• Published 10th Dec 2012
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Halo:Resurrection - Me101Puck

The Hall of Heroes discovers Equestria

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For everyone who doesn't like the fighting between the humans and ponies and swearing, please just un-favorite now. I decided that the fighting will probably be only in the beginning, but it is happening. As for the swearing, I'll try not to use it, but it will probably come up from time to time. I'm just tired of taking heat for all of this.

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Comments ( 63 )

I honestly don't care.

I'm staying for the story.

here's all I have to ask. what percentage of the main cast are you planning on killing and what strength of power are you giving the spartans?

It will be different for humans vs ponies

I will say, the spartans won't be like invincible gods or something so the humans just kill the ponies.. As for the main cast, none will die, and they will be reintroduced to the story in the next few chapters.

2023892 ok thanks then. i'll continue watching this then. most story's tent to have the damn humans and their technology screwing around and being op against the magic users. I just get pissed when people underestimate the advantages magic can bring to a battle field where technology is involved.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm going to make it a fair fight.

2023913yay how many chapters do you plan on making the war?:trixieshiftright: because unless they can communicate the human side will eventually completely buckle without the extra supplies they normally get from their allied worlds. hopefully they can negotiate a peace treaty after a bit.:twilightsmile:

Thats what I plan on. the ponies gain the upper hand, and the humans try to negotiate peace before they're destroyed. as for the length of the war, I'd say five chapters, give or take a few.

2023947 ok that is sensible enough now to just watch the awesome process the story goes through.:twilightsmile:

2023909 You do realize magic can only do so much, right? Humans are sitting here with missiles, MAC's, power armor, super soldiers, and giant ships. The ponies have spears, swords, plate armor, and magic.

2023947 Please tell me you have a good way of giving them the upper hand, Humanity has incredibly advanced tech compared to them.

Ah, that's where you are wrong. They only have what they could take in a couple dozen pelicans. If I wasn't clear enough, the insurrectionists seized control of the ship, so the only real advantage they have is the 4 spartans.

2024045 Maybe I do need to reread, but maybe have those Spartan's kick a lot of ass like they were kidnapped, trained, and enhanced to do, pretty please?(Unless they're pansy IV's)

2023634 Seeing as it would be rude to the author here to engage in this debate with you, I will not. I stated my opinion based on how I was raised. If you were taught differently then that is your business.

I'm staying no matter what. I like fighting between humans and ponies, I like halo crossovers, and I like this fix. So, I'm staying.

2023999 don't overestimate technology versus magic. Twilight and the other unicorns can fire practical lazers from their horns which can easily counter their smaller flying vehicles, which are hard to maneuver in the first place, and if a unicorn builds a shield that acts similar to water they can easily render almost any projectile that isn't larger than a 50 cal or smaller than a 9mm useless, mac cannons only have soo much ammo before they go dry and they are also designed to be fired from ship to ship not ship to land and even then if the unicorns are notified of the coordinates ahead of time then they can easily just camouflage the area and place an illusion somewhere else to trick the cannons into wasting that precious and expensive ammo or just activate a superior shield similar to shining's. Power armor and super soldiers are only advantageous when you're enemy still doesn't the unique advantages and versatility they can use their magic for. They can easily kill you by using their magic to slam you to the side or into the air with a giant metal beam (similar to those used in construction sites) at a high velocity. Then of course their is the Gordan freeman type of problem where the unicorns can if they are strong enough just pick you up and slam you into the ground repeatedly until either you're unconscious or dead. the main limit for magic is how much can you wield and how creative are you in you're use of it. also in the immediate skirmishes the pony's will most likely get copies of the humans weaponry and ammo, then they can if their smart enough and skilled enough just reverse engineer it to their own use. but most likely they will design weapons with the same principals but different designs and effects like enchanting runic bullets to freeze a unit on contact or exploding runes to knock the enemy off their feet. their are many things you can do with magic, whereas humans are stuck with the laws of physics and what ingenuity they can come up with. as for the main ship if Celestia or Luna know it's position they can just swat it out of orbit with the moon or blast chunks off of it with concentrated blasts of energy.


