a dream from his sick twisted little mind?

Dan Vs. and mlp crossover if you haven't watched Dan vs. you won't understand the characters, you should definitely watch it SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU BUT THIS IS NOT BASED OFF OF DAN VS. MLP'S TUMBLR. I think someone already did that anyway.

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