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Halo:Resurrection - Me101Puck

The Hall of Heroes discovers Equestria

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Chapter 7

Christian sat on the bench inside the pelican wreck. The seats were still relatively intact, although a few of them were a little burnt from the explosion from the magic blast that had hit it just hours before. His helmet was an EVA model, with a golden cross stained into the middle of a black visor. His armor was painted white, with golden stripes running down the outsides of the arms and legs. On his weapons, he painted two golden crosses, one on each side, and etched a bible verse (which will not be named) under each of them.

He set down his weapons next to the seat he was currently in, and set his grenades down next to them. He removed his helmet, revealing his face. He had short black hair, which had just started to grow back after it had been shaved. His nose was a little over sized, due to the amount of times he had broken it. His eyes were an light shade of blue, and one had a scar just to the left from a glance from an energy sword on Reach. He was missing several teeth from his lower jaw, and a large scar ran from his neck to the left of his jaw.

Christian set his helmet down on the seat beside him and leaned back, letting his head rest on the wall of the pelican. The door to the cockpit opened up, and Jan stepped through before it closed behind him. Jan was holding his helmet under his left arm, and holding his DMR in his other hand. He sat down on the seat directly across from the SPARTAN. Jan set his helmet down on the ground, and put his rifle next to it, leaning against the seat adjacent to him. They both sat there for several minutes, taking a temporary leave from the stress of the last few hours.

Jan spoke up, ending the prolonged silence. "What are all the scars on your face from?" he asked.

"Well, the one near my eye was from an elite's sword. The fucker stabbed my visor, but I shot him off before it could do more than poke me. It sliced straight through the skin, but melted the wound shut. The other one is from a brute's hammer. He sliced me with the sharp side from my chest to my jaw. Went clean through my armor." he finished with a chuckle. "This armor didn't help against the covenant. The only help was the overshield we were given."

"What about your teeth?" Jan asked.

"Well, that was from training. I took a punch during hand-to-hand combat and lost four of my lower teeth." Christian said.

"Damn. You've taken a lot of punishment. The most I've gotten is a few dented plates from the crash earlier." Jan said.

"Trust me, you don't want anything more than that." The SPARTAN said grimly.

Just then, the cockpit door opened again, and the rest of the occupants exited the cockpit. They all took seats around the compartment. Nothing was said, they all just sat there. Jackie was the first to doze off, followed by the other ODSTs and the pilot. Christian just sat there, thinking of how his team was managing on the Hall.

Three SPARTANS were taking cover behind a wall, looking down a corridor in the Hall of Heroes. The Insurrectionists were slowly pushing forward, but the marines were battling fiercely to keep them away from the civilians. the corridor was the main entrance, and only entrance, to the hangar portion of the ship. Civilians were being evacuated to the planet below, to anywhere that they could find that was unoccupied. The insurrectionists had almost gained control of the entire ship by now, and it had only been a few hours.

The SPARTANS, and a handful of ODSTs and marines, were tasked with defending the area at all costs. The SPARTANS were all members of Crusader squad. They were one team member short, since Christian was on the planet below.

The team leader was Commander Luke-112. He was clad in Air Assault armor, which was colored the same as Christian's. The squad support gunner was Warrant Officer Paul-083. He carried an M-2102 heavy machine gun, an older model and significantly heavier than standard models, but with significantly more hitting power than standard issue weapons, it was worth the extra weight. He wore a suit of EOD armor, with added CQC shoulder plates for better protection. The final member of the squad was lieutenant Peter-122. Peter was a close quarter combat specialist, and he carried multiple submachineguns and handguns, due to the abundance of ammo and light weight of the weapons.

"Paul, it's clear, get over here." Luke commanded. Paul began to run out across the corridor, which was roughly five meters wide. as he was taking the last step, a chorus of shots rang out. One shot managed to slam into Paul's left leg, shattering the overshield and tripping him, sending him crashing to the ground. He hit the ground hard, and didn't move for a few moments, giving the impression that he was dead. When the hallway was silent for a few minutes, he swiftly rolled the last few feet behind the wall. This was met by a hail of bullets to the floor and wall where the SPARTAN was just laying.

"That was a close one." Paul said as his shields began to recharge, covering him in an orange glow for a few seconds.

"How much longer are we going to be here!?" Peter asked, yelling over the machine gun fire, which had continued.

"Only a couple more minutes! The marines are falling back now!" Luke shouted back. The machine gun stopped firing for a moment, and left an uneasy silence hanging in the air. Then, a combined shout from the insurrectionists that had massed just past the hallway signaled a charge, which came around the corner a few seconds later. There were many enemies, packed into a large mob, moving down the hallway toward the SPARTANs.

"You guys go, I've got this." Paul said as he raised up his machine gun and stepped into the hallway. He was met by the occasional inaccurate shot from an enemy, but was mostly unopposed when he stepped into the open.
"Good night." he muttered under his breath as he opened fire with his weapon. The bullets cut through the mob of insurrectionists like a knife through butter. The enemies fell in great numbers, and Paul was able to hold them off for a few minutes, but eventually, the click of an empty weapon sounded down the hall. Paul immediately turned and ran for the hangar, dropping a few charges on his way.

When Paul arrived in the hangar, the last of the supply transports were leaving, and the last pelican was for the three SPARTANs, two of which were already aboard. Paul ran for the pelican as fast as he could. The insurrectionists hadn't made it to the hangar yet, but were approaching fast. Paul ran onto the pelican, and the pilot closed the loading ramp behind him. Before the ship left the hangar, Paul pulled out the detonator for the charges he dropped. He pressed the button and a fireball erupted from the door of the hangar just before the pelican left safely.

After a few minutes of sitting down, a light knock sounded on the closed door of the crashed pelican. Christian put on his helmet and walked to the ramp, and climbed out of the top hatch, as not to disturb his sleeping comrades. When he jumped down, he was met by Shining Armor.

"Is there anything I can do for you Captain?" Christian asked the pony.

"No, but do you know why more of these ships are coming down as we speak?" Shining Armor asked.

"What?" Christain said. He looked up into the darkened sky, and saw about forty pelicans descending at a high altitude, far to the west of them.
"Shit! Something bad must have happened." Christian said. he then proceeded to climb on the pelican and jump back down the hatch into the crashed ship.

Author's Note:

Alright, I'm back!

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