You just took it in the wrong way, and you should care, improve or change it?

2025191 Twilight is meant to be a magic prodigy and she nearly passes out from teleportation, with enough force a magic shield can easily be brought down as seen by the changelings just ramming it. Also, all UNSC ships carry Shiva class nuclear missiles, if needed then the Humans could just nuke it all from orbit.

2027012 Would the humans be willing to nuke an entire world they plan to colonize? it seems counter productive.

By the time the unicorns run out of power to hold their shields, the humans would likely run out of bullets pluss the only reason the changelings brok through shining armors shield so soon was because he was being weakened constantly by chrysalis in cadences disguise. If you had been watching the new season you should realize that twilight has been teleporting with ease telling largely of a massive amount of skill and power on her part, also remember what I said about the magic blasts cutting through the metal, missiles are just explosives cased in metal they can be destroyed mid air by the equestrians before they get close enough to be dangerous. but then again are we going at this from the first season or after the show?

2027133 In the new season she teleports a few feet every time, I really don't want to spam the comment section but I do so much hate seeing Humans technological advancements be overpowered by ponies with medieval weapons and sparkles. Also the fact that humanity has pretty much mastered warfare, the ponies always have their goddesses or the EoH take care of their problems.

2027158 agreed lets take this conversation to personal messaging.:twilightsmile:


ok i love it when the humans kick the ponies ass any way

so continue to write how you want to

this is an interesting read

write more please

Hey I've got no issues with the fighting in the last chapter, or swearing, and it's good to see that the Human's aren't OP because they have guns and they were loosing because of sheer number's, good to see that even guns can't outmatch something that we don't know how to properly fight, keep up the good work (and my comment on the last chapter was how dumb it was that the spartan just had to get a itchy trigger finger and decide to fight them)


Oh great I hope the ship didn't have any nukes on it because the Innies would fire those on the planet to kill off the rest of the UNSC.

Haven't read the two most recent chapters, but THANK YOU. You're one of the only people I've found willing to actually kill stuff in fanfiction.

Christian better get his tail handed to him soon. That idiot is starting a pointless conflict that could have been easily solved by waiting a little while. Still, the story's conflict has to come from somewhere right?

Comment posted by High Flyer deleted Feb 1st, 2013

I can understand all of it, and I wasn't attempting to start any trouble. It is your story and you can write it how you wish. Twas just a bit of constructive critisizm and my opinion as to the characteristics of a religious character. I'll keep it faved because it is good, and please write the story as you see fit. I appologize if I may have offended you or anyone else.:twilightsmile:

Ummmmm, why would you take heat for it? It's Halo, therefore there will be violence 'cus, duh WAR. There will be swearing because, duh, WAR. If people don't like it they don't have to read it and can just leave.

2025191 why at the end of the human covenant war humans aren't extinct is because six alien races combined lack the ingenuity of humans, i doubt ponies have more ingenuity than humans and even if were equle humans still have the tech superiority

2883328 humans had several things going for them, ingenuity, and skill were some of them but a real reason we won was because we had superior tricks while the covenant continued the same tactics again and again, betraying their own and sending in fanatics to try and do elite work. now the humans have a real enemy to face that won't sit around waiting for them to assault their bases, this enemy has stronger phsyco kenesis than any of the other forces the humans have faced. and the most powerful soldiers are genetically engineered supersoldiars that can bench press tanks and are superior firearms specialists, whereas the pony's have two godesses that can play galactic pingpong with asteroids and the human ships and even without them the pony's have a virtually unlimited supply of long ranged weapons to use in their magic and pegasus lightning, they took down a pelican with the pony equivalent of a spartan laser, A battle against an enemy that can copy your weapons and create superior barriers to yours seems like a brilliant idea especially if they release the god of chaos and actually develop superior tactics on the fly to the humans own.

it's all about development phase and whether the pony's have the capacity to learn new tricks fast enough to be equivalent or superior to the humans. as for human superiority to a magic v gun fight. it really depends on the knowledge/power of the mages and the skill of the soldiars. basically it's all relative to whether the author agrees that humans should be superior and the pony's are slow or the pony's are fast learners like the humans and become the higher predator after the first round of skirmishes. it's all relative to what we think.

