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The Pillar of Autumn wasn't the only ship that left Reach when the UNSC withdrew from the planet. The UNSC was desperate to find a planet to settle on where they can effectively hide from the covenant and recover from the near fatal blow they suffered on Reach. When the Hall of Heroes, a ship similar to the Pillar of Autumn only smaller, finds an unexplored planet away from the covenant empire, they
immediately launch a recon mission to confirm if the planet is habitable, Mikel Dakre and his ODST team find more than they bargained for.

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what happened to all the chapters that were already on here this doesnt make any sense there were five chapters here what happened to them i am so confused

Oh, I unpublished them so I could revise them and people don't read them while they're half way finished.
Essentially, it's a brand new version of the story.

...why do you keep re uploading chapters over and over again? :flutterrage:

This shouldn't be a re-upload, it's just an update. I unpublished the chapter, but I didn't re-upload it

Why delete the other chapters though? Those were still plenty good.

Because, I think it is really confusing if I put up a partially written chapter up. The others will be back by sunday at the latest.

sooo your not going on hiatus?

Not anymore. My teachers cut back on homework since it's the last week before winter break, so my schedule has opened up a little.

if you are redoing the story, let me make just a little suggestion. I know this may or may not seem like a bad comment, but when you write things out can you explain/show things a bit more? You summed up some things that could have been 1000 words probably in like 2 sentences.

Ok. I have two weeks to work on the story coming up, so I'll look for instances like that. If I have trouble, I may ask what a few are though.

i see new edited chapter and FLAM! gotta go to bed, caroling up in Olympia (state capital) tomorrow gotta get up early. :fluttercry:

Spike woke up after rolling out of his basket onto the hard floor. He stood up and rubbed the back of his head. "Ow! That hurt." Spike said as he stretched out his arms. He was about to go back to sleep when he saw a note for him on the table from Twilight.

Authors Note:
Please leave feedback on whether this is better than the first version or not.
The other chapters will be posted in their edited forms no later than sunda

Um ok I didn't see any changes but I guess I'll have to keep reading!

Please dot become o-e of those guys who co-sta-tly edits his first three chapters ad as a result makes zero story progress.

some typos ca- -ot 'e corrected because the keys 'etwee- v&m have failed ad spell check ca-t recognize the word

Hmm, I think it is improved. You still say that the DMR has "greter" range. That should be greater. Dakre's team is a fire-team. look up the terms and you'll see what I mean.

1818441read the authors note,he remade it.

Why are all the chapters being posted again?

It's alright brotatochip. I can wait.


well i hope your grandmother get's well soon:twilightsmile:

is ok as long as you stop flooding my email with updates that arnt updates i have twelve in the past few days (im just ranting dont worry i dont actually care that much, its just a fact)

...That's a rather abrupt end to a chapter. Seriously. :rainbowderp:

Well, that's certainly not a good impression. Celestia won't be happy about the humans almost killing her student and a fellow Element-Bearer, even if it was accidental.

Doing the transition halo reach - mlp gave me a headache

Hey man, we've all got your back if you need support.

Hope your Grandma gets better, can't wait for a new chapter! :twilightsmile:

Whelp, that first contact could've gone better.

Me Gusta.
you shouldn't capitalize all of Spartan, as it is the Unit's name, like the Marines; not an Acronym, like the ODSTs.
aside from that, I really only see typical grammatical errors, some lack of capitalization, shoulda been a comma, etc.

Yay update!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Also did they just blow the ship up?

Giggity, he's back, took ya long enough,

about to get ugly

Awesome, i'm glad that your back.
Not more to say then that and that this was a great chapter.

yes now write moar

this def has potential to be a good fiction, just please please fix the grammical errors in some of th echapters.

Gonna be nitpicky... you give the impression that Christain is religious, what with the crosses and bible verses. So he shouldn't be cursing. Just saying. Really good story though, keep it up. Just fix Christains language hm?

I agree, a little rough around the edges, bit it'll do. I just hope they can make peace.

I know that insurrectionists are humans that look normal, but hate their own kind, but how did an entire regime get on-board a UNSC controlled vessel?
You know, one was plenty enough to make it interesting.

Thanks for the heads up. I will take that into account for the rest of the story.

Behold the chain gun in all it's glory, ponies.

ursa major maybe?:twilightsmile:

2012062 Im christian and i curse

and you lost my favorite have fun

I honestly don't care.

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