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That Pegasus Over There

TPOT for short. Uhh... What do normal people put in here?


ASK ME STUFF · 1:56pm Jul 21st, 2016

I'm bored and at work, so I'm gonna answer any questions you might have for me.


YouTube is magic...

My OC Night Air RP'ing Bio (mostly for me to remember everything)

Night Air is pegasus that is an officer in the Solar Royal Guard as a 1st Lieutenant. He is in charge of the emergency response group for Canterlot. Graduated from West Hoof Acadamy and joined the Royal Guard under the Solar Guard. His family has a long history of being in the guard, so it was no surprise when he joined.

He tends to remain with his friends and not socialize with many others. He can also gets tired of his non-guard friends not understanding what he does and then chooses remain with himself. He can also be slightly condescending.

Race: Pegasus

Sex: Stallion

Age: Young Stallion

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Residence: Officer's Quarters 3a in Canterlot Castle

+ advanced cloud manipulation (rain, lighting, etc...)
+ can read Ancient Equestrian
+ trained in hoof-to-hoof combat
+ trained with wing-blade
+ decent degree of insight
+/- follows what he believes, unless proven wrong
- slightly condescending
- annoyed by friends easily
- easily pissed off (don't be around when the he is pissed off)

My Three Stories

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Comment posted by Epsilon-Delta deleted Feb 22nd, 2019

2409972 Oh, okay, it's just that most of the time when I see that color pattern it is usually a bat pony.

Nope! Just a Pegasus. Grey Pegasus... Who's a guard. So I thought Grey Knight armor done in the gold (for the Equestrian Guard) wouldn't be a bad idea.

Is that a Grey Knight bat pony?

Haha! He's certainly got a nig butt.
Oi! My butt isn't that big!

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