2883483>>2883328 i dont care how powerful the ponies are humans would still win because we could fire a bunch of nukes from space. the ponies dont have the power to block that or escape it. the humans also have MAC cannons as well as bubble shields. by the way, the princesses dont control all the celestial bodies just the sun and the moon and which stars can be seen at night.

2899400 Spartan Lazar+Nuke= Dud. Magibeam+Nuke=Dud. Or the Unicorns could be Cheap and Catch the nukes before they hit the ground and blow, then send them back at the unsc forces.
Mac Cannon Requires Orbital Targeting Triangulation for accurate Strikes, Celestia Can move Pony's in canterlot to the crystal Caves Till the Mac Cannon Assaults are Taken Care of. Not to Mention Celestia and Luna Working together Could Theoretically Create a beam strong enough to Cut through the main Ship in space removing most of the unsc's Tactical Supremacy Right there. Bubble Shields Can Only last against so much Concentrated Damage Before they Burst. Asteroids near the planat Can be manipulated if Close enough.

The best Effective Weapon against the pony's and other races with superior wqeaponry would be a Slew of Strike teams with AR field weapons with Extra Mags, basically to Overload the unicorn shielding then simply mow down the rest, with effective tactics and constant vigilance to watch each others backs in case of ambushes.

2899656 last i checked the ponies did not have any attacks that could reach out to space. the spartans suit weigh more than a scorpian rank so none of lower level or middle class power unicorns can lift that much weight with their magic it even strains luna heavly just to lift up the master chief off the ground plus all spartans have armor lock ability which disrupts the telekineses magic field rendering that spell useless. the MAC cannons shot would cause mini quake althrough out the cave not tomention the standard unsc frigate carries a minimum of 150 shiva class nuclear missles and all it would take is one to effectively vaporize the ponies plus its unlikely that any asteroids would just happen to float by the planet. plus in a real battle they would have called for more ships and i doubt the ponies would have enough power to take on three frigates not to mention the fact that the humans also have AI to do all the calculations for the ships weapons so they will hit the mark everytime.

2900141 So basically in this universe Luna and Celestia along with the rest of the pony's are actually weak and unimaginative. Yea I see where this battle is going.:facehoof:
There is no point in arguing for weaklings. Also aren't nuclear weapons Equal to Glassing? Humans would basically be copying the covenant here if they decided to nuke the planet just because their land-grab was going the wrong way. as for your points Magic is a cheap cop-out here, add enough Unicorns and the Caves are generally safe from Mac Cannon fire and Nuclear detonation. The elements of harmony are basically useless here since they're too slow and would do absolutely nothing to the "GodLike Humans" before their berrers get shot and burned to death. Twilight is completely useless since the Unsc knocked her out, but then again og their "Godlike" Immortal who moves the 'MOON' Something seems wrong here Can Barily Move the Spartan What use would the rest of the unicorns, let alone pony's be'even with Enchantments+enchancements'. It's perpetually a one sided war for the unsc without a real balance. If luna can't do anything to a spartan I doubt Discord could do much more.:facehoof: and he's the most powerful entity Equus has, that we currently know of.

2900757 I did not say that the ponies were unimaginative weaklings, im just saying that when it come to the point technology would beat the magic of unicorns in a battle and the princesses may be immortal but they can still die not to mention that there are more humans then there are ponies and usually the numbers games win most of the time now add superior tech boosts the odds in favor of the humans now we know how powerful the covenant is and the humans were better than then and they had more even more powerful weapons than the humans so what should that tell you. I doubt that the princesses and discord could take on the alien juggernaut. Now I don't doubt the ponies would put up a good fight which im sure they would but in the end I believe that the humans would defeat them if a battle actually did happen between them in this story. Now what is this about the ponies fighting the humans, last I checked they were attempting to make a peace treaty with each other.

2910588 ah but the covvies had a numbers boost as well. basically it's the same situations as the humans first contact with the covenant. Except this time the humans are the Covenant. Yea that was thrown out the window when Shining decided to point his spear at the Spartan who has no political skills, yet is obviously a plot Machine to milk the story in the direction of Getting the pony's and humans to over react to each other and start a mini Ground war which I Know the humans will win because the pony's and their magic are useless against human Tech.:facehoof: I mean they even have a warthog which Can ignore magical shielding and kill anything it runs over, and the pony's have no real Weapons to destroy it with because obviously the beam cannon from the crazy pony was just a story plot machine to move things forward and was a universal fluke amongst the pony's.:facehoof:

Theres a lot of pony Tricks if Gagued and used properly can easily Annihilate the unsc Forces utterly without too much loss of life on the Equestrian side. but really the groups need to calm down and not get their tails in a tiff.

2910631 you say the humans are fighting the ponies but that doesn't make any sense, I thought the humans were meeting with the princesses about making a treaty or something.

2910641 Yea that was the origional plan Until the humans got impatient and wanted to change locations where they had better vision and ability to radio, The pony's were unwilling to move them. And so now the two groups are fighting. If the pony's do Pull a fast one and Destroy the humans ship in the swift group of battles Then most of that Tech that you say makes them Superior will be eradicated and melted into molten slag.

2911415 how are the ponies making a 500 thousand ton machine with sha fujikawa slipspace drive unable to move, if they wanted to they could do the same thing they did in halo 2 and jump into slipspace hovering above the ground.

2912958 where did I day they were making one, I said destroying one.:facehoof:

2913472 no i meant how are the ponies going to keep the hall of heroes from moving

2913497 They don't need to. One Direct beam on the ship piercing the armor and a few Teleports should be enough to do it if the pony's know the design of the ship they can Hit the slip space drive's containment unit and cause it to overload effectively at the very least Making the ship dead in the water as they would say, at worst causing a massive explosion destroying the ship completely. I mean that is if the pony's have the ability to combine their magical might into one massive spell to strike at the enemy that is.destroy the engines and the ship is down ans unable to move without any repairs.

2913683 yea but look at it this way, you got the ponies who have not been in a war since the war between Nightmare Moon and princess celestia where it was Royal guard vs lunar Batponies sothey very unexpirenced fighters going up against the battle hardened humans who have been at war with aliens for 21 years who out manned and out tech the human by a ridicilous margin not to mention the humans have seen more death than any of those ponies especially celestia could ever imagine you tell me whos gonna win with those odds.

2914053 Actually Celestia Could Imagine it, Considering how long she's been alive. And the humans Are battle hardened because they Fight each other and the Covenant. as for the pony's they are inexperienced and wet behind the ears combat wise, few if any have any experience with killing. If need be they can adapt or they will die. I'm rooting for the pony's adapting to their new hostile neighbors. But I doubt that will actually happen.

2914515 another thing celestia did in her past was taking away acess for any unicorn to attack spells like shooting beams or casting fire and other stuff like that. the only ponies that were given access to those spells were of course the princesses, the equestrian millitary specifically the spellcasters, and Twilight Sparkle but only for her magic lesson but as you said she is out of comission. so the hall of heros is safe beause one, theres just simply not enough unicorns to perform such a beam and two, time is not on their side.

2914771 and three the humans Can Call 'end Game' at the first sign of a chance they will lose and send in every single one of their warheads and Mac Blasts against Equestria in an attempt to annihilate the magic using species that has the potential to be far more dangerous than the covenant ever were.:ajbemused:

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